Did tv shows and movies bully goths out of existence by constantly ridiculing them?

Did tv shows and movies bully goths out of existence by constantly ridiculing them?

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Depicting goths accurately is indiscernable from mocking them.

There are no urban tribes anymore. Only souless zoomers.

We think the same about you dumb normie fuckheads.

no i think they did a good job of doing that themselves


>urban tribes


Goth was a music scene. All the kids these days are doing tik toks and showing their pussies to old men for money on onlyfans.

Imagine being a former goth and thinking you are better than zoomers

>there are no urban tribes anymore. Only soulless zoomers.
Imagine basing your entire personality on a music genre and calling anyone else soulless.

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Goths were better than any other scene kids. At least they were encouraged to read a book every now and then.

They grew up.

Reading Lovecraft and Poe barely counts as reading.

Goth is having a resurgence, actually. youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_nN3tAlH9eqgJY74YjCU3zVXuK-ucJf6vo

>Reading these things I don't like barely counts as reading because... because I said so!

Seething broccoli heads

Post outfit

Goths didn't really disappear, they just dyed their hair some weird color and call themselves "non binary" or some shit like that.

The goths/emos/scene kids in the 2000s grew up to be hipsters or just became normalfags. The hipsters then started this LGBT/BLM shit.

>You're seething because I'm wrong
Uh, yeah. Totally, boomer.

All these dudes would be pretending they’re women today.
Zoomers are too weak and stupid. We unironically need a war to toughen them up and turn them into men.

They actually are. It’s not even close.
You just won’t let yourself see it, xir

Yeah, those dudes in the OP look ready for combat.

>reading comprehension

lmao this. Dumbfuck subhuman 'metalheads' are just the same, and many others. Such a pathetic lack of personality, always guaranteed to be losers going nowhere in life, often alcoholics, in depression, drug addicts.

>Zoomers need a war to toughen them up
>No wait! I didn't just mean zoomers
Sounds like a you problem here, bud.

But is the club scene having a resurgence? That's where it matters. The music centered subcultures were all about club night and all ages shows and hanging out at certain locations together.

You made the claim, kid, supposedly those faggots are a knowledge powerhouses by just reading edgy paragraphs.

He meant that goths were twink faggots as well, if it was accepted by then they would have had transitioned.

no we only bullied faggots, trannies, niggers and libpedos. and none of those groups stopped existing

the only subhumans are orcs, skaven, foreign invaders and libpedos

It went
Beat > Greaser > Punk > Goth > Emo > Scene > Hipster
Hipsters were barely different to normalfags, so now it's over.

I really regret not being part of any "scene" when I was younger.

>Dumbfuck subhuman 'metalheads' are just the same
great music, retarded people mostly. tragic how many of these types refuse to grow up.
>go to parties and complain that the metal being played is not esoteric enough
>complain they can't afford house then proceeds to spend entire paycheck on vinyl and tickets
>gossip about other groups in the local scene
>gf is always a turboroastie with 10 other ex's in the local scene
>and 5 other ex's in the scene in the next state over
>no useful hobbies
>wears a bullet belt to casual fridays in the office
>actually thinks normies are shocked and offended when you play metal around them
>even worse, thinks normies are scared of them because of their outfit
>lots of cutters including the men lmao
>right wing metalheads are all fed tier
>left wing metalheads are all antifa tier
>over representation of fags across the board

That's pathetic, that's like saying you want to be part of the school band.

It was a great way to fuck girls way hotter than you would normally have been able to. Sucked watching friends kill themselves with booze and drugs. I know some guys who never grew out of it. In their 40s and 50s and still going to all ages shows and house parties and boring everyone with stories about shows they went to 30 years ago and acting tough for the literal children just getting into the scene. Sad.

>reading comprehension v2

I remember noticing this back in 2009 when (in the UK at least) those beige chino’s became a massive trend. You’d go down town and everyone would look like the mannequin in the window of TopMan.

No. They're still as serious as they always were. Still going strong in pop culture.


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I think you mean RAD!

>It barely counts as reading because... because I said it was edgy!

Sadly this is very true

>Sadly this is very true
i dunno man i remember being utterly repulsed hearing other adults gossiping and talking shit on other music scenes at gigs. hearing a bunch of wannabe macho metalheads seething that some goths or scene/emo types showed up to their secret underground gig was pretty gay.

wasted trips.
>wrong order
>leaves out a bunch of other important youth movements
ask me how I know you're young and uneducated on this

Gary did nothing wrong, his friends turned into fucking shitters

They're both bottom of the barrel. Go read real authors. Its like calling ayn rand a philosopher

Yeah, you're right. I thought that shit was lame too, until it all just evaporated into a sea of shallow sameness. Now I kind of miss it. If I had to choose between the two, I'd take distinct subcultures even with a bit of shit talking and attitude. But in an ideal world, everyone would respect each other's thing and just think it's fucking cool that people found a subculture to be a part of.

>I saw the Crow once, I'm now le black paint man

uhhh, have you seen the patman?

We're still here.
We just aren't featured in the media at all because it's not hip, but we haven't disappeared at all.

>Le black star mane
Get it right

>imagine being part of a subculture and thinking you're better than cookie cutter broccoli head generation who all look and act exactly the same


At least they have friends and fun

why would you miss it? if you're still hanging around with friends from these old scenes you'll know they still do it or in my case they ignore the other scenes and just have catty disagreements within their own scene. glad i rarely have to see these people.

>Two of the foremost authors in American horror, one of whom is basically responsible for the modern horror tradition and the other responsible for all of cosmic horror are bottom of the barrel because I said so
No you faggot fuck how about you actually give reasons for your opinion rather than just dancing agound it using "just cause".

Which one is Johnny Depp?

id take that over what we have now (nothing) any day. now get back in your pod

>No, we were all individual snowflakes, man.

He can't because he's a gay ass hipster that assumes entry level and popularity bad even though he's never read a page of either.

just because you have zero hobbies doesnt mean nobody else does. its more than just music you dumb piece of shit. a good scene combines literature, politics, fashion, social connection and more, all stemming from the music usually. its a place you go to find other like-minded people in a world of braindead zogbots like yourself.

I do have hobbies. Hanging out and getting shit faced isn't a hobby you fucking retard lmao.