The Best Batman. It’s getting a sequel and a HBO spin off. Snyder shit getting eradicated in The Flash. Cope

The Best Batman. It’s getting a sequel and a HBO spin off. Snyder shit getting eradicated in The Flash. Cope

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Gonna rewatch it this week for the fourth time.

chill out dude, in the grand scheme of things this will have absolutely little effect on your life

Some one needs to make a meme of Snyder speeding “What’ve you done!”

I’ve not watched Snyder’s Batman, should I?

No, it's really bad. Worst Batman so far.

Affleck is ok, but had nothing to work with.

how the fuck did they manage to have the best version of literally everything

they even managed to make the penguin a cool as fuck character with pure subtlety

best Gotham atmosphere too

There has been no bigger shill campaign on this entire site than the faggotman movie. Really, not even during the two elections have I ever seen shills cocksuck something so banal this much except maybe for the raid when Trump got infected

watch Flash make more money once the Keaton nostalgia kicks in
They can parlay the Jewish kid's meltdown into some shock advertising "the movie that made him go crazy" multiverse shit

Reminder that OP use to spam threads like this
he's a genuine shill

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take them now.

see These brown people are genuine shills, but now they pretend they hate snyder

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>Snyder shit getting eradicated in The Flash.
That was the original plan Hamada shill but Discovery runs shit now so that dumb gooks plans are out the window.
The Flash now ends with a post credit scene of Ben Affleck's Batman calling out to Barry asking him to "come find us".
Muschietti literally talked to Snyder to make sure the movie could still fit in zacks plan.
Snyderverse is being restored we won again cope and seethe.

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what kind of mental illness is that, incredible

Yes. Best on screen Batman. Mogs Nolan and Reeves shit HARD.

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something in the way


Cope faggot

have a cast and crew at the top of their game who all want to be part of this

Why are WB shills so fucking afraid of Zack Snyder?
Dude is working for Netflix doing his space and zombie movies. He can't hurt you.

He and the WB ruined DC

out of 15 people on this exact thread, I wonder how many are white people living in first world countries

white faggot from east coast reporting in

cope manlet, enjoy your pathetic and miserable life

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It isn't better than TDK but it brutally destroys every other live action Batman
Mogs Affleck's arc of rediscovering hope after becoming an edgelord
Mogs Bale's corruption conspiracy and his stock hero's journey in Begins
Mogs Keaton's Gotham (and everything else, Keaton is a trash Batman)
Pattinson out-acts every other Batman with simple glances. Dude's eyes alone do more work than Keaton did in '89
Giacchino's score is the best for the character outside of Walker's
It isn't the 10/10 that TDK is but it gets so much else right that basically every other live action Batman iteration has to kneel

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The Batman is the dumbest Batman movie ever made and if it was smartly written like every other thriller out there it'd have been a 40 min short film instead of a 3 hour overlong and drawn out mediocre movie.

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no surprise

Fair assessment

Nice copy and paste bullshit

The movie score is just the same Darth Vader score over and over again or then the same Nirvana song.

>HBO spin off.
Oh, wow, sign of greatness.

how many snyderverse spin-off's are there?

How come the DA had no bodyguards to protect him despite fearing for his life?
How come the Riddler said Batman was the muscle and he was the brains when the Riddler himself incapacitate all his targets personally and alone?
How come nobody thought about checking where the pictures Riddler took off the mayor coming out from the Iceberg Lounge, despite that being an easy thing to do and the movie showing Riddler being in the same apartment building throughout the whole movie?
How come James Gordon didn't catch any repercussion from leaking said photos damaging from his laptop despite saying he would?
How come Batman doesn't know any Spanish despite being a rich kid that was probably taught all his life in fancy ass schools? Is he braindead retarded?

Honestly, the movie is dumb as fuck. Very mid movie. Gotham was nothing but Times Square but with screens everywhere to emulate Blade Runner and Chicago in daylight.

They just made penguin a sopranos character

Wonder Woman 3, Aquaman 2, Shazam 2, The Flash, and Black Adam.

Despite what you might believe WB is still using Snyder's age old ideas because they lack anyone with an once of originality to come up with anything better.

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>the dumbest Batman movie ever made
>Burton depicts Batman as a murderous simp
>Nolan forgets the water cycle for Begins to work at a surface level and sends 40 thousand police officers into a tunnel by TDKR
Snyder shills need to be banned from the internet

You could make same retarded arguments about Dark Knight. Batman and Gordon bungled everything entire fucking movie. Only movie bullshit people on board didn’t blow themselves up

Batfleck failed to define itself as a novel approach to the material and in fact ends quite comically.

>Burton depicts Batman as a murderous simp
Is that a bad thing?
>Nolan forgets the water cycle for Begins to work at a surface level and sends 40 thousand police officers into a tunnel by TDKR
You mean the thing Bruce Wayne decommissioned?

That still goes to Burton, but the movie was very close, great detail paid to color and atmosphere. Its just hard to match something that was all practical.

WW3 and Aquaman will both under perform. Only one might do well is The Flash because of Keaton and people for some reason I will never understand like Ezra

>Batfleck failed to define itself as a novel approach to the material

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>You could make same retarded arguments about Dark Knight.
Give it a try.

