Kirbysisters, we're coming home!

Kirbysisters, we're coming home!

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I do enjoy Scream.

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They just remade Scream earlier this year?

Cool, she's one of the best characters post Scream 3

I thought she died

So did I wtf.

Apparently Craven himself confirmed that not only she survived Scream 4, he was planning to bring her back in 5, if 4 hadn't flopped and the fifth movie hadn't been scrapped

she's just going to come back to die?

They're doing another one? The latest was so fucking disappointing and I wasn't even expecting much but it was just so uncreative

Only the first 2 are truly great, the rest are basically just decent and entertaining enough.

The first is a classic imo that's why I was pissed that the directors of the new one claimed they were OG fans and it ended up being worse than 3/4

She was never shown to have died in 4, it was left vague and people speculated she survived. Scream 5 confirmed it with an easter egg. Hope she survives 6.

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Most people think 5 is great and 4 aged really well. 3 is the only one people don't love.

god I love blondes... absolutely angelic

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Will it be her screaming as her bf beats the shit out of her or what

Fatden Fattitiere

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... She was in scream?

Hayden Derriere

For me, it's the Duffster.

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They're 100% gonna kill her off
They should kill off that Sam bitch instead and make Kirby the new final girl

4 is kino and better than 2

What is it with blonde child stars torpedoing their careers because of daddy issues? Other ones, just get addicted to drugs or alcohol. Blondes seem to exclusively choose to squeeze out brats with the first guy they meet at an event.

she was completely gutted, how the fuck was it vague?

>she was completely gutted
No she wasn't, she gets stabbed by Charlie and left to die. The other friend is the one who gets gutted earlier in the movie.

Those movies are so shitty that when one mentions them I think of Scary Movie 7.
Also, Hayden Pantiesttiere

Actual pleb

she gets stabbed multiple times in the guy by an incel in the stomach, she should be dead.

I've seen one interview of this woman and she was drunk

Plenty of people survive being stabbed. Wes intended for her to be alive

People can die from one stab if you get stabbed in the right place but you can also survive multiple ones. I know a grill in my school who survived 17 stab wounds most of them in the stomach and defensive wounds due to an attempted rape. I think you have to be extremely unlucky to get hit in the right place or the guy trying to kill you knows what he's doing

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How much constant massacre did Dewey survive until 5?

She was the best part of 4.

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Has she aged well? I'm afraid to check

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the who in the what

I have a question about 4. Why the hell has it got this weird hazy bloom over everything? You might think that's just the quality of the screenshot but no, every scene of the film looks like that.

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looks like a middle aged lesbian

I think you're watching a shitty rip

>tfw you'll never have a threesome with Hayden and Hillary Duff
feels bad man.

Yeah but Duff is a terrible actress
her quiz with ghostface was kino
i don't even remember if scream 5 had much movie trivia in it during the phone calls, all they did was mention rian johnson or babadook

They added it in post production, presumably to emulate how horror films looked at the time. They overdid it

No, that is what the film looks like.

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Wait, wasn't she married to some Ukrainian boxer guy?
How's that working out?

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No she doesn't

looks like it was shot on a green screen

It wasn't. They just added this stupid filter on it later.

It wasn't shot on a greenscreen, the movie looked normal until they added a filter to it. There's actually a trailer where you can see how the movie looked before they fucked with it

thats retarded, who's idea was it? Craven's or the studio's

No clue, maybe the studio. I know the Weinsteins messed with both 3 & 4 hard. 4 at least managed to still be good but they ruined 3.

wonder whose dick she sucked to get such a choice shot at a comeback

Pretty sure it was one stab in the gut. Sid took the same shot to the gut later and lived. Dewey was stabbed in the back over half a dozen times in 2 and survived.

Not surprised to see her come back, she was the best part of 4 after Neve.

1 >> 2 > 5 > 4 > 3

1 is best
2 and 5 good
4 and 3 ok

1 > 2 > 4 > 3 > 5

Scream is a comedy right? The new one was awful

If we're doing rankings



Not even meming in the slightest. Was very surprised how much I liked the newest film.

Shame she can't come back

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Best thing about actresses getting hired to work on video games is that their faces, and sometimes even whole bodies, are free to be ripped from the game files and be used in 3d porn

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was she the girl Arnold Clock kniferaped?

Fuck off 5 was dogshit and I was hyped af for it

I was hyped and didn't think it was dogshit but it was still a bit disappointing. Felt like a worse retread of 4 and the chick that plays Sam wasn't very good


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