Theater Snacks

What is your favorite snack when going to the theater

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That's a fairly small amount for an average sized person.

imagine a society where anybody that orders one of these silently has a small grain of ricin inserted into their skin through the seat while gorging themselves and watching avengers 8

I've never really eaten whole ass food at a movie theater, that seemed more common at richer places and not the shady place I used to go to growing up. Is it actually really enhancing? Even when I get candy or popcorn the candy and drink usually gets eaten like 20 mins into the movie. That picture makes me wonder if it's just a comfy experience to pig out with shit fat food like chips or hot dogs heh. Let me know your thoughts, like? dislike?

Do Americans really eat that much food at the theater?

Hmm maybe I should make hot dogs for dinner tonight :3

they would find out the correlation right away and stop ordering it retard. maybe if they did 1 in 10 it would work

>two drinks
Its clearly for splitting with your wife or gf, nobody goes to the kinoplex alone

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Yes and best part is throwing your garbage at the people below you when it's a dark scene

>4400 cal

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It’s for two people retard. most will count it as dinner and nighttime snack.

I always order this when I go alone so shut the fuck up you skinny manlet

i do

My kinoplex has a barbecue and fried potato buffet.

>4400 calories between two people is dinner and a nighttime snack

Your weight starts with 300, doesn't it?

The local kino has a chinese buffet lmao

haha thats a funny joke user

Who the fuck pays $9.11 cents for a twin burrito?

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do americans really need to eat over 3/4 of their daily calorie requirements because they can't go 2 hours without eating?

I eat because I'm sad, I'm sad because I eat

popcorn - max 3 bucks, even less if you buy kernels
'nachos' (less than a pack of tortilla chips) - $0.50
'salsa and nacho cheese' - $1
reese's minis - $2 max
2x hotdogs - a pack of ten is like 3 bucks so roughly $0.60
2x hotdog buns - a pack of 6 is like a dollaridoo so let's say $0.30
2x soft drinks, less than $0.10 of syrup and sparkling water
total - 0.50+1+2+0.60+0.30+0.10= $4.50 worth of food for 35 bucks WITHOUT a kino ticket

for me? its cod liver on crackers. yeah the oil gets everywhere but that's not really my problem. is it? i usually dump the rest of the oil on the seat in front of me once the movies over.

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>i usually dump the rest of the oil on the seat in front of me once the movies over
holy based

>"What will you have?"
>"Everything, but deep fried"

>twin burrito

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2200cal a day is still obese level for a single person much less for one meal

Far too much food, I would assume and hope that most people who get it split with a friend. That's considered a nachos grande though? Just some gay ass chips, salsa and nacho sauce? Depressing.

Do americans really?

>2200cal a day is still obese level for a single person
3000+ calories is an obese amount of calories, 2000-2200 calories is completely normal for a slightly active male
are you a twink?

>if you buy kernels
This nigga eating kernels

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Just remove the peanut butter chocolate and it's probably like 2200, get a diet soda and it's prob like 1600
Not that crazy of a snack, especially if you save the chocolate for later.


I sneak in a lot food.
Wife and kids have special diets; can't have theater food or drinks.

2200 calories a day is just fine

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Imagine having to sit in the vicinity of one of the "people" who orders this and listen to them chew and crunch and gulp the who time I'd end up shattering someone's jaw.

drive in movies are where it's at. you can arrive early and play frisbee while the sun is still up and then when the movie starts you can eat anything you want to bring. plus the snacks at drive ins are cheaper than normal theaters. one time my family went my dad brought a tub of potato salad and forgot to bring anything with it. when we pointed it out he just grabbed a handful of it and ate it and said no problem

the resees alone make up 1200+ calories. plus 2 non-diet sodas that's like half of the calories. I only ever eat like half a bag of popcorn at most too so if it were me it's probably only like 800 calories at most for which is not terrible. I'd never order nachos and popcorn at the same time though

Seriously 2200 is maybe above maintenance for some desk slug, but personally I cut weight at 2500 and I'm just 5'9.

You're just a lazy twink.

Being fat is a sign of low IQ. I hate fat people.

UNLESS it’s July 4th, then it’s state enforced

yeah, your own, you faggot on the internet

just water

I’m 6’2 and cutting, 2 lbs loss a week is 2kcal
I do workout 6x a week, however

It's a Canadian theater.

post pic on /fa/ skelly threads for honest opinion

Its about 3800 calories in all if you get diet coke
>Large Popcorn - 880
>Large Serving Popcorn Butter - 320
>Nacho Grande - 900
>Jalapeno Cheese Sauce - 100
>Salsa - 40
>Two Hotdogs With No Toppings - 1000
>100 Grams Reese's Minis - 560
You could eat this without gaining weight if you didn't eat the day before. Or split it with someone

It is clearly for two.

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Not if you actually work out

Popped corn, but only as dispensed from my vessel.

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Fucking hell.

deeply based

movie theatre money flow
1) movie ticket(pays for movie, rights to show, etc) $-5.00
2) snacks(popcorn/even the good/butter/everything flavor kind $1.00 for garbage bag(almost never sold, usually small bag/tub)/candy bars(large profits(2/3 profit/ 1/3 cost))/boxes of candy/mints/etc 3/4 profit, 1/4 cost))
Fines(all paid to police/security/lawyers/etc)

Movies are in the business of selling food and drink(drink is a traditional American money maker(for the cost of a small drink, all the rest of the soda is sold/packaged to the customers, its as close to pure profit as you will ever see)

Even split between two people, it's an entire days worth of calories in a single meal


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I wish there wasn't a culture of eating in a theater. I already hate going to see a movie because some people act like fucking animals, plus I have to strain to hear the dialogue over the sound of retards slurping sodas and slopping popcorn into their gullets

Every time I go to the kinoplex, I bring a whole smoked fish wrapped in foil, steamed broccoli stems (i dont like the florets), and my girlfriend's kimchi. I started doing this (the fish and broc) as a kid the first time I saw Blade, and it was good, so I continue to autistically do this to help the movie be good.
Its gotten so bad when I see a good trailer I immediately get hungry and when I saw the Batman trailer I said outloud 'this is a fishybroc movie' and felt like a fucking idiot. I literally cannot change now. pic is not mine but similar

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PFFFT how the fuck was this instantly funnier with dramatic chipmunk god dammit

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>get a diet soda
That's the most obese thing you could have said.

>most will count it as dinner and nighttime snack.
I don't.

>Go to Golden Corral for all you can eat buffet for dinner
>Go to theater and get deluxe nacho combo with XL popcorn and soda for movie snack
>Go to Cheesecake Factory for a whole cheesecake for desert

>Large Combo at my local theater is just 8.50
Suck it.

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I always get these. Perfect amount of food for a long kino like endgame or batman.

>eating more than once a day

Vodka + ice. So you don't need to pee, beer is for retards. Also beef jerky and peanuts.

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this actually sounds comfy. need to try this.

why is no one pointing out that that clearly isn't nachos?

I make sure to get lots of mnm and skittles to whip at people's heads

>2 hot dogs - $4
>nachos -$3
>candy - $1
>2 drinks - $2
>popcorn - $2

The price should at most be $15