The Dark Knight vs. The Batman

Which is better and why?

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emoboy Pattinson > bale-man
heath joker > literally every villain in the batman

they both fucking suck.

name 3 good movies

The Batman has better aesthetics
The Dark Knight is a better movie and has better characterization. I appreciate the Batman costume better than the Lasertag gear Nolan Bats wears but Batman Begins suit > The Batman suit.

p.much this.

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Everything in The Dark Knight feels important. Nothing in The Batman does.

The Dark Knight, the pacing is perfect.

Watched 30 minutes of The Batman. It sucked and then I fell asleep. TDK is a classic.

seen some goober here talk about how the rest of the waynes did nothing and that bateman had a very good wayne. his wayne is the driest piece of shit ever and will take keaton any day, an actual suave man, not this autist aloof faggot.

havent even seen pattinson, but he alrite, bet hes the best wayne to date.

TDK mogs The Wokeman so bad. Get the fuck outta hea with that question

the last 10 mins of dark knight are horrible and you also cant see shit.

Keaton is the worst part of his Batman movies. If the villains and aesthetic weren't so good in the Keaton films there would be absolutely nothing of value.

The Pest

Problem Child

Ready to Rumble

They're kino but they are hard to see

he somehow works inside those movies. who would have you put in batman and batman returns instead?

Marlon Brando.

The Batman should've been an 8 to 10 episode series instead of a movie. They needed to flesh out some characters better and did more with Riddler.

Kiefer Sutherland

in 1989 he was already a blob
batman cant be a blonde

>in 1989 he was already a blob
I know. Problem?

yeah many. you are a problem too.

Fuck you Batman can have his hair however.

batman is a dark haired fair skined white person. he cant be portrayed by a half pig blonde (redheads are full pigs).

You just mad cause he would have killed the role. Step out of your comfort zone.

This is true.

its right there with nigger little mermaid.

Fucking apples and carrots bro. Try again.

but which one has the better Gordon?

Both are zoomer movies, but The Dark Knight is much better. Ledger is the best live-action Joker of all time.

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Jack Nicholson was better as Joker.

This is a zoomlenial

batman 1989 is the best and has the best joker and gotham

The Batman's third act is irredeemable dogshit

How the fuck could dog shit be redeemable or irredeemable?

not that user, but sometimes you can fix dogshit movie with editing. this isnt salvageable in any way.

No actual dog shit

if it turned out that your enemy had to eat it, the dog shit would be redeemed

I don't have enemies

youre worthless then.


haven't seen 2022.
is the riddler more like an animu villain than ledger's joker?

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He's barely in the movie.

The Batman, and it's not even close. The Dark Knight is unwatchable now. Meanwhile, The Batman is this gorgeous crepuscular perversion. The Batman's third act isn't great, but the rest of it is so good that it doesn't matter.


>emoboy pattison le good
go back to twitter

Go back to Myspace

>gorgeous crepuscular perversion
Consider having sex

TDK. It's not even a competition. There's literally a meaningless 90 minutes in the middle of the movie and they made the riddler into a really shit rip off of the joker.

Consider going on a beach vacation

depends on my mood but I'm a bit tired of joker so I'll say the batman

I don't like the beach

I'm barely six minutes in and I want to stop watching.
what the fuck is this edgy breathy voice faggot nonsense?

Fine go to Mexico and eat your weight in tacos and burritos

if this meme was meant to be offend me it didnt work, it only made me nostalgic and smile

well obviously Batman/Joker in TDK is better because Zoe Kravitz is a shitty fucking actor who only gets work because she's mulatto and Lenny Kravitz's daughter

Why would I do that?

there was nothing wrong with her acting

>batcel the stalker
>batchad the avenger
dark knight wins

All this was great. Stop being such a consoomer that you hate other generations because of the products they had available to them, you fucking NPC retard.

The Batman is better aesthetically, but The Dark Knight’s script just absolutely blows it out of the water

It only gets worse as it goes on

catwoman intro can't be anymore fucking obvious

Just do it. Tell em Big Willy sent you.

The one without the ugly nigger.

how are those things including TDK a zoomer thing? most zoomers were like 7 or 6 when TDK was out

7 year olds love Batman.