This was a comically fat teenager in 2005

>this was a comically fat teenager in 2005

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This was during the period in which he was starting to lean out, retard.

Still is, his parents should be executed for letting him get this fat.

He was a beachballa couple years young than that.


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Feel kinda bad for child actors
sure, they make millions and never have to work again (if they remain drug free)
but their awkward teen years and showcased to the world
I was one ugly, awkward teenager and I think I'd kill myself if all the stuff I did and posted on social media was publicly known forever
I'm still awkward and ugly but at least now I know my place

Shit if this dude’s comically fat the wtf am I?
I’m 19 years old, 6’3” and 320lbs

You're just sad fat

You are a walking corpse awaiting a sudden cardiac arrest

Ludicrously fat.

post belly

You're supposed to share the keg.

I'm 5'9 and 170 pounds and consider myself fat due to no muscle

I remember seeing stuff like 'joshbros, we won' when Drake's issues first dropped but my recollection is that Josh won way back when the show aired. He cleaned up well when he leaned down, grew to be taller, etc. and basically became a Chad with all of his positive points in the earlier seasons.

He was way fatter when he was supposed to be comically fat, that photo is from the last season of Drake & Josh when he had lost a lot of weight, this is episode 1.

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The fuck do you even eat day to day? Assuming not ugly, you could salvage it. FUCK, you could even be good if you just slim down whilst still being a bit tubby. David Harbour is a retard IRL but he pulled off the fat-ish look in Stranger Things because he's a 6'3 big guy with the face of some Anglo-Saxon barbarian.

>we live in the timeline were drake and josh didnt remain homies
sucks bros...
at least drake likes beaners and he's got something of a career down in beansworld

Same weight as you, user, but 5’9”
Its rough out there but you just gotta keep on dieting and exercising. I’m actually down 30lbs since January.


They're both mopped up hasbeens, Josh lost the weight but his body is forever fucked and he looks really hideous shirtless, Drake fessed up to some stupid triffle amidst a whirlwind of me too bullshit and it was so stupid that he didn't go to jail over it, Josh stars in ABC family shows nobody watches, Drake has become a mexican Paris Hilton (Celeb who does nothing), Josh is a bitter bitchy faggot who is pissy that Drake has garnered significant following so he actually wrote a pilot for a reboot that would have Drake be a loser, Drake said Josh's pilot has a bunch of comically racist stuff in it.

I’m a black dude btw but anyway
I start my day with two bowls of cereal (usually Cap N Crunch or Lucky Charms) glass of juice, two toasts w/butter and a coffee.
I sometimes grab a iced coffee and a pastry from Starbucks on my way to work

Lunchtime I usually eat a hero sandwich (12 inch sub) from the local deli and my favorite is the Italian style but I mix it up. Sometimes I get fast food from McDonalds or Taco Bell but i’m usually at the Ock’s place (what we New Yorkers call the cornerstore). I also like to eat a candy bar and drink a gatorade.

Dinner time is usually whatever my girlfriend cooks and shes pretty big as well (5’6”, 260lbs). She makes real good Mac and Cheese and chicken cutlets.

I am pretty content with my lean dark Celt look but fuck do I mire those guys you can pull off the fattish thing. I have to do such a precarious balancing act when bulking because I look subhuman if my cheeks are full and jawline not that visible that I have to u-turn to cutting even I get too bloated. I've never even had so much of a cm of fat on my stomach either.

I hate fat "people" so fucking much

describe the smell of your sex

Kek, if you're able to be a tall but fat fuck black guy, here's hoping you're rocking Uncle Phil energy. Some people unironically become more based when they get fat, like Orson. Still, I got advice for you if you have any desire to change.

Your diet is sugar and carbs

>shes pretty big as well (5’6”, 260lbs)
yikes for me dog

Ah, the 'bloated and puffy but not truly fat' look. Yeah, I know what you mean. Here is Tom fucking Cruise in that mode. Normies seem oblivious too it. Like they can recognize a guy at 13% bodyfat looks so much better than at 22% but they don't consciously register it as a fat thing cause you're not truly fat. I showed my mother the Cruise picture the other day to make my case for me and she said she didn't see any fat on him at all.

