Boo-hoo bitch... Shouldn't have fucked your best friends ex

Boo-hoo bitch... Shouldn't have fucked your best friends ex.

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Zoomer soap opera

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That's someone's daughter, and someone's sister.

I genuinely don't understand this, can someone pls explain
why is it bad to have sex with your friend's ex? Your friend and the ex aren't together anymore so technically they're 'on the market' no?

and someones (me) cum bank depository

You don't understand because you don't have friends and have never dated anyone.

If that person still has feeling for the ex, not cool.

God I fucking love big breasts, bros.

because caring about getting your wick dipped over being considerate about your friend's possible feelings marks you out as someone who doesn't give a fuck about other people, when push comes to shove.

It’s frowned upon because people often break up on bad terms, and the friend might view it as a kind of betrayal

Why is she so sad?

yes, that is why I am asking

Oh so it's more about being respectful of the friend's feelings, that makes sense

1st world roast problems

Like what?

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I still don't understand why they turned her insecure and loving girlfriend personality from the first season into crazy psychotic bitch in season 2
also she never showed any interest in Nate in the first place, that was so out of place.

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Her younger brother's in the army irl, I can only imagine the shit he gets from the other guys, kek.

Any more pictures of her scrumptious tits?

Why the fuck do you even know this? Stop watching trash you tranny zoomer.

Because most people aren't robots who completely get over someone with no residual feelings whatsoever after a breakup. If you sleep with a friend's ex you're not just having sex with a person who is "on the market", you're having sex with a person who once shared an intimate connection with your friend, and unless you discuss it with them beforehand, you could potentially be opening a pandora's box of mixed emotions, rekindling all sorts of feelings that they themselves didn't even know they still had, etc. It's bad business. Plus, what sort of friend are you to want to rub your friend's romantic failure in their face by committing an act that basically says "haha look at me, I'm making this relationship work while you couldn't". Get a clue, man.

Allegedly the script changes were due to numerous shit between cast members
>The black guy that was Sydney's love interest was anti-vax and got severely cut from the show because of it
>Jacob was allegedly banging Zendaya then cheated on her with Cindy Crawford's daughter, and Hunter took Zendaya's side and was uncomfortable around Jacob
>That meant that Sydney and Jacob's characters happened to accidentally both be single by S2, therefore they hooked up.
Normally i'd be wary of this sort of gossipy shit too, but I genuinely can't believe that they did a complete 180 on so many characters and plotlines without real-world shit somehow influencing it.


Thank you user, made me chuckle

This show is for niggerfied zoomers

Hahaha, holy shit. I hope he’s some junior enlisted in an infantry mos. That’s fucking hilarious.

If it's a male friend group and you date your friend's ex, I've always called it "dumpster diving". If you're banging out your friend's ex that's not very cool because you should be able to find your own women, not recycle your friends'. Just seems like bottom feeder behavior instead of the kind of people I want to be associated with or hang out with.

I've never seen a guy do this that was normal. Just banging the town/group/village/city/planet bicycle who everyone ends up having sex with, who cares. But someone's actual ex they dated? nah

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it's an unwritten rule. it's worse if you are a guy, girls can imagine justifications for the behavior like Cassie did.
you'll understand if you project it (imagine your friend doing it to you with the person you like(d), and how that would make you feel)

They seem like an unusual family, apparently her father was unaware of her nudity in Euphoria and awkwardly turned it off when he saw her tits....but at the same time both of her grandmothers literally got cast as extras in that erotic thriller she did for Amazon last year so they seem pretty cool with it.
Oh and this.
>However, her grandparents apparently didn’t flinch — at all — upon seeing their granddaughter nude on the big screen.
>“They said I have the best tits in Hollywood,” she recalled.

>I genuinely don't understand this, can someone pls explain
why is it bad to have sex with your friend's ex? Your friend and the ex aren't together anymore so technically they're 'on the market' no?
life is a competitive process and friends(ideally) are in a coalition and don’t actively poach another members mates.

is there an actual sex scene or is it just implied?

This sounds more interesting than the plot of Euphoria

>Is there sex in Euphoria?
Did you think people watched it for the plot?

Porn exists

I want to see Sydney getting fucked without paying for streaming services

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the sex scenes are most likely on porn sites anyway

pirate it fggt


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This girl is pure sex.
Her nipple popped out uncensored on Fallon this week too, kek.

>there are people on Yea Forums who don't know how to torrent shows
that's rough

does she show her tits?

I need to know this if I'm going to bother with this trash

Her crying face makes me hard

>teenage soap operas

You don't fuck your friends ex because the ex will tell you things about your friend that your friend wouldn't want you to know about them. It's an invasion of trust by proxy.

Can't suck another cock

i had a friend that used to do that in high school. became notorious for reaching out to peoples' exes practically the day of the break up like a car crash chasing lawyer. he got ostracized and spend the end of his high school experience with zero friends or people that wanted to communicate with him in general. he went on to become a corrections officer that routinely gets cited for beating kids in a juvi detention center.

tl;dr - only categorically shit people poach exes and if you know anybody that has at any point, they're 100% an opportunist lying in wait to betray you on any number of matters the moment they smell blood in the water.

once or twice yeah

full frontal or sideboob trash?

Full frontal

having sex with anyone other than your spouse is wrong.

why watch the show? just google " nude scene" or search it directly on sites that take forever to take down copyright stuff like xvideos.

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Oh, this is a euphoria thread.
Which case, imagine anyone here pretending to have any moral authority lol.


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You should still have some concept of loyalty. It happens mostly because they already know you, but only because they dated your friend. You’re using an advantage you got from your friend to fuck their ex, it’s disloyal and a dirt bag move. There’s plenty of people to fuck in the world, if you can’t even manage to steer clear of a few you’re incredibly selfish or incredibly stupid.

not worth explaining to anyone old enough to post on this site. by 18 you either have loyalty or you don't.

Somehow this thread is completely full of my friends from high school who are absolutely boiling about me fucking their exes but first of all it's a two way street, you act like she had no agency whatsoever and it was all my call which is probably why she left your ass, and moreover she was probably only using me to get back at you, once again something she is allowed to do and if it weren't me it would have been someone else.
So I got to cum inside a girl who was fucking like she was going for an Oscar and she got to get one over on you. You probably don't even know about it. I don't get the hate.

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>seething over having no friends years later

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The way they’re using “loyalty”, it’s like dog brain shit it seems.
People have weird hangups about what flieven go in which hoovinhanga.

there's a reason you fall out with people all the time. I know you.

>fall out
What is this, a high school thread?
Grow up and get a job.

>does she show her tits
Have you been under a rock for 3 years?
She's the Eva Green of cable tv, it's rarer that she'll not show her tits.

I don’t watch the show but I don’t think a girl would really cry over it