kill Nihilism in one frame

> kill Nihilism in one frame

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I’m a nihilist. A pig once pulled me over. I told him - shoot coward, you would only be killing a man. I could tell my lack of fear rattled him. He gave me a ticket for speeding and let me go. I never paid it.

Nice larp

I'm nihilist.
If I was the purple guy I would laugh in that old man's face.
Do it shoot me, see if I care.

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He's ironically LARPing as an edgelord. Pretty funny though.

what show is this

he was just a normal man doing his job while thinking about paying his bills and drinking beer with his friends. He probably doesn't even remember that day or that you exist

If nihilists don’t care about anything, why’d they get so buttblasted over this scene?

Something most christians don't understand is that OT god to the original israelites was a death god, and worshipping him was less of a choice and more of a necessity in their eyes.
The whole thing about god being loving and just is product of christianity

It is though. Imagine giving a fuck because you don't want to hurt people's feelings or offend others, yet come to Yea Forums.

woah so deep

Why did he peed himself? he was only gonna shoot him in the face and kill him

I don't care what you think. I don't care that you think I care because I posted this.

post dick with timestamp

People don't seem to get the joke about the royal guard and their revelation didn't really matter in the end the end because the frowning friends were killed in a trivial manner.
To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand Smiling Friends.

But beyond (you)r insistence, there is no evidence a grade school level “but wot if I pul gun on u????” ruffled any feathers.


Wait wait wait wait wait a minute man

Where are the new episodes? Tired of waiting for some talentless fucks to make a new 10 minute episode.

not a christian but damn god sounds based, why did he become soi

>shoot coward, you would only be killing a man
Sir I just wanted to give you a speeding ticket.

This isn't nihilism; it's antinatalism. The frowning friend actively hates life and wants to end it. Nihilsts think nothing matters, but not necessarily in a negative sense - they think nothing matters, so you might as well have fun while you can. Nihilist would be the first to admit they fear death because death is the cessation of pleasure.

Ohhh he remembers alright. Made sure of that.

Complete nonsense. There's plenty about God being loving in the OT.

Also killed my interest in watching the show.

loving.. to hate!

>demonstrate your misunderstanding of nihilism in one post

Is LARPing as an autist.... autistic?

You don't matter

>britbongs worship this retard

Nope. Straight up loving.

Isaiah 54:10

“For the mountains may depart

and the hills be removed,

but my steadfast love shall not depart from you,

and my covenant of peace shall not be removed,”

says the Lord, who has compassion on you.

In the grand scheme of things you really don't.

>If nihilists don’t care about anything
Nihilism is the belief that there is no inherent meaning in the universe, that the search for the meaning of life has no objective answer. It does not mean "I don't care about anything," which is a retard's take on it. A nihilist is free to choose their own meaning and pursue their own answer, that's it. It is not necessary for a nihilist to despair.

This is genuinely the hardest I’ve ever laughed at a post on this shithole. Well done user

>yeah I get my opinions on philosophical belief from a cartoon

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don't care didn't ask

How do you identify the buttblastedness of several hundred strangers?

and this guy can’t articulate why any of those things are fundamentally bad... lol

this comes from the man who says eunuchs are women

nah you're just another random sperg that he had to interact with at the end of his service. Imagine losing hours, that could be spent watching TV while your wife prepares your meal, taking some random wimp to a station

>Chris 1337:69
>thou shalt not reddit space
You are a bad person who will burn in hell

and then that pig grew up to be... Albert Einstein

>the God of the old testament is based, based, based and based, based based and based
What did he mean by this

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little known fact

>they think nothing matters, so you might as well have fun while you can. Nihilist would be the first to admit they fear death because death is the cessation of pleasure.
That's not nihilism, it's hedonism. If you place value in pleasure then you think pleasure matters. If you then try to present yourself as a nihilist that just makes you a liar.

Most nihilism is just a cry for help. That's one of the reasons why its so popular among young men now

wouldn’t it be more like pleasure doesnt “matter” objectively but I enjoy it so that’s what i’ll do? i thought the whole point of nihilism was coping your own meaning into being based on whatever you want it to be


>but I enjoy it so that’s what i’ll do?
Then you think your enjoyment matters, either way there's something that matters to you.

90% of the time a nihilist is a disappointment idealist.

Thats existentialism.
Nihilism is that nothing matters. not even your own meaning

Remember when people talked about this show
No wait I can't

maybe it was all the friends we made along the way? :)


Nobody thinks about this scene because nobody thinks about this show

maybe it was the hardship and suffering we felt on the way? :)

smiling friends

>Hmmm you say nothing matters, yet you are susceptible to your own survival instincts, interesting...

Redditor tier argument

No, it's completely fair. It's clear that when you said that life doesn't matter you were wrong, because now you are pissing yourself.
The reason why it matters can be anything, but apparently deep down it matters to you.

Proof? You don’t experience my subjective reality.

I'm trans btw, maybe that's why I think like this...

It was meant as an example, in the OP image that's what's happening.
I obviously can't know if you are suicidal or something.

Contradicting oneself doesn't render what you initially said untrue, that's not how it works.