So like, what would it have done if it successfully killed Sarah? just kick it in LA for 40 years?

so like, what would it have done if it successfully killed Sarah? just kick it in LA for 40 years?

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Maybe he would have been teleported back?

In the newest movie a terminator walks into the ocean? Or did it get arrested? Neither makes sense, tho.

Nigga would have bought some Apple stock and debate whether or not to try and stop 9/11

What if he fucked Sarah instead, and was a gainz bf that shot blank loads into her. She'd have no way of getting with Reese to make John Connor.

Why would a skynet machine want to stop 9/11??? Dead humans are skynets goal.

Consequences of jihad and political instability in the middle east

He’s a terminator, he would just start killing more humans.

It would probably have secondary objectives to move on to, paving the way for skynet. Getting info to nigger-man so he could make it happen sooner, infiltrating the military.

kino went on a steady decline after 9/11, eventually dying completely after 2010. the well being of the kinoplex is one of skynet's top priorities.

He would have ceased to exist because his timeline would have been erased.

It'd do a few movies then run for governor of California before marrying into an elite family.

>stop 9/11 before it happens
>us government come up with even more retarded excuse for war on terror
>this causes US to actually invade durkadurkastan

9/11 gave the government more stability and control over the world. Skynet wants them to be insecure and worried about defense so they would think they needed skynet. And three thousand out of 6 billion is nothing, retard.

He would have disabled and moved into a steelworks

Their goal is to make sure skynet gets invented. So presumably too much societal instability would be bad. But frankly it's an open question how exactly the paradox of Skynet getting invented even in an altered timeline would work.

Might threaten the creation of skynet. If American didn’t have to worry about “terrorists threats” they wouldn’t need to built a missle launching ai. But then again if it wasn’t for 9/11 humbling the civilians maybe they would still be neoconish today and thirst for war.

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Thats actually a good answer. But please dont call me names, its uncalled for.

He couldn’t win because it was already fact that he lost.
Just like it was already a fact that Kyle Reese was John Conner’s dad.

It would have created an entirely new timeline where the machines wouldn’t be fighting humans because they didn’t have John Connor to lead them. The machines probably would have become fat pussies and get taken over by fembots.

if he kills sarah then there wouldnt be a sarah to go bak in time to kill
which means he wouldnt have gone back in time to kill sarah, which means sarah is still alive
this is why all time travel into the past is impossible

You’re like a monkey saying it’s impossible to have shit-free ass hairs.

is this natty?

This would have been a much better plan, send a sterile turbostud with a permaboner to fuck her 24/7, thus preventing John from ever existing. Violence only breeds resistance.

>expecting hollywood screenwriters to understand the grandfather paradox

It's more like Skynet doesn't seem to understand it.

Yeah, no way they've ever heard about this super obscure concept I learned about on Reddit

are we ever going to get 9/11 kino?

how was this guy supposed to be an infiltrator model when in the future everyone was living in underground bunkers and scurrying around desolate hellscapes between mountains of humans skulls hoping not to be seen

it should have been some skinny guy who looks like he hadn't eaten in 6 days

>implying you didn’t learn about it from Hollywood movies
So much plebbit elitism in this thread.

I want a movie about humans who are loyal to Skynet.

That's what he does in one of the recent movies after he killed john connor

The one that killed John had a family

He would have fucking disappeared and created a cyclical time paradox.

Killing Sarah is literally how the franchise should end. She dies and the Terminator inadvertantly kills all timelines that end with Skynet existing.

If he killed Sarah Conner, there would be know John Connor, and therefore no resistance, and no need to send a terminator back in time, which means he never would have been sent back in time, which means he'd have never killed John Connor, who would lead the resistance, so skynet would send a terminator back in time, and if he killed Sarah connor-

you have bigger breasts than my gf, arnie.

>Skynet enters permanent blue screen with a gif of Edward Furlong, Linda Hamilton & Arnie laughing

With its objective complete it would destroy itself or shut down, like in T2, the only other canon movie


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Killing Sarah creates a separate timeline. That timeline doesn't need a terminator to go back and kill her since a different timeline's terminator already did it.

He retires from the murderbot business, starts a family, and becomes a curtain salesman.

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T2 contradicts T1 they can’t both be canon.

Remember, at the time it was sent back, humanity had won. Skynet lost. The war was ending. The time machine wasn’t some grand plan, it was a last desperate gamble. Skynet didn’t know what would happen, but if it did nothing then it had lost already anyway.

How did they invent time travel when they lived in a post apocalyptic hellscape?

they answered this question in Terminator: Dark Fate
but you probably don't want to know the answer

They answered this question in that Teminator TV series. Basically they find an isolated place like an abandoned mine and power down until Judgement Day. Then power up and start killing survivors.

>Terminator kills Sarah
>John never exists
>Skynet starts focusing on other enemies, like the T1000s, who they cannot control
>T1000s defect to humanity to fight Skynet
>T1000s takes on the moniker of John Connor just to piss off Skynet
>John Connor still becomes a legend and defeat Skynet
>Skynet sends the T-R3323 to go back in time to save Sarah from the Terminator and impregnate her

What? Killing John Connor wouldn't have prevented Skynet coming into existence and Judgement Day happening, it would just have stopped the resistance having their best leader.

skynet isnt created without the chip and arm left behind by the original t-800 that is crushed by sarah in the machine press. so if the the t-800 kill sarah it never leaves that stuff behind and skynet is never created. its a closed circuit time loop where skynet both creates itself and its enemy

Skynet created the terminator for one reason, to terminate Sarah Conner to prevent John from being born, it wasn't a random event, Skynet just didn't spawn terminators for no reason. Once Sarah was gone the Terminator would just vanish.

That`s impossible matte. Skynet existence is linked to John Connor`s existence. Cyberdine is only able to develop the technology that would eventually result in the creation of Skynet after finding the arm and the chip that belonged to the original terminator and the original terminator only goes back in time in order to kill Sarah to prevent John`s birth. In order for that to happen John needs to exist in the future and in order for him to exist in the future he has to be born in the past. For that to happen Sarah could not have died before giving birth to him. It`s a predestination cycle in the form of either a circle or a spiral.

That’s in the changed timeline. In T1 it was created the normal way. All that is necessary is the creation of a self-aware AI, the advanced chip just got them there faster.

Maybe try watching the movies

nope. originally T2 and T1 where all one long movie but cameron split it in half when he realized he didnt have the tech for the t1000, so that has always been the case that skynet creates itself.

Skynet isn't going to change anything major in the timeline besides uncreating John, since it knows it gets created with the existing timeline.

It doesn’t matter if they were one movie or not. Originally skynet is created without the terminator parts. As I said, all you need is the AI. Next time pay attention.

Or it leaves a message telling Skynet to send it back per Skynet's own orders.

He would have moved on to secondary targets, ultimately allowing itself to get captured by the U.S government, allowing them to copy it, advancing the creation of skynet by decades.

This is why 'stable time loop' is fucking shit.

In one of the semi recent movies he gets a job building the complex that houses the new Skynet thing.

He then invested his earnings into Tesla.

T1 doesn’t change the timeline at all.

T2 tells you they can't self-termijate, though. How did you forget that???

Sounds like serious bullshit.