What are some mid-wit core movies?

What are some mid-wit core movies?

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any capeshit

Any Nolan

anything by:
>denis villeneuve
>chris nolan
>david fincher

Any movie I don't like.
My favorite movies are enjoyed by the two extremes of course.

Knives Out, The Lighthouse, Parasite, The Prestige, Donnie Darko, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. not bad movies at all, but they appeal massively to midwits who think they're smart for watching something other than completely braindead warm diahroea

i remember when midwit started on Yea Forums as a term to describe people with 110-120 sort of IQ, like smart but “reddit smart” and not truly creative or intelligent enough to think about stuff beyond a certain conceptual level. it’s funny how it’s been watered down by seething midwits to mean average intelligence so they can feel superior over a meme made to mock them- if you are under 130 you are a midwit. it’s dumb, average, midwit, smart, genius

King of the Hill

The Martian
Django Unchained
Knives Out
Dune (2021)

any kubrick

>Several movies I like have already been mentioned

left: the mcu is a grand narrative experiment
middle: the mcu is corporate trash ruining kinema
right: the mcu is a grand narrative experiment

captcha: TX00P

star wars start trek and all that genre of "science"fiction that's just the lowest brow of fantasy with a different aestetic
the fans are always the steriotipical kind of nerd who isn t actually smart or knowledgeable but has to pretend he is because he can't have anythign else

Even more right, 180 IQ genius:
It's not high art but it's highly enjoyable, especially when they use their characters correctly.

fast and furious
no country for old men
andrei rublev

take the retard pill mate

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>andrei rublev
I haven't watch anything from Tarkovsky.
Is he really that good?

Dimwit post

fincher did alien 3
so theres that

blade runner 2049 and any other ryan gosling/faggot sigma reddit shit 100k follower twitter accounts post to try and feel like they're based /r/4channers

>Fight Club
>The Lighthouse
>Donnie Darko
>Nolan films
>anything Star Trek
>at least half of A24's output.
Off the top of my head. Keep in mind a movie being "midwit" tier doesn't necessarily make the film bad. I like a few of the films I listed, but they are undoubtedly lauded by midwits and find their home among that group. I don't consider them art but rather pure entertainment.


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it’s really good yeah

All stanley kubrick and ford coppola movies

He doesn't deeply resonate with me but many people like him and with good reason. I personally connected with Solaris but his other films aren't among my favorites.

now this is some shit taste

Anything by Aronofsky

i dont get it

How does Kubrick bring out so much autism from people?

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it:
Television & Film is a midwit medium, at best. Truly intelligent and gifted individuals don't watch that shit

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the left cant meme

This. TV is for retards who can't read books.

freddie got fingered

I watch books, movies, music and hardcore pornography on a daily basis. get fucked.

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Halfwit reply

me on the left

>200+ IQ - MCU is dishonest capeshit and is ruining the reputation of the actual comic kinos

Why are people on Yea Forums obsessed with IQ?

David Lynch, I guess. Mysterious, which makes midwits think it's deep.

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It's a lesser medium than literature and poetry but there are some truly beautiful films out there.

Why is Knives Out getting listed here? I thought it was solid, reminded me of "Clue"

I’m dumb btw

I don't know but I feel like now is a good time to confess that I have shit myself more times than I can count this past year, often resulting in me having to throw away nice clothes.

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This is absolutely true

Hey man my mom is obsessed with The Martian and she's no midwit

500 IQ: MCU is on par with the Greek epics: both are shit manufactured by people in power to propagandize their citizens

>david fincher
He directed house of cards so I give him a pass
>start trek
A ton of Cohen brothers movie, they have kino no doubt but they are highly highly overrated.

everything Yea Forums talks about

12 Angry Men

The Sopranos

That's still what it means, dumbass.


That's the least midwit film ever made.

>be me
>a degree in physics
>iq 145
>favourite movies are fight club and saving silverman

not a movie newfriend

>I watch books

My favorite tv show is Tom & Jerry.
Tell me my iq

Clifford the Big Red Dog

He said mid-wit, not special needs

The Martian is peak reddit


The Shawshank Redemption

>Knives Out
>not a bad movie
go to bed, Rian.

The Batman