/sur/ Survivor 42


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Hello sirs

kevinchuds, we fucking won
white man marches on

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>"maryanne is not human" segment
uhhh cbs?

bad choice of OP pic user

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Omar is kinda annoying me now, I get playing the game but being THIS two-faced is grating. Hopefully these morons talk to each other for once so they can sink that snake

It's why I come back each week. It's fascinating.

based romeo

Based Jonathan

CICObros, we got too cocky...

I'd Jonathan goes, I literally could not care less about anyone left. Aside from just vaugely believing Omar should win


Go john bros go

>all these bullshit balancing challenges stacked completely against men built like Jonathan
Seems fair


He almost won the last one and I think he did win a balance one a few eps ago

jeff has a secret fetish of people showing him stones in their palms


I actually started watching Survivor from the 1st season a bit ago. Im up to season 20 now and Im thinking IM done with it. Its really lost its soul. IT started losing it past season 10 but I stuck in there. I miss when it was about them surviving and day to day life. Now its just watching them do challenges or talk in secret or to the camera about who they are voting out.


God I wish I could sniff Lindsey's pits while she was hanging up on that pole

Johnathan sneaking peeks of Booba to stay motivated. Johnathon chads can't stop winning

Fucking nice double trips


I'm rewatching from season 1 again and I couldn't agree more. So much soul and heart in the first few season. Everyone is still figuring it out and they feel like real people.

Everyone just acts like they're on a gameshow in the more recent seasons and like 90% of camera time is people talking alliances and idols and advantages.

For anyone who hasn't at least seen season 1, do yourself a favor and go back and watch it

Checked dubs of truth.

jonabros we're really doing it, aren't we?

We suddenly getting Lindesy's life story now


FUCK Lindsay, I won't miss her.

>she was a female football player
everything makes sense

uh oh lindsay backstory means she's going home

How is there still 30 mins left in this episode?

Yeah, Colby was famously depressed through HvV because they were prohibited from leaving a small locked camp area to explore like he did in early seasons.
You are not missing much desu, there are only a couple of seasons worth watching after S20 - S25, S28 and S32, I would say.

I wouldn't mind her hiking the ball to me if you catch my drift

UNSTOPPABLE WHITE MALE DOES IT AGAIN. Lindsay BTFO, traitors get the rope

long tribal to go through the do or die and presumably a vote unless we see a lot more scrambling

would be awesome if she plays the game correctly by switching and still loses

Based. No blacks by next episode!

20 mins of ads

Would’ve been kino if nobody but Jonathan participated and he got auto immunity

>trying to blindside mike and keeping drea with a shit ton of powers
what are these fools thinking Mr Jeff

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They try to vote Drea again and it turns into A Very Special Racism Awareness episode

two more immunity wins, a final four fire comp, and he's winning

there are still some really great seasons post-20 but I agree with your sentiment

even if he makes it to final 3 he doesn't get any votes based on just 4 immunities and 0 social or strategic game. he only stands a chance against Romeo and Maryanne, and even then I think Maryanne beats him

So way too much time left for Lindsay to lose right?

I observe

Yeah, for sure. I think Mike is going home. Fuck Drea

Yea, they'd be racist if they didn't vote for Maryanne

Yeah Omar is a retard

Both players did the wrong move (probability wise) and both won

Fucking lol

It’s another “what is 3 door Monty” but it works out anyway episode

>Let's reveal your box

Why is she doing it before the vote, can’t she do it after?

rigged shit



i mean, maryanne would have to make some serious moves to get to F3 in that combo but ok

probability fags on suicide watch

based rocks told her to stay

This was more epic last season when they pulled the exact same scam on the black girl trying to steal a vote


I have a PhD in statistics and I'm admittedly a little salty right now


Epic, they did it again.

lmao mike folding it inside out



but "muh advantages" and "muh evil raycists"

How based would it have been if he stole Mike's idol then wasted Drea's advantage, then voted Mike out

That was a nice “you got me” ending, I always liked drea

Survivor Kino

I'm cheering for Mike now. Let's go old school.

drea shut up and also you just fucked lyndsay
i think she's autistic, genuinely

I don't care what the retards say, this has been a great season

Omar brought that up in a confessional but was too pussy to act on it

Got shaky for me after the BLM tribal but thankfully that seems to have been a one-off

all that talk and lyndsay voted out drea

Rocksroy was our based autist this season

lmao has romeo ever voted correctly?

and maryanne

sure you do, bigot, but maryanne is winning unanimously



all based

I want to see him get to final 3 to see what he says