It's over

It's over

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cool, won't be watching

Brave. And. Empowering

Would you have watched it anyway? It's a kids movie.

I wonder if the roles were reversed if he would say the same thing

>capitalizes black
>doesn't capitalize white
Every fucking time.

Didn't he get upset that she wasn't blonde in the older movies? Anyone have a quote on that?

That's racism tho

shit that would rule

it is not a big deal, but it is gay and retarded

nigger enablers like him should be hanged from a tree.
if the roles were reversed the BLM gorillas would have set a couple cities on fire by this time.

pretty much

Do you two ever let the irony hit you that you two type like a bunch of backwoods retards who have no social understanding about how anything works?

I might actually care about annabeth being black if I was still a 13 year old who gave a shit about percy jackson

I hate ugly niggers

>he says, on the MCU and Breaking Bad board

But you being an ugly incel is okay?

>backwoods retards
the proletariat are our allies, comrade

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Many such cases

I hate Jews.

It's ok. They hate you even more. That's why they took your foreskin.

Well, it makes sense though. If you were truly not racist wouldn't you accept the new characters skin color? Why does skin color matter? It's the actual character, not the exterior look. Please someone prove me wrong I'm trying to understand your logic here.

>Friends, that is racism.
i'm not your friend, faggot

your correct but it takes away from the charicter if you change it for no reason,you act like charicters are lego they are created in the minds of people if it was created "white" then it should be portrayed by a "white" because it lends more to the creation however the artist isnt the final say if some hack paints the mona-lisa you cant ignore the audience well sometimes you can,but if the mona lisa was purple and still as famous we shouldnt be talking about the skin colour at all and mention often how the hack painter stumbled onto a masterpice

>They hate you even more.
That's the problem. We need to hate them more.

cool it with the projection user

if it doesn't matter then why have racial quotas and affirmative action?

It's not happening in a vacuum. White roles are being played by non-whites constantly. If a white person plays a non-white role it's a huge controversy. Whites are not allowed to have a culture while non-whites are entitled to appropriate white culture.

> It's the actual character
That’s the issue being complained about.

Jesus fucking christ. There are not going to be any roles left for white people by the time all of Gen Z is graduated from high school.

>>capitalizes black
it's a good and fast indicator to instantly dismiss the opinion of someone who does that

>You are judging her appropriateness for this role solely and exclusively on how she looks
So, like the casting agents?

i understand people are complaining but its weird people who love a book written by a woke author are extremely racist

people who love a myth buy the authors book
the authors is a soi boi
many such cases

good point

That's not racism.

>Racist backlash
Wanting a white person to play a white character isn't racism

>but we’re not racist btw we only care about the integrity of the source material

>you are doing a heckin' racism

is he a stupid retard? even if the film flops (and it will), he will get dosh only by royalties.

Writes are really some pompous niggers, huh?

You're an absolute retard and I feel bad for you. If a black book character was turned white in an adaptation I promise you you would't be typing this.

Serves whities right for being assholes for most of their existence. Too bad they can only cast ugly niggers

There was a wokesplosion which means authors (and any creative) can't be trusted since about 8 years ago.

Imagine a hypothetical world in which authors were to have written their books with their new woke worldview in mind. Those books would NOT become popular. This is the most important point to keep in mind.

white bougie hands typed this post
>my daddy exploited the afghanistan war to make our family rich but I RECYCLE so I am a moral saint

Do people actively go out of their way to watch affirmative action movies? Who watches this on purpose?

>Why does skin color matter?
Objectively? It doesn't. It's a matter of trying to adapt rather than arrogantly pick and choose. If you don't respect the source enough to try to follow the descriptions then what's the point? If a role is written vaguely then ok, no problem. But if you are creating things (the author or writer) that are truly without any characteristics then are you really creating anything? Or are you just describing the movement of blank nothings?

>They cast a black to play a white character
>You are the racist, though

>Imagine a hypothetical world in which authors were to have written their books with their new woke worldview in mind. Those books would NOT become popular.
This is so true and it's for the exact same reason that "Christian" films are always trash. When something is written with preaching as the primary motivation then the results always come off as hollow and annoying. You're not really creating, you're just trying to shove a very self-righteous message front and center instead of a story and characters. We're in a transitionary moment where there is popular pre-woke source material that exists but is being adapted / rebooted / sequelled etc by woke people with tragic results.

I used to but now I too hate ugly niggers

That’s a symptom of the industry not having confidence in new original work and at the same time having more non whites on media. They only bet in existing IP

A writer couldn’t say the change of race bothered him even if he wanted to and expect to keep writing for money. They aren’t free to speak up. But even so, no one cares about that stupid book or movie. Do what you want, Hollywood. There are thousands of hours of old tv shows and movies I haven’t watched from the last century and thousands of books I haven’t read, all of which are vastly superior to this upcoming production and this author’s published material.

Literally all they had to do for Annabeth was cast McKenna Grace

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God, the staggering hypocrisy.

capitalizing any noun that isn't a proper noun is retarded.

Serves the series right I tried to read that shit long time ago could not get past third one. Literally feels like it's written by 14 yo. Does this retard actually think he's smart by constantly doing
>dude what if like myth but like morden equivalent of that
I legitimately struggle to name a worse world building than this garabge.

percy jackson was for retarded kids who everyone hated because they were annoying. every single fag I knew in school who liked that book was the same kind of glue eater who would be named hunter and have a fat mom with fake blonde hair.

she's too short lol. Annabeth is taller than percy in the books

absolutely filtered

I honestly believe that when all the white boomers have died off, that's when we can really begin to push back against "diversity and inclusion". Boomers are the ones who started this shit, they're the biggest purveyors of white guilt and they'll never understand what it's like to grow up in a generation where white's aren't the overwhelming status quo in our own countries. The last few years have truly made me despise old people.

The problem is that you think that the mere appearance of a non white is preachy when it doesn’t have to be. Ironically you and other like in this thread are clearly coming from a racist sentiment and it needs to be called out.