I had no idea rich white yuppies harassing people on the subway was such a problem

I had no idea rich white yuppies harassing people on the subway was such a problem

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>rich white yuppies
>using public transport

That was the dumbest fucking concept in the movie. Everytime I see someone being assaulted or verbally harassed it's always a nigger.

it was necessary to have the story relate to wayne
why would he have cared if some random blacks died?

>sees one specific incident in movie
>thinks movie is implying this always happens in exactly the same way a hundred times a day
>unable to understand a specific situation is not a general one
>lacks imagination (even though this is a possible scenario that has happened many times in real life) so much that if a criminal isn't coloured then the movie is lying to you

Damn son I think you're retarded!

>unreliable narrator
>he probably killed three innocent guys because he was jelly of their camaraderie and status
>the chick they were "harassing" was probably flirting with them, making him more jelly

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Metaphor for yuppie consumerism and corporate raiding destroying american infrastrcture

yuppie villian seems like a fairly common trope tho

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>metaphor for shit that never happened

If you want to save "American infrastructure", end welfare and pay poor women to get sterilized.

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But it does happen. Do you legit think white people don't commit crimes at all? Especially drunken lame ass frat yuppie bros? Are you even white yourself? Do you live in a city? Because as a white person myself that lives in a big metropolitan city I will tell you right now drunk yuppie are scum and will try starting shit all the time. I had to punch a few of them myself.

American white faggots are absolutely scum, specially rich ones. Most of the ones that come here to Europe are pure retarded pretentious idiots that get drunk and start fights for no reason. They're nothing but garbage.

It has literally never happened.

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Why is emma stone so cute?

Yes, it has happened, OP. You would know if you went out to a bar someday and watched how those rich kids harassed people. Rich faggots, specially young ones, are pure trash.

It's not common, but I can buy a bunch of drunken business man doing something idiotic.

Pretentious rich snobs who do drugs and make money based on others misfortune tend to be good villains.

Weird. I live in Portland, the White yuppie capital of the world and not once has an upper class White individual ever given me trouble. It's always mutt bums and niggers. Always. Every single time.

The killings and the public reaction to it was inspired by the Bernhard Goetz shooting.
And yeah, the victims were nogs harrassing a guy.

faggot, a bunch of rich kids would bully you to tears for being a little incel virgin posting here, or if they watched you walking lonely in the street. They're not good people. Spoiled brats like that do exist and are absolutely insufferable to be around, and when they're drunk they're even more insufferable and even dangerous because if you punch them or anything they just call their daddy and get your life ruined.

Have you never been to New York

Use your imagination, nigger.
Oops, I contradicted myself.

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in NYC? yeah
however it would be more accurate if it was a bunch of latinos or blacks or something

this literally happened last week. Not even the heavy weight champion of the world isn't safe

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A group of latinos and black beat him at the beginning of the movie.

What's weird about that? That's just your experience. Some people go their whole life without being physically or verbally assaulted in public, or witnessing whatever crime in general.

Any proof of this other than your mutt delusions?



Everyone does in NY.

I've seen well dressed men bully people but never anything physical. It should be said though that most bullied people don't fight back and Joker is an unreliable narrator in any case.

Go to a bar here in Europe or in America. But you probably won't because you're a little incel virgin that know he will get mocked by everyone, just like Arthur. "white brotherhood" doesn't mean shit, faggot.

I saw this video youtu.be/s92Q9AuL2Eo and Im ashamed to say for a split second I actually thought the older white guy sticking the gun on the young black man was the robber and not the other way around. Its disturbing the propaganda around race affected me so because you need to be able to make rational judgments in split second situations.

this movie was incredibly cringe

>the White yuppie capital of the world
It's really not, you should travel more and I say this as a Portland resident. Though you are right that upper class whites never really cause trouble.

Maybe you should dress your biological gender when you go out, mister.

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Ive ran into posers and rich preps plenty. They dont get violent because they have something to lose.

They will definitely talk shit and act important though.

This. Exactly what annoys me about some of these faggots lol Claiming shit doesn't happen when their life experience is nihil and they are frightened of every thing.

>It's always mutt bums and niggers. Always. Every single time.
Gotta love the Red Line at night near Pioneer Square

You’re a sheltered European dipshit and the worst experience you’ve ever had is being teased by some uppity douche bag. If you grew up in a shitty American city surrounded by spics and niggers you would be singing a completely different tune, trust me. Wealthy whites have something to lose and still tend to possess some level of empathy. About 1 in 3 inner city dwellers would be willing to stab you to death, piss on your corpse and take your shit if they are feeling opportunistic and it’s dark outside

So you have literally zero proof despite everything being recorded and online theae days. Huh.

why wasn't he beat up by asians and pajeets?
they should've united all races against the incel menace

>Faggot has never been in a bar
Not even that user, but he is right. Drunk people at bars are insufferable and outside them too. I worked at a bar for 3 years and it's a fucking shithole. Everyone is an asshole when drunk, and rich spoiled brats are truly insufferable and pretentious.

Generally rich whites don't get violent. But is it possible? Does it happen? Do/Can people get violent if they have something to lose?

The answer to all those three questions is Y by the way.

>everyone is an asshole while drunk
that's why i ride a buzz baby

You've never been outside your house

Anyone who has not witnessed crime in this town is truly blind. It's rampant. Downtown was a total warzone for 2½ years and now it's completely turned into an occupied hobo encampment. You would not believe it.

NTA. I worked at a bar when I was 18. Once some mutts threw a glass at my coworker for not giving them a full drink or something. When they were asked to leave they said their dad was around the town or some shit. I wanted to beat their asses so hard.
Niggers also did this, of course, but white did it too. Not as much, but they did it too, and it was fucking disgusting.


