Was Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. the best TV show ever made, or what?

I'm watching his interview with Ian Smith of Rhodesia, and it's incredible how he's exposing the untenability of Smith's white-minority-dominated regime purely by asking factual questions.

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Here's the link if you want to watch it too:

I'd love if someone just edited Buckley out of these interviews entirely. It drains my fucking soul having to hear him speak.

Also this is my favorite I've seen so far

Wasn’t he a closeted homosexual?

It's amazing to think that something so dry and "intellectual" use to not only air on American tv, but was also fairly popular. Compare it to Hoover's Firing Line reboot or anything on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox and the contrast is night and day.

No, Seinfeld or Columbo are the best

Maybe, but all neocons are faggots

Buckley wasn't a neocon, if that's what you're saying.

listen you queer, I'll sock you in your goddamn face

There are reports of him having sex with young boys from Yale he employed on his staff on regular trips on his yachts. That and also the everything else about him. The outright reports of gay sex aside, the man was very clearly and visibly gay

>It drains my fucking soul having to hear him speak.
The way he crafts the questions and probes the interviewees is a big part of how the interviews work, it's not like watching Charlie Rose where he's giving the person an opening to advertise or assert themselves. It's both the art of debate and the art of conversation.

That episode is fascinating, but also tragic, of course, as a record of how completely Kerouac lost touch with the cultural moment he had helped to create, or discovered the law of unintended consequences, depending on your point of view.

I think at this point Keruak lost touch with a lot of things.

he just talks with those transatlantic accents they used to teach people to sound fancy back in the day

Ian Smith was a hero, Buckles was a con artist and a clown.

He has the air of a Bond villain. You can just picture him explaining his evil plan with his sly smile and crazed glint in his eye.

In fact, he's pretty much how I picture the devil would be like if he existed

He had a wife n kids so that's all that matters. Remember that fags back in the day had more sex with women than incel trannies, facts

>Buckles was a con artist and a clown.
How so?

>Watch Hoover Line to the very end
>"Not affiliated in any way with William F. Buckley's Firing Line"

the doco with vidal is such bullshit. guy calls him a nazi for a week straight but he calls him a queer once and it's like HOW DARE HE

The point for Vidal was to make Buckley lose his temper, and he succeeded.

>hah if i debase myself long enough then I win

There's no point getting into all this, this thread isn't about that relatively trivial incident, but about Firing Line, Buckley's show, and his achievements as an interviewer/facilitator of discussion.

What's more based than this? youtu.be/ZK67jeBJRm0

Yeah, that's Vidal in essence

>backs out of the discussion
yeah thats what i figured.

Is Kerouac hopped up on something or was he always like that? This is the first I’ve seen or heard him.

>Is Kerouac hopped up on something or was he always like that?
he's a beat writer you nignog

i think he means is he's asking whether kerouac is like, on the spectrum or somethin, occasionally he has some weird ticks, so personally wonder if he had some condition like mild tourettes or whatever or if it was a result from all the drugs & alcohol

and the answer should be obvious

So what if he was?

yeah i always figured he was autistic, you pretty much have to be to essentially embody the beat generation bullshit, but at least he isn't in denial about it lol

He was a neocon, and I think that is exactly what user was saying.

I think he was just a goddamn queer justifying it retroactively

>cope-posting this hard
it was the drugs user, you being glib about it just shows that you agree.

We’re now in the ‘weak men create bad times’ phase

remember when he got absolutely btfo by based chomsky? youtube.com/watch?v=57mi_RpaZr4&ab_channel=BigThink

this is a level of doublespeak i aspire to

I remember when he died - was the first time I realized how evil leftists can be online. All grave-dancing. I'm not sure I even like WFB, tho i lean right, but the hatred, classlessness and immaturity was red-pilling.


youll never get there

>Dick Cavett
>Dean Martin

Why were 70s interview shows so kino?


yeah i had almost forgotten, then the way ledditors lost their minds rejoicing when rush died was just wfb dying 2.0

imagine being a right-winger and pearl clutching about people being mean on the internet. isn't that kind of your entire MO?

Reeks of jealousy and pettiness. BTFO? LOL.

NC leaves out the Cold War, obviously the most influential factor in politics and foreign policy in the second half of the 20th century.

>Dick Cavett
>Dean Martin
based, had fuckin orson welles do a damn monologue fuckin kino

if you ever wonder why noam chomsky was feared/respected well he wasn't always a gnome wizard aged 200


notice how incredibly confused buckley got about a basic case of history

>It's amazing to think that something so dry and "intellectual" use to not only air on American tv, but was also fairly popular.
I only found out about Firing Line a year ago and this was my reaction too. Such a breath of fresh air to see debates that go beyond pure rhetoric, but also depressing to see how far we've fallen.

reeks of honesty desu. buckley was a retarded ideologue with an above average vocabulary, nothing more, nothing less.

>if you ever wonder why noam chomsky was feared/respected
NC only ever wins debates by crashing them with no survivors.

So you're one of them. Undeserving of attention or respect. But you did remind me I forgot to mention their deficient level of comprehension.

Apparently yes.

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>Orson Welles talking about meeting all these famous people with Dick


the best dick cavett interview is when sly stone was on pills and dick cavett lost his composure

are you legit crying about people being mean on the internet like you have any kind of principled opposition to it?

what user, you don't like momdern day debating lol

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The older I get, the more I develop a love/hate relationship with my mortality. As much as a part of me fears dying, another part of me is increasingly tired of being alive.

is that the one where he talks about meeting fuckin churchill?

What the fuck

being mean is fine but the right doesn't straight up celebrate death like the left, you guys even celebrate ripping babies arms and legs off with pliers. Even when retards like RGB died no one was grave dancing. we're just better people than you


>the right doesn't straight up celebrate death like the left
you literally do though

Found the homophobe.

this desu, i remember remarking about rgb and even john mccain, look i don't wish them dead, but i will say i'm glad she isn't on the scotus anymore and that he isn't a senator anymore

Buckley was willing to have anyone on and let them talk about anything. He had Black Panthers on.

Populist faggots have overtaken the Republican Party. Pic related. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, all economic leftists. Sucking union cock and hating capitalism.

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>thread hijacked by sweaty political troons
>relentless samefagging
lmao wow i didnt see this coming

>act like a faggot
>"You're a faggot"
>"Haha jokes on them, I was only acting like a faggot"
You do realize that most Americans respected Buckley after that because he called Vidal out on his shit right? People weren't into trans rights back then so people thought it was based calling out a little queer on his bullshit. Gore Vidal didn't win shit except retroactively in the PBS doc which painted Buckley as some homophobic Nazi to Zoomers and Millennials.

>being a fucking retard who thinks "neocon" is a pejorative

>make political thread
>cry when people talk about politics
for what purpose?

hi OP

>not even knowing what a term means
>getting angry about it anyway
wait do you actually think being a neocon is a good thing lmao

>neocon is an insult
>neocoon is not an insult
what a country!

you actually think it's a bad thing? kek

name one time



what part of the post are you struggling with, ESLkun?

it's objectively a bad thing kek

Yep, plus Hitler, plus a Civil War socialite

struggling to detect anything resembling a specific coherent point, as i suspect you were when you clicked 'post' lmao