Probably the best shit I've watched since the Terror...

Probably the best shit I've watched since the Terror. How the fuck did Apple and Ben Stiller managed to produce such kino?

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Not watching this trash

Perfectly capturing the absurd kafkaesque wagie existence with humor and heart and a cool Phillip K Dick style mystery twist.

Good show OP

Ben Stiller makes kino more often than not

Sounds like shit.

Oh yeah? You want to fucking fight me? I have what it takes to make your life hell kid so watch your fucking mouth.

Every once in a while someone has a fairly original idea. That's what happened here. Apple and Ben just happened to find it and film it. We ignore things with similar production values and aesthetics all the time because they are applied to formula shit. This is more about a writer with a great idea. Apple and Ben just ran with it.

It was great. The data cleansing thing they were doing brought to mind time out of joint (the pkd book).

I'd quite like a hug

Shit was so good
I am only scared that it will turn into shit with next seasons

Mrs Casey is hot.

Honestly one of the top 3 TV shows I've ever seen.

Easily the best TV finale I've ever seen. #1 without a doubt.

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watch more things

Apple generally only has good stuff, they're aiming for the HBO audience it seems.

Name three (3) shows better than Severance. I'll wait.

Apple didn't really do shit. They just funded the show.

I've seen plenty including all the GOATs. Severance is objectively one of the best, if not THE best single TV show season ever created.

They have this show. That's really it.

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They have this, and maybe, MAYBE, one other show that is decent. gtfo of here.

It's funny how I started playing the Stanley Parable rerelease a few days before watching Severance.
Great fucking show, it's been bouncing around in my brain ever since. The Kiers Eagon religion/cult is probably my favorite part of the show. It's like indian elon musk fanboys on twitter but taken to its final extreme

Ted lasso season one was kino (yes it was shut up)

>creator said everything is written out and only needs either 3 or 6 seasons to complete
nice. Hopefully it's just 3 seasons.

So what DOES MDR do?

Imo I've always thought for a well written and well acted story, 5 seasons is an absolutely perfect arc/length

>Ted Lasso S1 was the least pizzas show on tv. Not even a trump joke or anything about identity politics.
>Ted Lasso S2 introduced strong independent black woman, blacked the milf woman, and was suddenly cracking jokes about current year and planned parenthood.
>For All Mankind started good in S1
>For All Mankind S2 was just a woman power fantasy show.
Reminder that this is how Apple ropes you in. You’re next Severance fags.

they delete posts on an anonymous internet message board

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>he doesn't know

No wonder they take their job so seriously

I liked the show a lot but come on, the story moved at a snail's pace, is full of mystery box shit and the ending was a series of cliffhangers. As it stands right now its very good, but not one of the best.

The Leftovers
Twin Peaks
The Sopranos
The Wire
Horace & Pete
The Prisoner
Babylon 5
Carnivale (though this also ended with big cliffhangers)
True Detective Season 1
Band of Brothers
Lodge 49 (ended with one or two plot cliffhangers but every character arc was wrapped up nicely)
I, Claudius

In short, watch more shows you zoomer piece of shit

Bullies are just that. Bull and lies.

Its only mystery box shit of the writers don’t actually know where the things they are setting up are going. Too early to say that.

>The Leftovers
lol. im watching it currently, its a fun watch and interesting but not even close to how good severance is

>The show moved at a snails pace
It's called a proper buildup you ADHD fuck
>The ending was a series of cliffhangers
Yeah ok you definitely didn't even watch it lmao. The finale literally was the antithesis of a cliffhanger. Literally the last scene could have been the biggest cliff hanger of all time yet they allowed Adam Scott's character to say what we all wanted him to say before he got switched back

You're just being a contrarian faggot because you're upset a new show is possibly better than your old favorite classics. It's an objectively amazing show, point blank. It's S tier television. Stay assblasted.

It was shit-tier braindead writing.

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It's actually a lot better than Severance in a myriad of ways. I'm not surprsied the various biblical parallels and allusions go over your head though, seeing as how you are a retarded and bitch. It utilizes a lot of more obscure stories and takes a much more spiritual approach to its religious appraoch.

Severange was a lot of style over substance, and while I enjoyed it the fact you have already decided its better than Leftovers really reveals a lot about you. I wouldn't want to be your friend irl and I'm sure most people you meet don't want to be either.

it’s ironic because the leftovers is great but the first season is often considered the weakest and the entire shows premise is a mystery box. so the first example of a good show he lists has the same flaws he complains about severance having.

that's not what mystery box shit means at all you fucking imbecile

You're a huge retard. Like the biggest. You can have a proper build up, most of the shows I listed do, without taking 3 episodes worth of character development and plot progression and stretching them over 6-8 hours. Also having Mark (at least you could say the actual character's name you fucking retard) just shout a random word is not a conclusion, its a cliffhanger sing it doesnt actually resolve his arc, as is every other character's end point.

