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"It turns out Norm left an hour of new material behind, recorded in his apartment during the lockdown. It'll be a Netflix comedy special soon."

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Somehow... Norm has returned.

I don't think I could watch it. I'm just now able to cope with his death.

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i didnt even know he was sick

Without an audience can that work? Especially with norm?

this is what netflix would have wanted

Reddit's favorite celebrity!
bros i le miss him so much

>an hour long monologue of norm alone in a room contemplating his impending death
Many laughs will be had

seems very legit

Very fucking based if true. Trannies on suicide watch.

Nobody did. He intentionally never mentioned it.

The fact that he made this joke a reality for everyone is incredible.

You could see it in his face. Granted that people do usually gain weight as they get older, this usually settles in by middle age. If you see someones face swell up and seem red/poofy or they suddenly go gaunt that's not a good sign. It's why people think Putin has cancer.

I don't know user but I would love to see it. It'd be totally surreal if it isn't completely torn apart by whoever makes the docu

It seems like it’s a common occurrence when a celebrity dies of cancer for people to have been making “X has cancer” jokes before. The black panther dude was looking really rough in the months leading up to his death

>fake and gay pandemic deprived us of live norm standup at the end of his life

someones gotta pay for this right?

That'd be cool. I always felt that you could turn Norm's book into a movie or mini-series. See, he read the entire book for the Audio-book version, so you have your narration already done. Would it be acted out or animated is the question?

Imagine some guys' playing young Norm?

it's a side effect of certain cancer medications

They should have 100 comedians watch it and send in a recording of when they laughed. Specials unironically work better with natural laughter, especially the one guy who giggles at the joke in the setup that only he got.

i'll make an edit with the obnoxious final fantasy laughing guy. and it will work.

The Chinese

They tried to do this with graham chapman’s autobiography and it wasn’t great. More like listening to music with a visualizer than a movie.

Well, Norm's book is structured as a series of independent stories so it could work as little episodes.

This needs to happen. Now.

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The people responsible are notoriously not fond of paying for anything. They are also busy orchestrating another war between white people and of course getting their cattle to defend abortion.

ta gueule connard

>he knows women (the ones that aren’t roseanne) aren’t funny
>admits to saying n word in personal life
>btfos athiests on larry king
>doesn’t need people to think he’s the smartest guy in the room at all times
>good relationship with mother
yeah, peak reddit alright

Will Mangrate sponsor it?

Love the idea of the book being adapted. It was a lot more earnest than it gets credit for, reveals a whole lot about Norm

that's his sister in law writing it

the people replying to this aren’t true Norm fans

He narrated the audio version, right? I have the file but I've been waiting until I can listen to it outside this summer, off in the woods/on the lake is the best place to take in an audiobook.

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>le famous millionaire celebrity is BASED AND MY FRIEND!!!!
>Who cares if reddit loves him, so do i!!!! xD

Yes, he narrated the audio book. Adapting it might be the best or potentially worst idea ever. I can see it being a disaster, or potentially a really fun project. Because it's a book most haven't experienced the book but it's loaded with great stories and jokes. It's often hard to tell whether Norm is serious in them as he mixes fact and fiction.

>user is suspiciously good at redditposting

first of all he’s not a millionaire he’s a corpse. second of all, defining yourself entirely in contrast to something is just as shallow as joining the bandwagon.

Norm obviously had health problems, but he just brushed them off as jokes about him getting fat. I had thought maybe he had a thyroid disorder.

>It's often hard to tell whether Norm is serious
That may have been one of his best comedic qualities.

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Don’t worry user, I got the reference

I remember one page of the book where it's taking a seemingly normal conversation in a car and Norm just starts smoking opium or something. I'm guessing that's a joke? I guess?

Maybe he was just smoking opium. Maybe the ambiguity, or the reader's confusion itself, is the joke, funny only to Norm.

I can't believe he actually got me with the bit about the farmhand who lived in his shed as a kid.

It's a classic kind of dry humor for Norm. It's a normal scene and he just drops something insane in it, then doesn't really comment on it. The reader has no clue if it's real or not, which Norm finds funny. The book contains a shocking amount of factual events but it's mixed with obvious lies and exaggerations.

Norm would also state what he believes but hide them behind humor. Looking back there's actually a lot of comments about cancer, death, and sickness which were obvious comments on himself. I think a lot of the gay jokes were him talking about his own either bisexuality or latent homosexuality. I can't read him interviewing Andy Dick as him doing anything but hitting on him.

>I can't read him interviewing Andy Dick as him doing anything but hitting on him.
I get something of the same effect when he interviews Nick Swardson

i know he knew everyone would make that joke. i still wish he would have prematurely announced his death even if just by a day so he could see the joke land.

His last act was ripping off Maria Bamford.

The chinese, fauci and democrats

Norm Macdonald is my favourite comedian. Rest in peace. Can't wait.


They're gonna do it like that one Bob Dylan movie, but it's all gonna be different little black girls

Reminder the line was so shitty that it doesn't even include "has". People correct it to include "has" subconciously because it's so bad. The real line is
>Somehow *wants to die*.... Palpatine returned

Yeah, here you go

warms the cockles of this old lump of coals heart


Jesus that is bad.

no reddit you still don't fit in

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I think there were only a couple of people who knew for sure, didn't Bob Saget say he found out completely by accident when he overheard something he wasn't supposed to have heard?

you're thinking of rob schneider

His own son, who already works in entertainment, could probably play him

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I have to assume people think they're being clever by acting like that was made up, it's obviously true and explains Norm's DEEPLY CLOSETED nature that was in fact not a joke. He got raped as a kid and it made him kinda gay.

Also the tiny white coffin story is about his sons friend who OD'd on norms painkillers while he was housesitting

What a man. Fuck i never expected this.

Not sure i'm ready to say goodbye again lads.

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I could see them doing a showing of it with all the stars and some of his friends and recording their laughs

Apparently that was actually in the works before his etflix stuff got nuked becasue some internet retards decided he was a meanie for saying that Louie and Roseanne shouldn't be murdered on the streets or some shit.

I vividly remember Norm mentioning being in direct talks with Ted Sarandos (guy in charge of netflix) about it and that they had a director but couldn't disclose, he seemed pretty excited. Fuck absolutely everything.

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They weren’t Norm’s painkillers.