>Is that a bad thing?
This is why Fatfleck will forever have 0 solo movies


Only Snyder shills dont see how this would be a bad thing. The audience is fatigued, there have been more batmans than spidermans, particularly in the past 15 years. Patrinson is heads and tails above Affleck as an actor, the snyderverse would be yet another instance of WB playing catch up to Marvel (who already finished the race with Endgame). They beed to return to formula, just make high quality movies that happen to be hero flicks, like EARLY MCU.


>Patrinson is heads and tails above Affleck as an actor
Too bad he sucked completely in the new Batman movie and gave a one-note delivery because the director is a hack.

In the first crime scene alone Pattinson displays more range than Affleck did in every one of his attempts at Batman

Batman mark bills allows Joker to all money into one pile.
Batman brining the chink back Gotham just handing him over Joker
Joker allowing himself to get arrested to get said chink
Batman thinks Joker going to give him the correct address, allows Rachel to die and Dent to burn his face off
Empties hospital but fails to save Harvey which is who Joker was after
Finds Joker only fought movie bullshit the people on the ferries didn’t blow people up
Couldn’t save Dent but instead kills him. Basically Batman and Gordon didn’t do shit. Batman taking the fall is the biggest load of shit put on screen. The guy who doesn’t use guns just suddenly guns downs two cops in cold blood and murders Dent

Throughout the whole movie he gives the same pensive look, where he's looking at nothing before slowly looking at the camera. That same shit throughout the whole movie. Either outside the cowl or with the cowl.}

You faggots can cope all you want about him "talking with his eyes", but the acting fucking sucked despite the actor having range.

How does your picture connect in any way to my supposition? Btw a sample size of 1000 is embarrasing for a company as notable as DC

How’s zacks cum tasting bro

See, the difference is that The Dark Knight was written smartly where despite Batman failing he still tries to do the logical thing.
Take the Joker turning himself in. The character does that for a smart reason. Compare that to the third act of The Batman where the Riddler turned himself in for... what? So he can talk with Batman and together they can watch Gotham flood from inside the prison?

How's Reeves' stale cum?

>turned himself in for... what?
so he could sperg out for reasons and completely undermine the previous 2.5 hours of half assed plotting

Batfleck gives a 0 note performance, him Superman and Wonder Woman are the same fucking character reskinned in the snyder verse

Sure, Jan. No wonder you loved The Batman.

imagine casting patts only to criminally under utilize him and direct him away from all the neat shit he's always doing

Pattinsons Batman wouldn't work in a shared DC universe because it's the same cringe realistic grounded take that Nolan did.
WB really have to choice but to build off what Snyder did unless they want to completely start from scratch which they obviously aren't going to do.
From what I can gather the current plan is the finish out Snyders Justice League arc which ends with a crisis event that hard resets the entire universe.


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shill hands typed this

God you are a dumbass. Thats Joker BEATING HIM, that is the result of their conflict. Want to talk about lack of agency? Snyders martha moment is the perfect example, and ill ever throw in riddler just telling batman the whole mystery in the Matt Reeves version, but the reason why Dark Knight stands the test is because it is logically consistent.

This is the third act big twist, where the audience gets to learn that the Riddler actually doesn't know that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same. We're supposed to infer this shit all by Pattinson acting, but because the director made the actor do the same shit throughout the whole movie - "look around like you're about to cry before looking directly at the camera as if you realized you ate shit" -, most of the audience ended up completely oblivious about that fact. Which is why we had tons of threads not understanding that the Riddler doesn't know who Batman is.

Holy shit his eye is watering what an actor

Who the fuck is jan? I dont give shits about the interpersonal drama of the film makers, Snyders superheroes are almost exactly the same character repeated. Im convinced the only reason Flash got over was because Ezras natural charisma, he was the only character who wasnt a gloomy depressed mess over losing....someone.

I was the only one out of the group I went to see this with that understood riddler didn't know bruce was Batman.
Reeves fucked that scene up bad.

>he was the only character who wasnt a gloomy depressed mess over losing....someone.
You confuse characters having a shared trauma with character being the same. This is why you need a movie like The Batman where everything that happens or is mentioned needs to be repeated three times both by Jim Gordon and then by Batman.

>We're supposed to infer this shit
No you aren't, the music even cuts out when Riddler directly states it
>most of the audience ended up completely oblivious about that fact. Which is why we had tons of threads not understanding that the Riddler doesn't know who Batman is.
If portions of the audience "not getting" a moment is proof that the moment is bad then BvS is one of the worst movies ever made

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I uderstand that, though i think the end result with fall below expectations in terms of quality and finance. Dc should have taken the hint with Aquaman and pivoted wholesale to high quality solo films exclusively, just look at the track record for them. Pretty sure WW Aquaman AND Joker all did 1 billion, and The Batman was no slouch either. Save on the contract costs, think smaller. Stop trying to do the universe level threat that Marvel finished with 4 years ago.

>Reeves fucked that scene up bad.
he fucked up the entire film bro
there were clearly some good ideas in there however nothing was executed well outside of the cinematography

it was a really good movie but the stupid “white man bad my dead hooker friend is so important” shpiel, and the last 30 minute section where they abandon the whole “unhinged brooding detective” to shoehorn some heroic redemption arc, cheapen the movie to where it falls just short of kino. If there’s a directors cut without that shit we’ll see. still though yeah probably best batman.