How the fuck do you make this work in a live action film?

How the fuck do you make this work in a live action film?

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You can't. And it is for the better.

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Why do you want it to be a live action film?

Reminder that he literally walks the distance from here to Jupiter.

Stop posting this shit, it looks cool and I'd like to get into it but if you keep posting it it's gonna attract more shitters

didnt netflix had a movie about this? it was cool

>”get into it”
What? Just read it retard
>attract more shitters
Oh no more people might read the same mango


im thinking scale models would look neat as fuck for this. all visual tricks optical. zero or minimal cgi, just for montaging.
for the кинo.

lol what a terrible manga
cool drawing though

bet his feet were sore after all that haha

imagine licking them lol

>live action anime/manga adaptation
keep dreaming

I'm already reading other stuff nigger, this is just down the lane
>Oh no more people might read the same mango
You'll be groveling and crying when it attracts normalfags, you'll remember my warnings

How do I even get into it? Last time I checked the manga was out of print and expensive as a hooker without herpes.

>t. filtered

something would have to have substance to get filtered by

needs to be treated just like a movie on itself, not adaptation. like book adaptations that come off excellent.

I have the books and I still have no idea what blame is about

>How do I even get into it?
read it online?
>out of print and expensive
i bought a couple of the big reissues, they were like $15 each, what are they now?

failing to recognize its substance counts also as being filtered, user.

You’re “trying to get into a manga” you fucking FAGGOT you sound just like those music listening normalfags that think what they’re doing is so deep
You can read the entirety of blame in a few days there nothing to “get into” no barrier to entry and I don’t care if normalfaggots read it

>cant even reply to the right post
blame enjoyers lel

Man you're annoying and retarded, have the last pity bump

Sup faggot.. not him.. you're not very helpful and blame is wicked gay if people like you read that shit.

Everything doesn't need to be live action, you dumb faggots. Live action doesn't make it better if it was never intended to be live action.

anime version doesnt hit the vibe.

i think it should be done in stop motion and models, something like that, with actual gritty photography.


Now that we all agree balme is medorcre lets discuss good manga

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First book isn't even available on Amazon. Sold out. Last time I checked months ago it was as well.

comics are embarrassing and juvenile

master edition can still be found at reasonable prices. how about you search outside amazon

its a manga

>Outside amazon


talking mangas here monocle man

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Blame is trash and holds no significance other than its atmospheric backdrops

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same shit

Why is there no good live action anime?

Blame is pretty much my favorite manga of all time and I've read a dozens of times at the very least and I will agree to this to an extent. The series' biggest quality is the art and the backdrop. The story itself barely make sense and the characters are hardly interesting, aside Killy from a purely existential point of view. IIRC Nihei himself admitted that Blame was pretty much done in his edgy mangaka phase and just wanted to do whatever he thought was cool. So that made for a lot of cool shit like but not much substance besides it.
I still love the series to death tough.

Crows Zero I and II are perfect adaptations of the original manga in terms of spirit. They did a perfect job recapturing the atmosphere of Crows/Worst.

>the biggest pro of this artpiece is the art and art that surrounds it
geeeee you dont say. want le characters and le story? read a book. this is a purely visual medium. why cant you fuckers understand this very simple concept.

because there are no good anime

>scale models

one can dream..

You could argue that the story and much of what goes on in the series is left to the reader's interpretation, because there is no lore dump or explanations. Or Nihei was just lazy. But it's largely up to the reader's comprehension whether it makes sense or not. It made sense to me.
But overall this is also my favourite manga of all time and it's unlikely we'll get another series like this again.

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It would be very difficult

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>be me
>can't stand scifi
>love Gattaca, Gunnm, Gormenghast and BLAME!
How is that even possible?

This. Fucking this. Just leave it alone.

why is she so perfect bros

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I admire this.
Honestly, I just gave up. I doubt we'll go back to whole artistic thing because cinema and TV are an assembly line now.

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op is a writer for netflix trying to get ideas so he can save his job. don't give him ideas

Netflix already did a Blame! movie a couple years back though.

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You don't. Not everything has to have a fucking live action adaptation.
If you're too lazy to read a manga with hardly any words, you should kill yourself, frankly.

>everyone in it has height/head ratio of 10 to 1

see that kinda soulless. like its from a videogame.

my whole concept for it would be scale models, stop motion and optical effects. old lenses.

should look and feel like this, but a bit more cyber, just a bit:

stop motion for action scenes and big scale shit. real actors for closeup scenes, actors should have superimposed their head over the stop motion bodies, everything should look jerky as fuck.

like the other guy said crows..
and rurouni kenshin all 5 films are fantastic
and gto watch the ones with sorimachi
also if you want more delinquent kino try blue spring

blame sucks

why would you want an action film when the action isn't even the main thing? did you fucking speedread it? let me guess you found it on trannycord or some streamer mentioned it

>all i can think of are trannies!
seek help.

Why the fuck would you ever want that?
Just learn to appreciate things in their native medium.
BLAME is perfect as a manga, and that's where it excels.
And even if you were to commit the sin of trying to translate it to film, live action is literally the worst possible way to do it.
It would have to be all animated either in 2D or CG.

>there is no lore dump or explanations
There are. I see a lot of people describe Blame like this, but there's a pretty decent amount of clear exposition given about many of the setting and story elements through dialogue or visuals.
Compared to other stories it may probably seem lesser, but it's not esoteric to an extreme.

The live action DiU movie wasn't bad...

so you opened this thread just to shitpost but barely anyone here cares or knows what you want to shitpost about
peak retard