Was atheism a thing in 1900 England?

Was atheism a thing in 1900 England?

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People have always been atheist, it’s just now you can be atheist in public without spergs killing you for it

Of course. There have always been skeptics or people that lost their faith. They just wouldn't be public about it because the church has institutional power to fuck you over.

>people questioning their faith

There are no atheists on a battlefield.

Oi what's that you don't have 2022 progressive values in 1903, I gonna fuckin kill me self I will!

yeah, the marquess of queensbury was famously atheist, but he also hated fags so god let him into heaven anyway

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Buddhism is an atheist religion, it's fucking older than Christianity, you piece of shit zoomer.

Religion is way older than jews and what they wrote down. Miracles aint real. Virgins dont give birth. It was aliens.


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What's the foolish question? And why is it foolish?

Mfw protestants claim they're christian

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Since when did Yea Forums have so many christcucks? 2016 election?

Read a fucking book retard. A lot of intellectuals were atheists by then, especially leftards (obviously commies, but also proto-globohomo socdems or whatever the fuck their called like Bertrand Russell).

there are 2.8 billion christians in the world and two thirds of the US population identifies as actively religious. you are the minority. youre not an "intellectual", youre a godless contrarian faggot.

Since 2012 when even midwits realized how retarded and intellectually corrupt atheism is

Yes. Yea Forums's population exploded during the Trump campaign and presidency and now /pol/ is spilling into every other board and ruining them.

>this kills the atheistcel

You're on the wrong site retard

>Since when did Yea Forums have so many christcucks? 2016 election?
pretty much yeah. lots of subreddits got banned in 2016/2017 and these people came here

did England not have scientists until the 1900s?

>Irish travellers being atheist
I'm glad I never watched this crap.

>and now
Nigga its been 6 years since 2016. I know it was traumatic for you but move on


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pretty islamaphobic

expose yourself harder you silly child

you are soulless, and contributing to your nation's demise

says the election tourist

i can assure you there is ...stop being cringe

>newfag thinks Yea Forums is le ebin enlightened atheist website
that would be reddit. go back or better yet kys

>US population identifies as actively religious.
This means as much as a man saying they identify as a woman.

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This show was gay


um hmmm

>redditor telling me that Yea Forums is for christcucks
lol go back

it means a lot if you are trying to pretend that "christcucks" are few and far between on a website that receives almost 300 million visits each month and is dominated by american posters.

these guys are meant to be gyppos right? those fuckers never leave the caravan without a rosary

Yea Forums was literally where the neckbeard meme came from, the 2007 con was full of fedora wearing nerds

Its not just the lefties either. Most Christians don't even listen to the words in their own holy book and yet they still call themselves Christians.

lol checkt and holy shit yes, read one book about the united kingdom

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tipping le fedora is synonymous with Yea Forums

There is no god on the battlefield.

You might not have noticed, but a growing portion of the site's population since like 2012 are impressionable hardline contrarians. Since r/atheism and the fedora meme have associated atheism with leddit, plenty of people here cling to christian faith and larp solely to spite the opposite side of the culture war, whether theyre aware of it or not

>God is goo-

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ive unironically been posting on Yea Forums for 2009 and its never been "le ebin atheism".
>where the neckbeard meme came from
exactly, literally every single fat neckbeard enlightened atheist meme like picrel has come from Yea Forums. you think this is atheists making fun of themselves? you have made a poor assumption.

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You will never be a Christian. You have no faith, no knowledge of the bible or real interest in religious practice. You are a deranged incel larping as a religious person. All the 'validation' you get is from other tradlarpers. Real christians look at you with disgust and consider you a spiteful degenerate freak. You will never be catholic. You wrench out a fake prayer every morning and hope that it somehow triggers and owns the libtards. Eventually the lack of sex will be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment, knowing that you would have never given them grandchildren anyway. They will bury you without giving you a christian burial since everyone knew you were larping anyway.

I'm sure there is more christcucks on this site now then there were before because of 4chans explosion in popularity, my newfag friend

it's all zoomer larps rebelling against their atheist gen X parents

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its entirely plausible that a man who has seen countless violence would be incredibly jaded and not believe in god regardless of the era


>american posters.
Guy has never heard of VPN. As if the first country people dont automatically set their VPN to is USA.

idk, but criminals usually are very religious for some reason

>and its never been "le ebin atheism".
yeah it's been the bastion of christianity instead lol
>you think this is atheists making fun of themselves?
If you can't make fun of yourself, you're a faggot


>implying the majority of posters on Yea Forums are not american
retard. and even so, 80% of russians consider themselves religious. over 80% of italians do. over 70% of french do... and so on.