Okay but what about the physical assault? Being "insufferable and pretentious" is moving the goalposts so far it makes you sound insane and sheltered.

sometimes i genuinely can't tell if these posts are real or satire. how can someone be this terrified of cities? have you ever been outside your small shithole town, or hell, even your room?
most cities are more dangerous in their satellite suburbs and industrial areas rather than the downtown proper.
>wealthy whites
god you're delusional, a lot of wealthy whites are some of the most entitled wastes of space ever.
i'd rather hang out with billy joe and his tweaker buddies then the average upper-class suburb dweller

not him but I've been assaulted by a group of white yuppie fucks and that was in amsterdam

As a europoor I find white trash and negros have better manners and are generally smarter than middle and upper class Americans.

I'm this user Yes. they can assault you. I don't give a fuck about your politics, I'm telling what I saw. You can't do shit to these people because if you even touch them they will either sue you or beat you. Most times just sue you.
I have many stories with drunk faggots like those. Once one of them threw a drink to another group and they fought for 10 minutes with each other. Police was called and they couldn't stop fighting and insulting each other.

they were druk

I’m from a fucking city and grew up in a mostly ghetto high school you retarded faggot. The numbers don’t lie. Growing up around niggers fucking sucks.

>Portland, the White yuppie capital of the world
Portland Oregan is honeslty pretty trashy

You got humiliated or what?

It's like it's his first day out of the crib and he has never witnessed whites fighting lmao

ok /pol/boy.
maybe they'll believe you over at your containment board. why don't you scoot on back there?
having to share this board with you and your ilk fucking sucks

Do some people itt seriously think white people never fight each other?

You got humiliated or what??

Fucking yes you stupid faggot losers incels.
Drunk whites can be insufferable too. Specially when they're rich or important. Just look at what happens every fucking World Cup in Europe.

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Where are you from again?

Denying that inner city niggers are violent is unironically peak delusion. You’re actively denying crime statistics, basic common sense, decades of established gang and violent crime culture, and the words of blacks themselves. Half of a black comedians jokes are about crazy fucked up shit that happens in the hood. These cities are on the same level as a poverty stricken African city in terms of the violence and instability in the worst parts.

NTA. No one is denying everything. Whites can be pieces of shit too. Look at Hooligans, by example, are pure insanity. Fuckers deserve to get arrested

Lol not him but he's not denying any of that. YOU are denying the fact that whites can exhibit this behaviour as well. What a fucking shocker, faggot, poor people commit more crime, wow!


No, just had my shit stolen, was threatened multiple times, classes were dogshit and full of morons who would yell and barely pay attention if at all, everyone was smoking or on pills or something or another, and there were multiple fights daily. Kids often brought knives and or guns to school and rarely did anyone in authority actually give a shit or do anything about it. The ironic thing is these kinds of schools get shit loads of funding, the entire culture is just borked


Where did I deny this, retards? The fact is that they are violent and scummy about 5% as often. Trying to pretend like it’s remotely similar is laughably sheltered.

You fucking lost, get over it.

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>you lost

Lost what exactly?

Reminds me of the time when I was 11 and a friend told me he doesn't go to movie theaters anymore because the last time went he saw three guys who looked like gang members. For some reason I imagined them as 3 white Sid Vicious punks with mohawks but now when I look back they were probably black or hispanic.

The problem is you can't seem to separate from something that is more general to something that is more specific. If you think the scene in the movie is unrealistic because they are white then you are delusional. Yeah, sure, poverty ridden blacks will commit more crime. But I wonder if it's a skin colour or situational, economical and thus cultural thing. What do you think?

>Trying to pretend like it’s remotely similar is laughably sheltered.
Which nobody is doing. You are wrong, deal with it.

It's just the modern day Hays Code. You can't depict blacks behaving criminally. That's just the way the rules are.

In NYC? Absolutely.

>poor people commit more crime wow!

Nope, the richest blacks socioeconomically commit more violent crime than even the poorest whites. The gap is even bigger with Asians. Anyone who’s been around a majority black neighborhood for more than 10 minutes IRL would be able to tell you this with simple logic and common sense. Stop the ignorance and read a book sometime.

user is right. Drunk white retards are terrible and dangerous. I say this as someone that was around the hooligans from 2014 at France. You have no idea how disgusting that shit was. People smelling like beat beating the shit out each other.

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>yuppie villian seems like a fairly common trope tho
It's because Hollywood is scared of being called "rayciss"

>You can't depict blacks behaving criminally
They showed a gang of latinos and blacks beating Arthur at the beginning. How the fuck did you faggots miss that? Or just watched a scene that triggered you in Youtube and posted it? They show blacks in the riots at the end too.

This is much worse than getting stabbed for pocket change

Never said they couldn’t be. I’d still rather be around drunk whites over drunk niggers any day

Joker also showed him getting up by a group of blacks/Latinos.

Lmao this is so wrong even statistically speaking. I can guarantee you I am much more well read than you.


Holy shit yes it's fucking worse. Those faggots started a fire that burned like 3 stores and some people died because of it.

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tacoma, faggot
a shithole of a city with only 10% black population

Why was the girls so rude to them? She could have said 'hello' or at least offered one of them a handjob. They looked wealthy.

NTA but he’s actually right if you look into the numbers at all. It seems ridiculous at face value, I almost didn’t believe it myself initially but it’s true. Even nether out trailer park whites are more likely to just be degenerate and keep to themselves rather than violently attack someone, blacks have more estrogen and lower IQs in general which makes them way more impulsive and prone to random acts of violence