New Lord of The Rings character Theo

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Her son
Dunno the what the sword is, maybe a relic of Gondolin

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Don't care. Not watching it.

Dios mio

What race is this?

no homo but Elendil actor (middle) is pure dilf material, Pharazon actor on the right

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>a Filipino with a shitty walmart coat
The most expensive series of all time


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Once you see the Numenor/Khazad-dum sets and the massive Orc vs Numenorean battle at the end of the season you will Apologise

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>Tyroe Muhafidin

tyrone mujahideen?

>you should like this lord of the rings show because it has cool battles
Lmaoing at your life

Reminder: white Aussies aren't real Aussiea

ngl i thought it was campion from raised by wolves and felt bad puberty is doing him no favours

You are still going to be apologising though

If wheel of time is anything to go by, you are.


Why are we giving attention to this rancid dung pile? Just ignore it. This isn't lotr. Forget it exists.

>This isn't lotr
Yes it is, literally.
Tolkiens family and legal guardians of the LOTR books are also directly involved in the production, they personally approved the showrunners.too.
This is completely different to the Jackson fanfic which the Tolkien Estate utterly hated due to what he did to the books and as a result they wanted nothing to do with those movies.

It's not Wheel of Time so just get ready to apologise

The shilling continues.

this reads like that weirdo jrrt society

Only if it has a strong independent woman trying to organize and win the battle while 2 elves and a dwarf compete to win her love.

There must be cutscenes all throughout the entire battle of shenanigans they get up to in trying to "one-up" the others.

Also, there had better be Trans hobbit or I'm not interested.

Also, there needs to be a small tribe of Black Elves who are traditionally viewed as tribal and primitave savages, but actually are a very strong and independent people who wield a secret magical power making them just so much more awesome than the white elves and it's only their nobility that keeps them from being the dominant elven force.

So to recap, love triangle, Tranny, and Black Elf.

Make it happen Hollywood!


~25 Tolkien experts and superfans got to see 20mins of footage and question the showrunners
They were all very impressed

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>mystery meat character
>black elf
>black dwarf
>single mom

I'm glad that LOTR has been finally updated for Americans.

>Elendil actor (middle) is pure dilf
Alright. This may be worth it.

Can't wait to see galadriel kicking teeth in all season after telling feanor he's a shitlord for burning teleri ships

It suits her.

>Tolkiens family and legal guardians of the LOTR books are also directly involved in the production
They literally had to wait for Christopher to die lmao. And no one except him even mattered.
I will not watch it, and i will never consider it as anything except antifan fiction. Bezos can go fuck himself.

It's the exact opposite of her character in everything tolkein ever wrote. I thought they were going for book accurate characters ?

>They were all very impressed
With their paychecks

And i will trash it and meme it to hell and back so hard you will wake up every morning wishing you never heard the names tolkien & bezoff

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This is the single mother banging the black elf lol


>the love interest of the male protagonist is a brave single mother and her poo of a son
Brave, stunning, daring and I may even say, based.

Wouldn't surprise me if jeffyboy had him whacked

>Gets cameos in the films
>Utterly hated it
Christopher is dead, luckily enough for your soulless PC garbage

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Is that the casting directors nephew or boy toy?

Ill never see it. No loss.

Updated for satan

I actually thought this was a picture of the actor in general, not in the fucking set, until I expanded the picture and saw the ceramic knockoff he was holding
How could they have gotten it worse than low-budget LARP?

“Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt”

>Amazon creates a new LOTR show
>right-wing chuds are trying to destroy it
It's like poetry

what the fuck

too fucking accurate every goddamn movie the last 10 years i swear

Bloody hell... not a single beautiful person on this show.

There is no actual source for rings of power. It`s based on nothing and only uses Tolkien`s work as a framework for original writing. That effectively makes 90% of whatever happens on this show non cannon filler shit. The approval of the rights holders means nothing if whatever this is is not a direct adaptation of Tolkien`s works. It`s not like they are the authors or have any actual talent, they endorse it because they`ll get a piece of the action.

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If you say so,Mr Bezos

>Look at the cool Cosplay I made for some Tolkien fan gathering
>Ayo, let me post this on my Instagram

The Tolkien Society already confirmed the show is more accurate to the source material than the movies were, chuds...

Who gives a shit
No one cares about pointy eared midgets
Stop shilling this shit

So a Marie Sue, a Faggot, and an Elf Nigger walk into a bar...

Complete the joke! Who goes first?

what source is it based on lol
ever heard of a bribe

Dios mio!

>Battle with Orcs
>In Numenor
Lol what? This never happened

he looks like he smokes, has 3 kids back in mexico, and wants to sell me some drugs or cut my lawn - or both desu

user did you not read the op? They have so many lore experts to make sure they get everything right, it's insane the amount of care and detail going into it.

>“Shills are roaming freely across our lands. Unchecked, unchallenged, shilling at will. Shills bearing the orange mark of Bezos!”

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What source material

>"My Lord, it says right here that there were black Elves and black Dwarves in the Second Age. We can trust the word of Bezos."

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>Once you see
So never


Sounds like when they frontload a video game so the mong journalists that only play for an hour think it looks terrific


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>”You are banished forthwith from the Prime of Amazon, and all its subdomains, under pain of death."

Pretty sure he was working on my roof last week.