Berserk Adaptation

Could it be done live action?
I think it’d be best to start with the Golden Age arc, but have more exposure to the supernatural elements like the apostles and whatnot, just so the audience knows what they’re getting into, but still would be caught off guard by the eclipse.

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Just got past where Guts and Casca escape from the eclipse. Kino series. I can’t believe Griffith did it.
If it were made into live action, it should have co-directors. Eli Roth for the violent scenes, and someone else for the drama scenes. Not sure who.

Could it? Yeah. But there's no way that they'd do it well, or even half well.

They'd need to bring Sam Raimi on board for the Eclipse scenes, but they'd have to contain his cheesiness

What needs to happen is 3 movies, using various plot points from all Arcs and tying them together.

Unfilmable and even if it was I wouldn't want it.
Half of it's most famous scenes are nudity and child porn.

Who cares?
Fuck anime
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If movies like Monkey King 1 2 and 3 can be done, there is no limit on what's filmable.

berserk was the most childish garbage i've ever indulged in. millennials and zoomers are such cucked moronic faggots.

Don't want to see a nigger guys, fuck off. Let it die with miura

A whole arc is about naked flying children. One of the turning points of a major character is her sexually grinding on his sword naked asking to be split in half. The peak scene is a girl being raped and enjoying it.

nothing matters, the story is never going to continue, it died with Miura,

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Cant wait for Them to adapt the rape trolls

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If youre retarded enough to want this netflixed and pozzed to oblivion which would be inevitable, you should kill yourself.

I like how goblin slayer turned this concept into an entire show.

shitty evil dead ripoff with gay rape and butt sex added
why do zoomers worship this shit like its the second coming of christ? all japs can do is rip off western creators

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i like both, fag.

Lost Children arch with some minor details from Black Swordsman arch added dor clarity.

>Stop liking something!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!
We don't care, pathetic faggot.

>remember that Miura is dead and he'll never draw again

feels pretty bad man

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Only of Clive Barker directed it.

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I hate it when faggots come on here and start posting words like "zoomer" and "tranny".. it's so immature. What compels you to behave this way? No father... ffs.

you incapable of any critical thinking skills and probably never had a real conversation in your life, retard.

miura was a hack plagiarist and you are a midwit

I think starting with Lost Children or a very loose adaptation of the first arc would be better to introduce the elements you mention. The second and third movie could be the Golden Age and after that we get the Conviction arc and the others.

yes it could be done by me specifically :)

what would be your approach?

Here's your Guts. Courtesy of Netflix

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i disagree, i think a prequel would kill a lot of the hype. the show would mostly appeal to the GoT audience, so there'd have to be a steady raising of stakes each iteration, whether that be a movie or a season. a prequel would kill that momentum

Berserk is better than the evil dead, sry fag.

Oh, i thought you were talking about a movies series.

It could easily be that as well, but don't you think reverting to the Golden Age would be a weird change of pace? For a movie, starting with the Golden Age would be a lot better than with a series, as you get all the supernatural stuff by the end, in a relatively condensed 2 hour experience.

and Donovan is played by a Trump impressionist

cope weeb


I'm not tho, tard. Berserk is much better. Evil dead is decent but doesn't compare.

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this is the worst griffith casting ive ever seen

Erza Miller as Griffith cause he is already a huge fag. He would insist on the gay buttsrx scene.

yes and? we all already knew

>some of these pictures are fan works, different adaptations than the source creator, some of the Evil Dead stuff is more recent than the Berserk stuff, 99% is tangential
Based retard

too swarthy

Berserk black and her girlfriend white.

the best

Cuck shit

None of the film industries have the star power needed to create an adequate cast for Berserk or any other film requiring both a force of personalty and struggle aesthetic.
All the young actors being cultivated are some combination of wooden, troll-like, consanguineous dolls or diversity hires.
The actors who could pull it off are all far too old for the dedication required to pull something of this scale off.

Looks like the iconic scene blacked scene.

A younger jared leto would have been good. He naturally gives off that narcissist vibe.

Unironically less disgusting

>Henry cavill when he was in immortals as guts
>Jared leto around when he was in rfad as griffith
>Isabella moner as casca
Theres your cast

Sword size is taken from Pier Gerlofs Donia, AKA Grutte Pier, a Frisian rebel from the end of 1400.
Iron arm is taken from Götz von Berlichingen (notice the Götz) a knight and mercenary from the same period.

You uncultured swine. You and the author of that picture should off yourselves.

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cope berserk fanboy zoomers
Except for the fact that Grutte Pier's longsword is just a big longsword and not a cringey chunk of iron that nobody would be able to wield in real life, autist
Even hack miura himself said that Gotz Von Berlichingen was a coincidence, berserkids don't know anything about their own shitty anime and its cringe creator

>this sword is the same size of dragonslayer according to berserkiddies

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I think that starting with apostle slaying right away will help it draw a bigger audience than if we started with a medieval drama with few fantasy elements.

okay but consider
>start with apostle slaying
>then revert to medieval drama with few fantasy elements


And i disagree with condensing the Golden Age into a 2 hour movie, because the payoff wouldn't feel like the punch in the gut it was in the manga.

dilate plagiarist


Almost all successful directors are plagiarists in one way or another.

In that case it should be done like in the movies: A few scenes of Present Guts interspersed with the story.

>Too autistic to understand what inspiration means

kill self

I feel sad for people like you.

>get movie rights to a series with enough potential clout to generate over a billion dollars lifetime
>instead of just copying how the 2016 anime started, let's do the apostles in one movie with no build-up, requiring a shit ton of exposition, and zero pay off for anyone unfamiliar with the storyline already
>torpedo the entire franchise to maximize sales of the first installment
You must work in Hollywood.

i think anime do a ton of whimsical things that don't translate well to live action. i'm trying to imagine a live action that could pull off the whimsical part of griffith - and the respect everyone has for him - and i don't think it'd work.

i got into berserk around 2016-2017 and was pissed that i had put it off for so long because it turned out to be amazing. its fans do a terrible job selling it. it's a brilliant character drama first and foremost. i can't believe dumb fuck faggot retards talk about how edgy and violent it is. it's almost what everyone talks about in passing.

not an argument zoomers
>dude a huge 7 foot tall sword a feet thick and two feet wide is the exact same as a 7 foot tall sword proportioned normally and able to wield by a strong human being
you are delusional

>Rip off of Evil Dead
I wish. Evil Dead was kino. I like both.

>most popular movies revolve around retarded stunts by retarded super heroes
not an issue for the average marvel retard
requires a young actor with amazing charisma, an actor that doesn't exist today because hollywood is completely devoid of talent and purposefully avoids fielding anyone like that as they prefer to have everyone be expendable to maximize profits or write-offs.

>i'm trying to imagine a live action that could pull off the whimsical part of griffith - and the respect everyone has for him - and i don't think it'd work.
I think Guillermo Del Toro could pull it off as a director not sure about the actor though.