Webm thread

webm thread

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are you an egyptian superhero?


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>No sweet, I am a cock slayer

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How did they got away with the superhero looking like a KKK guy.

>OH N-

>Guy on the table puts his knees up
He's lucky the other retard missed

God damn she's cute

Bitch needs to sit on my dick

Looks modelled on Ma'at

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No, not that one, i mean moon knight.

It's just me or this show never mentions Isis? Too problematic?

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Moonknight was so fucking dumb

>Guy on the table rolls off and still pretends to be hurt even though the other guy missed
A true born wrestler.

I bet he was a soccer player in early life.

It was better than Legion.

Where the webms at?

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she really does look like boy george

Bros, I think I'm in love. Post more Mommy May

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the fear she gives is kinda hot

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Is that a guy or a girl? Also checked

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She truly seems to be looking at an imense cock uncertain if she runs or suck. Damn sexy beast.

this was such a disappointing moment. at first i was fucking amped because she looks strong (like, choke me mommy strong) and her costume is great. but then she flaps out her golden wings and i went "AWWW COME THE FUCK ON, REALLY?? another character with this gimmick?"

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makes more sense than falcon, tho. he has no superpowers, he should break his legs when he slams into someone and kicks em.

negresses really need to drop this shit with extremely short hair, it doesnt help them look good in the least.

I hope she flies into my house one night and takes me away from all my problems desu

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It's pretty Egyptian though

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It's dumb since we have Vulture with those big ass wings and exoskeleton that looks menacing and pratical, while Falcon flies with little fag chicken wings and shoot his little guns.

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it's okay. he can now throw caps shield with normal human strength.

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which CW show is this?

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i'd agree with that. i mean, except for the broken legs part because it's comic books so i think it's pretty much a given that he has some sort of Stark Tech exoskeleton leg supports to protect against that. but other than that, yeah, it's a shame that some of her thunder is being stolen by being late to the winged character party.

i feel you, man. lol

if by Egyptian you mean that movie Gods of Egypt, then i agree. lol

exactly. Falcon, Vulture, and now this chick too? Christ, Angel is probably coming with the X-Men too and i don't even want him now. lmao

>the guy who was shot and the girl who shot him in the scene met on the set in real life and later married

No, I meant Egyptian

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as someone who unironically watches The Flash and who also watches most of the Disney+ Marvel series, Marvel have much better writing, a better tone, and better special effects. The CW stuff still feels like it's stuck in 2013. The Flash is borderline unwatchable now 85% of the time and i'd have probably dropped it if i hadn't just recently become a fan by binging it during lockdown. i don't wanna take away from your joke cause i laughed, but i did wanna offer a take from someone who watches both.

this is what happens when you dont maintain a three point contact on a ladder

I'll talk to him
>meets in the grey concrete hallway again

what the fuck is this

what the fuck is this lmao

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I want to play with her hair so damn bad

if you look closer it appears that he got smacked in the balls

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thats kinda gay bro


>the future that whitey wants

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he didn't fly so good

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What is this even from?
Lovecraft country, a show so bad it was cancelled after 1 season, there's some nudity, but you can simply use AZnude for that.

I hate niggers so much its unreal