In December 2016, while filming Ghostland...

>In December 2016, while filming Ghostland, Hickson was told by director Pascal Laugier to bang her fists against a glass window and that it was safe to do so. The window then shattered and she fell on the glass, severely cutting the left side of her face. The wound required 70 stitches, which left her with permanent scarring.[21] In 2018, Hickson sued the film's production company, Incident Productions,[21][22] "seeking damages for lost income and future loss of income".[23] In 2019, Incident Productions "pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the safety and welfare of a worker under the Workplace Safety and Health Act" and was fined $40,000 by the province of Manitoba for the incident.[24] Hickson stated that the experience left her with "trust issues"; however, when working on the show Deadly Class, the show's "executive producer Adam Kane met with her before filming to assuage her concerns, telling her that they'd halt production immediately if she ever felt uncomfortable".[12] On that show's working environment, Hickson said, "It just made me understand that people gave a shit. People actually do care. You have to find the right people to work with you, and you'll know when that is".[12]
Ouch... Who are some others actors that have been hurt on set?

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Nooo I'm ugly now nobody will hire me! Women

she looks so sad :(

I dated a woman with a hairlip whose nose was turned up at a slight angle because of it and didn't realize for about 6 weeks and only noticed because she mentioned "having a scar on her face". I just thought she was cute as fuck. She didn't believe me and got mildly upset when I told her I genuinely didn't notice it, and said that all of her exes would say the same thing but it bothered her because she didn't believe them, so I just left it alone.

Extremely hot.

The scars make her hotter. I want to lick them. She was plain before.

>Incident Productions

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Those actors that died on the set of the twilight zone movie.

Still would.

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jesus christ ^
would marry her tho

With this being the movie poster I find it hard to believe this was a coincidence.

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Hickson walled awhile ago. too bad, for a brief time her scar was cute

WTF happened, her face shape is completely different, like they stretched her vertically.

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That situation (because accident my ass) is awful, but she's even more beautiful now. The scar gives her character.

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It's pretty cool though. At least it's on her jaw and not right across her face or something. Or in an eye.

kinda awkward now but her face is going to look kino when she's older and stern

>oh nooo, I'm a rich, beautiful woman with a scar that does nothing to detract from my beauty

Remember that stunt woman who lost her legs or limbs or something like that

The one from Resident Evil. Lost movement on her legs, and arm and had her face degloved. Also broke several bones and lost some vision and hearing on one side.

And then the (((producers))) blamed her.

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The camera lens, dumdum

This movie is kino and it makes trannies seeth

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Every Rick Dalton needs a Cliff Booth.

>The scar gives her character.

True. I wanna kiss her on her scar so much so she can feel better. :, (

Jennifer Jason Leighs dad

>that scissor line on her amputated arm
This cunt has balls.

Is this show any good?

Did it even have troons in it I don't remember any

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I wanna cum on her scar and then she can lick it off

>someone else’s negligence severely damages her career opportunities
>she shouldn’t be upset
wow, you are sn retard mejor

Thats actually horrifying I feel bad for her. But she a cute. Hope she gets decent roles despite the scar.

Kino look. She should transition to character acting.
Bruce Willis is deaf in his left ear because a blank was fired next to his ear on Die Hard. There was also that stuntwoman that was killed on the set of Deadpool because her afro wig got in her eyes.

did she fall into the glass or get into a boxing match followed by a knife fight?

>all of her exes

Didn't they fail to move the camera out of the way properly so she could finish the stunt safely?

Hardly seems like it was her fault.

Normal people begin to have semi-serious romantic relationships in late middle school or high school user, any well-adjusted man or woman will have at least several partners by the age of 21-25.


Not her fault at all, it was just (((people))) trying to avoid a lawsuit and prison.
>Jackson, a UK-based stunt performer, former model and Muay Thai fighter, was standing in for actress Milla Jovovich on set for “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” in 2015 and injured herself in a high-speed motorcycle stunt when a camera mounted on a crane from a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction struck her.

>Jackson suffered multiple fractures, brain swelling, ruptured arteries in her arm and neck and spent 17 days in a coma in addition to having her arm amputated. She was also left with a painfully twisted spine, paralysis of the top left quarter of her body including her neck, a permanently dislocated shoulder, a severed thumb, punctured lungs and broken ribs.

And yeah, the article here don't say it but part of her face was degloved and then reattached.

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Why do you think anyone in this thread wants to discuss television or film?

5th hole LMAO

fancy way to say skinned or flayed

Skin was lift from the bone, like taking a glove off. Heard one wire caught her arm and face during the crash.

>any well-adjusted man or woman will have at least several partners by the age of 21-25
Is this what degenerates actually believe?

The skin was removed. Its more common in fingers where the skin is removed like a glove.

>Hickson then reportedly said. "I'm like a prickly pear! I'M A PRICKLY PEAR!!!" Causing everyone on set to laugh uproariously

user, not having sex or a relationship before 25 is most certainly outside the norm and unless done voluntarily (for example, religious reasons), signals what could become a serious social malady.

Her scar healed up and you can hardly even see it anymore.

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prob has ptsd


>red carpet event
There's plenty of makeup on there.

Speak English, faggot.

Do you know if she has hairy forearms?

I-I think I don't wanna work in Hollywood anymore...

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How does breaking a window with your hand result in this shit

I'm sure makeup and lighting certainly helps.

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She just has this weird pointy face now, she used to have a cute round face here .

looks like she lost weight

Looks like she got a chin implant, her chin is twice the length now.

movie sucked and didn't have ghosts in it

only 40k when it's clear they did it on purpose
hollywood and lawyers are evil

Imagine sticking it in there

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she's still really pretty

I just hate women bros, the attractive ones mostly.

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>person gets their face mangled in an unsafe work environment

My guess is she was pounding on the glass with her face really close to it and when it broke she fell into a huge shard


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