Really? Walter Mitty made it seem like Stiller had no concept of what being a wagie is like.

watch too late with john hawkes

The Leftovers season one is very strong and for a lot of people its their favorite, to say it is the weakest is a midwit take. Also it isn't a mystery box show since the show is never about actually figuring out what happened, it makes it very very clear that no one will ever know what truly happened and its about character dealing with the fallout of said event. Yes other mystical and religious stuff happens, but the plot is never ABOUT the mystery like it is for Severance, its about the characters and their relationships to themselves and each other.

Also Leftovers basically tells you everything you need to know to understand every crazy or mystical event that happens outside of the initial disapperence.

>I’m not surprised the various biblical parallels and allusions go over your head.
lmao this nigga unironically said “to be fair you have to have a high iq to understand the leftovers.”
I bet you enjoy the films of zack snyder.

It felt like the start was fantastic, but it dragged out through season 1 way too much.
I feel like it'll end up being one of those shows that over stays its welcome, and just turns to shit after the 2nd/3rd season.

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the simpsons

knowing foundational western stories is not the same as having a high IQ at all you retard lmao, its the same way a person can better appreciate The Prisoner if they are familiar with
Patrick McGoohan's other spy show Danger Man, or how one can better appreciate The Wire if you already know things about Baltimore, etc. But you can appreciate and understand the show without any of that context too, unless you're a retard like you obviously are.

Planned parenthood jokes are off limits now?

>admits he doesnt know bible stories
>thinks knowing bible stories is some high IQ power play

man, zoomers are so fucking doomed

>lmao this nigga unironically said “to be fair you have to have a high iq to understand the leftovers.”
>I bet you enjoy the films of zack snyder.

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You bloody benchod!

The Leftovers has more character progression in a single episodes than Severance had over its entire season, cope and seethe

Reddit moment

He said he didn't get it because he's a retard. It's not hard to read a sentence, lads.

>being pro bible stories

jesus christ, Yea Forums posters are getting more retarded every day, like you actually have to be severely brain damaged to think anything that is even remotely pro religion / bible is in anyway "reddit", even by the most retardedly liberal Yea Forums use of the term.

just kill yourself, honestly your family would be a lot happier without you breathing

>How the fuck did Apple and Ben Stiller managed to produce such kino?
I have a theory that it's the same reason that in its first year of producing original content, netflix made Beasts of No Nation and Orange is the New Black which are far superior to anything they've shat out recently.
And as well as Severance, Apple made Swan Song which is a masterpiece and Coda which won best picture at the oscars.
So my theory is that, since they're not "in" with the hollywood insiders properly to the point of everything being run on pure nepotism, they invest money into actually reading original/daring scripts by new talent (or at least people who aren't actively being given millions to do fuck all) and producing that which results in kino that far exceeds hollywood's typical drivel.

There are Christian subreddits. You fags need to get over yourselves.

Your theory is immediately ruined by the fact that Severance was picked up by Ben Stiller's production company first and he brought it to Apple. Also the fact that all their big stuff, outside of CODA, stars established Hollywood talent.

>Heres your special reward bro

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Well it is shit, so at least you’re right there.

>admitting your browse reddit
Reddit moment

go back

>original/daring scripts by new talent
Coda was a remake of an award-winning French movie.

I don't, I used Google you fucking retard. Cope.

>I-I don't use reddit! I just google it! I swear!

lmao okay, sure buddy ;)

>still struggling to cope with his binary worldview not being real
There's subreddits for fucking everything, it's public knowledge.

so now you've switched from "I googled it" to "i-it's public knowledge!!" lmaaaaaao


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zoom zoom

somehow apple and ben stiller made kino
the particularities of their workplace arrangements and oddities like the tribalism, nonsensically arranged space etc remind me of discworld

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Nice quads.

Stanley Parable is great but if you literally want to play Severance: The Video Game, check out Control. It's a cool Remedy game with neat powers and cool physics, but it's also eerily similar to the themes and story of the show.
>red-haired protagonist
>a "board" that you only ever hear muffled over intercom
>labyrinthine office complex
>various divisions/departments whose purpose is unclear

>the Terror.
I liked severance, should i check out the show OP is referencing ??

Only the first season, its nothing like Severance though but its still good. The CGI, though used sparingly, is kinda shit and ruins an otherwise very kino show.