60 years old man

>60 years old man

how can women actors even compete?

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He's beautiful, what movie is this?

Women should not even be allowed to live

He is on TRT, it's cheating.

The Lost City

actually, funny thing is, Sandra Bullock is also in this movie and shes also like 60 and actually looking really good for that age, one of the few who manage to fight the inevitable wall

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Brad Pitt was in another film called "The Lost City" besides "The Lost City of Z"?

>clearly made of plastic

Brad Pitt's acting is on the level of females, he's trash

he was good in that shitty movie where he gets shot in the face in the closet

he was playing some dumbass male bimbo with delusions of genius, so himself

Yeah, just got released
she is indeed bogged, but definitely one of the better cases
she looks way better than women who took the bogpill at fucking 20 and shes almost 60

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you are retarded, Brad is a great actor

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Her and Halle Barry still somehow manage to look insanely good for their age.
Barry looks 30.

Tom cruise
Jonny Depp
Brad Pitt
Who's had the better career out of these stars?

Sandy B is on record talking about how she gets baby foreskin facials to stay young.

He's never been a very good actor, he just gets a pass because he's so good looking. He's a mimbo.


id do that too if it actually worked

he was for the first part of his career, but at this point he had plenty of great roles to be considered such

just like leo or pattinson nowadays

cruise is the greatest film star ever

retarded zoomer opinion

in box office term, prolly cruise
in terms of kino, brad pitt. he has se7en and snatch under his belt, the decent kino of cruise i can recall is EWS

just torrented this movie, will watch it tomorrow


Cruise is definitely a close second.

the faggot is obviously wearing extensions and has make up applied to his face like a fucking woman. he is a goddman actor ffs.
you are delusional.

Tom Cruise has literally never been in a bad movie.

Dumb ESL.

Cruise is a billionaire with his own production company that tells insurance companies to fuck off. None of the others can say the same.
silly faggot.

seething amerimutt

>Born on the 4th of July
>A Few Good Men
>Rain Man

Cruise has never been a good actor

I was told semen is great for your skin, but every article I can find contradicts this


The mummy?

hes never really been in a good one either

Cruise is the same in every movie. Pitt has range.

How in hell did we never get to see them together in a film? Imagine the ridiculous star power a Heat like kino starring pit and cruise would have

Took nearly 50 years for Al Pacino and Martin Scorsese to link up

>starring pit and cruise
Interview with the Vampire.

just admit you're gay

>a Heat like kino

>How in hell did we never get to see them together in a film?

He's been in a lot of good ones plus some of the most iconic blockbusters ever made.

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esl shitskin

amerimutt shitskin

How about 20 retard

did you miss when she was on Ellen admitting to massive amounts of high end face treatments derived from severed baby foreskins and laughing about it like literally evil globohomos? Or when they were like "it's ok, they were Korean babies not Americans lol"

got acting-mogged in that one by Casey Affleck though.
Comedy Brad is kino. Burn After Reading and True Romance.

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she always looked like she has a stinky pussy

holy shit i thought this was schizo rambling but it's true:

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what the fuck

whats wrong with that?

me on the left



well, maybe if amerimutts stop mutilating their kids, this wouldnt happen that often

>Bitch tits

She's 50 not 60 bro
Big difference

This brave american is setting you chuds straight.

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absolutely dystopian

Why are they like this!??

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he's a very good actor actually you just think he's shit becuase you never get pussy.

>when all aging is now being "bogged" no matter how beautiful you are
JFC the internet has really fucked everyone's sense of reality up. If that's "bogged", then theres millions of neckbearded basement dweller fatasses who hit the wall at 13 and never looked back.

Shes stunning for her age. Never been my type, but she looks fucking great. And if shes had any work done, it's clearly minimal because you can still recognize her face at almost 60. She looks way better than most of the 40 somethings I know.

that comment is just cope posting for being branded and mutilated jewish cattle