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How about a salad


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When did obesity start to become an issue for Americans? Seriously seems to me like 1 year in the early 2000's, it suddenly became a huge issue for America and they had their weight, as a society, under decent control in the 20th century

Actually, you toxic fatphobic chud, this just makes her even more powerful. You see, Chud, just shut up and listen. Black people legitimately have something magical about them, like a raw power that glitters in their eyes. They really are psychic and energy beings. This is what I teach my students and it helps them embrace their energy fields to the point where I have seen objects levitate in the classroom. Sneedeisha just opened her 3rd eye the other day, whereas toxic mayonnaise monkeys like us have to rely on racist make believe like "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse in the Madness" in order to pretend to have a fraction of their power. Black, truly is, king. The years of oppression have stifled their power but I want to help them break free of their psychic chains and become the magical negroes that I know they are.

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the average weight of an American man increased from 181 to 196 pounds between 1988-1994. The average American woman's weight increased from 152 to 169 over the same period.


you eat more for breakfast than i eat in an entire day

Obesity has been in a steady rise in the United States since the middle of the 20th century, but the whole crying about it started in the 2000s with shit like SuperSize me.

320 is fucking enormous. not even funny anymore fat.

No user, the saga of drake and josh is a perfect life lesson in how there are no bad guys or good guys in most conflicts, just selfish egotistical people.

>I start my day with two bowls of cereal (usually Cap N Crunch or Lucky Charms) glass of juice, two toasts w/butter and a coffee.
100g of my cereal is like 377 calories, so if Lucky Charms and Cap N Crunch are similar (they are probably higher, as sweeter/more sugary cereal is here in Bongland compared to my cereal) and you're having big boy bowls plus like 600ml of whole milk, that's 1144 calories. Damn boy.

His gf is too tall to be a middle schooler

Around 1/3 of that is around what I eat on a long day. Holy shit my guy.
Also hi neighbor.

ol nat figger

I always tap out/get fat at around the 3500 calories mark, and even then that's when doing weights and having lots of stuff that's high calories but not filling like olive oil.

do you reckon the black dude in this thread was amused by this or offended or just passively resigned to blacks being mocked eternally?

I chuckled but thought the joke was overdone after the first line



I tell you hwhat, by my reckonin' I'm gonna need backup from the boys if this hog of a buck is goin' to get broken any time soon!

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I adapted it from a more concise pasta. It's the "negroes" line at the end that always gets me. Like some Freudian slip of a white leftist faggot that's 100x more racist and condescending than the people he accuses of being so towards blacks

It was the double chud wasnt it? Poor prose.

Post your big ole gut if you want to be deified for the rest of the year on Yea Forums

You are obese.

>Poor prose.
HOW I ask you can my prose being ANY different when I'm so angry and literally shaking right now? Seeing y'all talk smach about Black kings and queens like Sneedeisha is just so gross, okay!?

Those poor knees


6'3" 320 isn't super big but you need to cut some weight.

>6'3" 320 isn't super big
For a strong man maybe not an obese black man surviving off sugar

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My gut is way bigger than his
My legs too

Sorry. Here you go

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Jesus christ, just cut down on the food and you'll be fine. Take appetite suppressants if you have to.

Most people are retards when it comes to loosing weight. There are studies showing that even when people really try to make the effort, they often overeat or have a pitiful deficeit. You get visuals that help convey this like two pieces of bread with peanut butter that look nearly identical but one is like 100 extra calories, and then imagine that taking place over multiple meals over a day. Sometimes when winging it and even doing cardio doesn't work, a person should commit to calorie counting and weighing food. And even then people will make rookie errors like seeing weight loss as a daily thing rather than weekly, so they will be really good for Monday to Friday and then think this entitles them to some pig out on Saturday which ends up tanking their weekly deficeit to something pitiful like 100 calories (if there even is a average deficeit at all after such gorging).

i had a clif bar, banana, turkey sandwich, and a 3x3” piece of lasagna today and that’s all i’ll eat

If you don't have adequate protein or fat intake, cut may also fuck you. I'm doing a harsh mini-cut right now and it's going well but definitely need at least 0.8 grams of protein and 0.3-0.4 grams of fat per lbs daily in order to preserve muscle and keep my hormones in check

i wanna help you cut your diet and walk for 4 hours a day. you'll eventually become healthy enough to slightly jog. quit drinking and eating shit you'll live 20 years longer g.

Fat people lie about what they eat and underestimate what they consume

do you hang out with a group of kids and play junkyard instruments? Also, where the fuck is my bike?