Stargate SG-1 will always be the best Sci-Fi show ever created, this is indisputable, incontestable, and undeniable...

Stargate SG-1 will always be the best Sci-Fi show ever created, this is indisputable, incontestable, and undeniable. There is nothing you could ever say or do to change this fact.

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*Showtime show

Well done.

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When you nut but she keep suckin

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I worship His Shadow

I love you

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I miss being on here, but holy hell the captcha is giga aids

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>it's a "Teal'c does nothing and just stands around in the background" episode.

The yo way yo
The yo way yo hum va ray
The yo way rah, jarum brunnen gee!

based anal evisceration by carrot shaped robot enthusiasts

It's a Chris Judge writes the episode and Teal'c gets with a woman

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>Cape Anubis
Cringe edgelord
>50's diner enjoyer Anubis
Based and ascensionpilled

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With so much drama in the S-G-C
It's kinda hard bein Teal-apostrophe-C
but I, somehow, some way
Keep havin to kill Apophis like every single day
May i, kick a little something for the Jaffas (yeah)
And, hit up O'neill as (yeah!) we breeze, through
Two through the gate and the partys still jumpin
Cause Hammond aint home
I got Tok'ra in the gate room gettin it on
And, they aint leavin til Bra'tac says so (Bra'tac says so)
So what you wanna do, sheeeit
I got a big staff weapon and my Jaffas do too

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Jaffer, KREE!

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Holy shit these are so good, do you have any more, or source?

is that Lt.Tyler snooping around?

Henlo are the Ori

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*steals your idea*

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They're from here. I made them because I wanted more Stargate memes. I'm happy that a bunch of anons saved them.

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O'Neill knew


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I've saved them all

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fire mommy can have all my cummies

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I swore as soon as they added pig physics to Stargate, I'd stop watchin'

who is this semen demon?

second best. Deep space nine is better.

based gooldposter

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Amazing, love it.

It is my religious duty to stick my face in her cozy chest pillows.

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Morena Baccarin. she plays Vala's daughter with the Ori, Adria.

thank you for your service

dabbing on ascended jannies so hard. i bet Oma has to clean it up if he dumps chowder on a booth seat. and she does it for free.

>Vaccine doubles lifespan
>Mandatory daily penis inspection

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I just couldn't get over how fat that man was. Good actor but good Lord he cannot still be alive

>Infertility doesn't have to be all that bad user...

I'm afraid to rewatch the show and ruin my good memories because I looked at the episode guide and S01E03 already has some feminist bullshit.

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Did Amazon really bough the rights to reeboot the franchise?

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they bought MGM entirely

Amazon has bought MGM. Brad Wright was approached to create a new spin-off. He's written the pilot, now it's up to the new owners.

See you on the other side, fren.

I bet they'll fit a transgender somewhere in the team and make everything about sex

well they're required to, under the amazon guidelines

Jonasbros... we made it

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I rewatched it a year ago. it's still fine. yes after being bombarded with hamfisted intersectional propaganda your senses are more a tune to bullshit. however SG1 occasionally tosses them a bone and it's done a bit more organically. if you're senses weren't so attuned to the hamfisted propaganda you wouldn't care. It's still kino

Do you think they'll continu SGU?

yup Amazon will most likely kill yet another IP with hack writers, heavy does of forced inclusivity/representation, flat boring characters bound by diversity. boring feminist/diversity tropes.

everytime I hear of a beloved franchise being rebooted I cringe.

I wish, but it's too late. They could still reference the crew in a dialogue but I doubt they could bring the cast back.

lmao look at the top of his head

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dont forget that his goold gf had the exact same haircut

His name is George Dzundza and surprisingly he's still alive

they said in the special features they made them up like that to trick viewers into fapping to Jonas on accident. they got me

>Blink 182 guitarist TomDeLonge recently started his own band, Angels and Airwaves


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Thank you gooldposter, my day is a little better now.