Burden of proof has always been on you guys.

the marquis de sade was an atheist in the 1780s. nietzsche, darwin, and marx were atheists in the 19th century.

This. Santa also exists. And Easter Bunny. They just can hide themselves very well

Religion exists to stop people from going mad. Whether that be war in ancient times, or emotional breakdown or gang violence.

>ive unironically been posting on Yea Forums for 2009 and its never been "le ebin atheism".
I said the 2007 con you retard, just look at all the fedoras in this video

So you're saying Yea Forums is full of normies like yourself?

>yeah it's been the bastion of christianity instead lol
thats not the argument you faggot.

“Scientists” until the 50s or 60s were all good christians, just wait until you read Darwin’s theories on race!

i started browsing in 2009 aswell and this board was never atheist. Most were christians/believers and anyone who says otherwise is coping and deluding themselves. Yea Forums in itself has never been a fedora atheist website, that title has always belonged to reddit.

>oi I'm such a bad ass
>is a faggy atheist

I would argue the world is honestly probably less hard atheist than it was from 1790-1960~. A lot of the people who would have been avowed atheists now are just agnostic spiritual whatever-shit (which is ironically worse in my eyes than being atheist).

Atheism really ruined itself by inserting itself too hard into revolutions and gommunism.

I would agree that the kind of person who would actually attend this kind of event is indeed a fedora wearing quasi intellection atheist faggot. that kind of poster isnt the rule, its the exception.

Are you being retarded on purpose or missed the point of my initial post?

aren't trannies a population that commits a higher amount of violent crime than the average? Trannies are far more likely to kill than be killed

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yep, always has been you stunted little queer

just because your grampy was a racist and a religious fucknut that doesn't mean everyone was this way chucklefuck. take my downvote!

Call me a conspiracy theorist but these tiktok pastor fuckers are all mostly fake and also probably on someone's bankroll to spread disinformation about Christianity.

After the first world war? Absolutely. Even before then, the romantic movement was essentially anthropocentrism, materialistic and a huge emphasis placed on rationalism and science. The counter culture running to this engaged in esoteric occultism due to the decline of religious authority in matters of state.

Dunno but apparently American Christians welcome them.

Just like how all the people that attend /pol/ events are brown would be the exception, not the rule, right?

>i started browsing in 2009 aswell and this board was never atheist. Most were christians/believers and anyone who says otherwise is coping and deluding themselves. Yea Forums in itself has never been a fedora atheist website, that title has always belonged to reddit.

the point of your post was to suggest that there was a time where most people on Yea Forums werent religious. that isnt the case and has never been the case. now you are trying to reframe your point to be something like when did Yea Forums get so many vocally religious people because you have been exposed as a retard newfag. its removed from the original point/argument. kys goal post moving cunt.

Yeah that's why the Yea Forums panels way back when was fun of well adjusted normalfags.

Kill yourself you election tourist revisionist


If you travel across the country and visit different churches you will come across them sooner than later.

>Yea Forums panels
a microscopic fraction of users (on any platform) attend these events you absolute buffoon.

Because religious people, much like criminals, tend to be dumber, poorer and browner than the average
I’m not saying this to shit on the religious, I’m not saying that there aren’t intelligent and rich religious people, I’m just stating trends

Notice how nothing in your post backs anything up.
>that isnt the case and has never been the case.
>source: my ass

god you people are absolutely fucking retarded

I will rephrase: a microscopic fraction of the obviously least well adjusted people would be compelled to attend these events. the people who would unironically attend any kind of Yea Forums related event are bottom of the barrel rejects. its not representative of the vast, VAST fucking majority of the userbase

America has probably done more to damage Christianity than any other nation ever.

Which represent the userbase. If a majority of the users were christcucks those panels would have some and they didn't. They were all stunted fedora wearing edgelords who meme'd all day. Stfu election tourist you don't know shit

And there's literally no other proper data to go against it. I've posted proof, you've posted none.

>heh you got a source for that?
literally fucking reddit as FUCK lmao, can you show me the post where you back up your claim that Yea Forums is an atheist website with a peer reviewed source?

>the people who would unironically attend any kind of Yea Forums related event are bottom of the barrel rejects.
Dumb nigga doesn't realize what site he is on. You're right though, this website has changed and been used by normalfags like yourself. Damn shame

>People have always been atheist,
3-5% of the popluation, maybe