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that's not the same person

I was wondering where you were, friend.

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Why is the wall so early? Why is god so cruel?

used to have a huge crush on her

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None shall pass over the wall. None.

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we all get old I suppose. but still damn she was hot

do you think tara reids current aesthetic is affecting her roles and career?

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This one hurts


this cant be real, how can someone change so much in 10 years?

When you come to it
and you can't go through it
and you can't knock it down
you know that you found

I remember going to a con and the cast of American pie was there. The rest of them mostly looked the same with some people coming for autographs, but Tara looked like absolute shit while still having a bunch of betas orbiting her. It was a sad sight

Post your pics so we can see how well you've avoided the "wall", incels

Amber Heard.

now why the fuck would she wear that?

The wall hits at 26-27, it isn't really early considering females are able to give birth at like 12 and before the age of consent they would've been having kids at that age. By 26 they would've had multiple children,

merry christmas user. do you think she could get cast in the role of a naughty elf?

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also men have 30% more collegen than women. Cope.

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God I fucking love being a man. As tough as it is sometimes, I'd never change it


Hearing her read the lines in sharknado was like watching some kind of porno with some crackwhore trying to be sentient.Why would people let her be like that

I literally look the exact same at 26 as I did when I was 16. I see girls I went to school with and mistake them for their parents. There are women I graduated with that have blue veins, wrinkles, and saggy skin. It's fucking merciless.

if a blowjob from her was worth $1000 in the big lebowski, what's the market value on this service currently?

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You do wear sunscreen every day, right anons?

Why is this board so fascinated by aging?

Who in their right mind though this was a good idea to dress like that???I get it,she was on a cocktail of drugs or something but don't they have handlers and managers?What a terrible day to have eyes

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alright you can stop posting this ghoul

Why the fuck would you dress like this when you have the body of an old crackhead

Women delude themselves into thinking they aren't digusting after they hit the wall.

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Good ole Hopieum

Did this dumb bitch think these glasses look good on her? The fuck is wrong with her

Not walled.

Okay fine I'll post it

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>she skinny so she hot

White dudes in a nutshell

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>46 years old.
>Skin of a 70-year-old
How could this happen?

good grief

The french girl is the most startling one for me

The sun, avoid going in the sun or wear sun cream and your skin will barely age

Hagraven mode


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>white women

Look at her face, her expression. She knew: she knew they and us would make a comparison like this.

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volcel if you wouldn't

So hot.

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They know she's an easy lay

fucking beat me to it

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Not 100% sure whats wrong with me but I would

Me in the pool

I can't laugh, this one is really sad. Not a popular opinion but I thought she was very cute and motherly in The Shining. I love girls with buck teeth.

"aging" is an illusion.
same with death and all similar limiting beliefs
you are pure awareness , limitless and perfect

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Forgot picture, great job

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>ching chong turned out to be a stunner
White women lose again

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imagine this flat ass pinching one out on your bed

In theory, Ginny could turn out pretty sexy if she can magically keep from getting any worse over the next decade. She's 31 but has the face of a very hot 40 year old. There must be some way.

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White women married the wall.

protected by rook sam formura

To be fair its better to be white for 20 years than brown/black for life

I was going to defend Luna, then I looked at the picture again and knew it would be a lie. Where did it go so wrong, bros?

Another thinly veiled yellow fever thread

this bitch looks like a retard-made wax statue of herself

Not our fault reality fears the samurai


the age of consent to walled age is only a 12-16 year period depending on where you live. foids really don't get much time to enjoy themselves, is this why they are so horrible?

>it's an user pretends shelley duvall is attractive episode
fucking hate reruns

more like the age of consent = walled

I'm not an actor. looking good isnt part of m job