Did you cry?

be honest

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Mcdonalds arthouse

I multiverse like I multiverse my entire multiverse just so that I could multiverse Multiverse Everywhere All The Goddamn Multiverse. This is multiverse the best multiverse I have ever sucked in my entire multiverse. This is the only multiverse I have ever gargled the shaft of that made me cry. Most recommended multiverse I can ever multiverse to multiverse.

Stupid movies have stupid titles

Well I think me in every multiverse is bout to open a cold beer tonight lmao am I right fellas

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The movie was very successful in manipulating my emotions, yes.

>Everything must be complicated and simple message is not allowed reeeee

I honestly cried. This is the best movie of the 21st century, possibly ever (tied with Moonlight and Power of the Dog. If you want a great double feature, go check out this, and then afterwards check out Dr. Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness for some fun and quips to help lighten the mood.

>my life was changed by a Hollywood product

>Hollywood product
You outed yourself as a retard, this was basically an indie film

>BASICALLY an indie film
Goalposts moved. I get it; you're a weak soi millennial and this movie gave you a new personality. You're not that special.

no because I am dead inside and hate myself
every time I read about junko furutua I feel sad but never cry. No media gets me to cry and I don't really know why

I'm a 5'11 bulked out zoomer, it didn't change my personality or my life but it was a beautiful movie, the only other movie to have made me cry is Blue Velvet and Eternal Sunshine

So you're a pseud is what you're saying.

You're projecting too hard

You accidentally replied to me twice

I cried at seeing muh boi Data fucking killing it.

Why would someone cry at this "movie"

Please post that cringe review with the Vonnegut quote about "damn it you've got to be kind"

movie goes pretty hard at trying to be an emotional tear jerker.

I honestly shitted. This is the best multiverse of the 21st multiverse , possibly ever (tied with Deepthroat and Cock of the Dog. If you want a great multiple penetration go check out this, and then afterwards check out Dr. Strange: In the Multiverse of Multiverse for some semen to help swallow all the semenverse.

Didn't cry, just cringed at the same nihilistic message of 'nothing matters', disappointed that it was all the film had to say

Yes. But of happiness seeing that there're no blacks in the movie. Truly a brave and remarkable feat these days.

>message of 'nothing matters'
It had the literal opposite message you baiting retard

Like what? if its a bunch of family drama I probably won't watch it. I figured it was mostly multiverse hijinks

Almost. It made me feel super lonely. There was a cute girl leaving the theater by her self. She was probably single and we both apparently like good movies. If I wasn't so autistic I could have spoken to her and we could have gone out to talk about the movie.
But I didn't, I just stood behind her on the escalator and we went out different exits.

Take your meds

nah, I peed and shit myself, but that's unrelated

I meant as in 'nothing matters so just do whatever you want', i didn't care for optimistic nihilism

I didn't cry but it made me tear up multiple times. It might not be my favorite movie ever, but it's definitely the most emotional I've ever been watching a movie.

IIRC some of the security guards were black

could have had been the universe where you two hit it off, fell in love and had kids, but it sounds like in this universe you're gonna be shitposting on Yea Forums in your underwear for the rest of your life

>All at once


Is it a good movie to watch with my gf? What would the implications be?

the whole movie is about family drama. At it's core it's about how parent's hurt and shape their kids' lives.

I came. It wasn't even sexual. I've been on no fap for a year and the movie was so good I came in my diaper.

It's not nihilism, the movie dismisses the idea that nothing matters and that it only leads to self-destruction regardless if you see it optimistically or pessimistically

If you cried at this shit you’ve never actually seen anything truly worth being emotional about

I feel like am in a paid content thread

That's not the message either. It never said "do whatever you want". It said "we may be insignificant in this universe, but what we experience, the relationships we have, the adventures we go on, all the 'little moments' far outweigh any feelings of insignificance we will ever have".

I was thinking the same thing

This is the most tmblr/reddit thing I've read today.


It’s a garbage movie

this is the only movie that has made me cried and i've seen kinos by dreyer, ozu, naruse, strohiem, etc

>message of the movie is "Be kind"
>Yea Forums hate it
hehe. you faggots will never be happy

fpbp. you can tell from the poster alone that this is utter shit

>Be kind

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How to make a movie with 100 bucks. Shit looks cheaper than anything else shilled here

It was cheap. If you only like big budget tent-poles this one might not be for you. Maybe go see Dr. Strange.

>nothing matters and life is pointless... but still try to be a heckin' nice person!!!!!!!

Of course we wouldn't like it. This is a garbage fucking message that's perfect for the younger generations who have no purpose in their lives because it teaches them to never imagine a deeper meaning to the universe and be happy with the mediocrity they encounter in daily cosmopolitan life.

Why are Yea Forums users so horrible at deciphering the themes of movies

That was unambiguously the message of the movie but ok. They acknowledged that life was inherently pointless but they should still respond to nihilism with compassion and endurance regardless of how consumed with regret people become

The message of the movie is the opposite that nothing matters and that life is pointless. If nothing mattered they would have gone into the blackhole donut thing, it's why the main character still yells at her daughter at the end because despite being insignificant in the grand scheme it's not insignificant to you and you need to enjoy it and take control of your life because everything matters

Why does everything matter? The movie already established that they in a multiverse totally indifferent to their existence.

Because every small choice and decision in your life leads to huge changes and living under the mindset that nothing matters only leads to hurting yourself and others. It matters because it's the only life you have and regardless of if you're insignificant in the grand scheme your life is something to be appreciated and enjoyed

I don’t accept any purpose for life that neglects ontology. And even if you do agree with this message, like I said it’s very safe for young people today and delivered to them in the typical quirky reddit fashion they love. This movie is not ambitious or profound like people say, that’s basically the most normie perspective on life.

You say it's not ambitious or profound which I agree with but you don't even fundamentally understand the fucking themes or message of the movie. You say it's something safe for young people even though it calls out the daughter for thinking nothing matters and that she should appreciate her family despite their differences and that family is important, a theme contrary to most zoomer media

copying posts from reddit about this movie is getting old

Totally untrue. Zoomers are the most mediocre generation ever. They are all obsessed with social justice, compassion and equality despite their nihilistic views on life. This movie offers a convenient rationalization for that contradiction, in that you don't necessarily need a grand purpose for the universe in order to love your life. Most zoomers are not like the daughter at all.

name a movie worth being emotional about then

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Boomers fought in one war and then used it as an excuse to do literally nothing for the rest of their lives, at least American ones.
And again, the movie shits on nihilism, presenting the fact that we may be insignificant isn't nihilism when it dismisses our insignificance as something to be worried about or fear

Lmao this film makes pseuds seethe therefore it's based [agreeable]

>a rock with googly eyes made millenials ugly cry and forgive their parents for grounding them a few times

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No. It was just a bit too surface-level and preachy to get me. The only time it came close was when it was going into her husband's whole peaceful warrior philosophy.

It actually makes pseuds happy. A24 is a pleb central. This is why so many cringe redditors worship it like a God

Fuck yeah. Best part of the movie.

Why does Yea Forums try so hard to not show any emotions? It's like you guys are trying so hard to be cool edgy badass that don't feel anything.
What's wrong with being human for once?

Troll 2

you really think the message was "nothing matters"? lmao

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

>It's like you guys are trying so hard to be cool edgy badass that don't feel anything.
You find this today? Yea Forums has been like this for more than a decade. We suppose to be "special"