Recommend me last day on earth kino to watch

Recommend me last day on earth kino to watch

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Citizen Kane


Leaving Las Vegas

>made up money bubble popped
the big short
enron: smartest guys in the room
the inventor: out for blood in silicon valley


>oh shit stock is tanking, what shall we do?
>lets introduce ads, raise prices and remove password sharing - you know, all the things that made us popular in the first place

Bobo won

That's bitcoin, nigga.

>participate in the sin of usury
>get his money stolen by a scam

a sucker is born every minute

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Guaranteed 60k by June desu

your bad dog
remember, actual rich people look for steady, average returns, not get rich quick schemes


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Don't you poorfags ever get tired of making these threads every red day?

>down 50% in one year

>he wasted the last several years trading coins instead of getting a decent WFH job when the talent market was heavily in his favor
pic related, it's you next Monday

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it's over
even the biden market is tanking

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>Be Cryptofag
>Willingly invest in volatile shit
>It goes up
>You lose your shit and get happy
>It goes down
>You lose your shit and seethe
Calm down

Say it.

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What's this for? Metaverse? Disney? Netflix?


People actually thought crypto was a hedge against inflation lmao

Isn't it going to go back up, just like every single other time bitcoin has gone down?



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I hope it REALLY goes down this time

Last Samurai.

Pure kino.

You have nothing to lose just watch some guro shit

No, shut up.

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Stocks and all that stuff is just gambling anyway.

Most experts agree that BTC will be worth $0.00 in two weeks.

>will it go back up even though it's crashing harder than it ever has in history and we're in a completely different market?

buy, it'll be over 100k in a couple of months

4k is nothing
especially since 90% are delusional desperate poorfags holding a tenth of a BTC between them

>they thought this was genuinely going to be a currency one day

>it's crashing harder than it ever has in history

I did both though. The coins were my only hope of saving me from wage slavery.

I remember a Big Short thread about this a few months ago, some anons were saying the economy will collapse this year.

This is it right?

this is still kino

i exhaled

No, this is just shitcoiners getting bilked by whales (again). It has nothing to do with real economics.

ATH to today is a larger dump than previously

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not a collapse but 2008 2: electric bidengaloo

Millennials and Zoomers thought they were gonna make it with monkie pictures

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monke is the way out

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>tfw you aren't even being ironic
That's the funniest shit. I feel bad for people who were actually scammed and were lied to like old people being tricked into thinking the FBI wants amazon giftcards to prove they aren't laundering money to ISIS.
But these people knew what they were buying and would even be smug about it.

This is actually the perfect time to buy. BTC WILL get to 100k by EOY.

Do you want to remain poor forever? Buy BTC NOW or you WILL regret it.

BTC went up 2% in the last hour.
Now is the time to buy.

Oh shit Bitcoin is on sale?

Did people really buy imaginary money? How retarded can someone be?

Some people paid hundreds of thousands for monkey drawings

I have lost 300k and I feel nothing

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Letter from a dead man

>netflix is 28k a share

imagine being this brainwashed

the hardest part for ppl like this is the knowledge, buried in the deepest recesses of their minds, is the fact that we are going to look back on crypto and NFTs the same we look back on Pogs and the beanie baby craze in the 90s

Yep just give it 2 more weels

>just buy the di-ACK

show me your slammers

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