>I am forgotten

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It’s better to burn out than to fade away

What happened to da bitch? Does she produce anything now?

I don't know who that is but she needs a bee bee sea in her STAT


there's only one youtube film reviewer I need in my life and that's Jerome
all of the rest of them could literally die and I would laugh, even Jenny, ESPECIALLY Jenny

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Good. Now you guys are free to love Jenny even more!


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She fucked with the #BobMob

She got what she fucking deserved.

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Wow. Dare i say past the point of no return?

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She was never known.

this, she was an accessory to a lolcow and nothing else

she was an accessory to muh dick

and his dick...
and that guy's dick...
and Jamal's...
and Muhammad's...
and Hershel's...

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A small point of pride for me is I never once posed for a photo with a face mask on.

Roastie wall

look at this fucking slampig

she hasn't made a video in 6 months
Lindsay retired officially because twitter psychos called her a racist
Jenny and Contra are soft retired at this point

Deffo had a train ran on her on that couch

Blood shitter.


seems pretty risky to just leave the internet, it's not like you can come back one day and pick up where you left off lmao
there's going to be a crisis of internet celebrities being broke in their 50s at some point

I have never watched a YouTube personality

i think she married some well off dude and she had enough money herself to begin with.

There’s no amount of money that you can’t drink away

she's a published novelist now

lol that you think that makes money

Evermore it's just around the corner, have faith!

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CIA shill

dis da bitch wit da haunted pussy?

same, something about it is so beyond cucked and zogged

Crazy eyes

Lindsay Ellis?

great I can't wait for another heavily researched 2 hour video that's like someone reading out their media studies thesis on tape

To be fair, Jenny has a really cute and sexy voice.

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fuck with the Bob and you get the mob

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noone ever cared about this fat whore, stop posting her here.

>hit the wall
>didn't show booba
>haunted vag

Which can be an effect from alcoholism.

Be grateful wench, it could've ended far worse.

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The reason they are "semi-retired" is that they got fat patreon checks which means their main source of income is no longer youtube but patreon. The patreons will keep going because they're e-celebs and the people who signed up are their friends. Which is also what Lindsay has done. She hasn't taken her patreon down, so she still makes thosuands a month.

Once someone's main source of income isn't making videos, dont' be shocked they stop making videos.

>her "manifesto"
why are millennials all such perpetual teenagers?

Post her bikini pic from 10 years ago

Please post her pics of her from addams family vid.

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>there's going to be a crisis of internet celebrities being broke in their 50s at some point

If they're smart (they are not), they will have paid off their houses and other things by then, and can live on very little before retiring. However, many of these people seek fame and fortune so tey move to NYC or Los Angeles where the cost of living is very high. Lindsay might be making a lot per month, but she likely is spending a lot of money on mortgage.

Contrast that to someone like RLM who live in bumfuck nowhere and spend way less on their warehouse and houses.

Did you enjoy her review of Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

What a fat fucking pig

Jenny Nicholson

based bobmobbers

That's right, Jay!

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All Hail Jenny.

i need to kiss her

>fucked up crazy eyes


Damn she was hot back then.

>nearing 40
>chased off the internet by the mob
>killed her unborn baby
>ending her life as a bitter childless wine aunt and a failed writer

Nah, she's as productive has her haunted pussy.

I put on one of her videos in front of my mother a few years ago, she couldn't fucking stand her and demanded I turned the vid off

>and can live on very little before retiring.
Not th case any more. Liberals have made it so you're going to be working until you die.
I come from HVAC and plumbing. All these libshit cities are now imposing new codes for HIGH EFFICIENCY furnaces, ACs, and water heaters. Some places, like Cali, are going full retard and mandating ELECTRIC only, which is super expensive/honestly shit in performance compared to their natural gas versions.

I pity the retards who live in Cali and Washington. I still thankfully live in a libshit city where 80% efficiency appliances are legal ... For now .

Also, prices are going up due to
2) China
3) Liberal mandates which screws up natural demand
4) liberals shorting the labor market, leading to even less factory workers

Cancelled herself again and still collects Patreon money so children can live.

>old roastie gets angry seeing the most pure and feminine girl on YouTube being effortlessly ad*rable
Sounds about right.

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fetal alcohol syndrome