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I grew up quite fat. We lived in the South, in a place where my brothers ate things they raised…chickens, pigs. When it rained, it smelled like soda. We were always hungry. But there was a McDonalds, small, barely operational. My family had stopped eating there years before. Never gained weight. When I was 7, I became fixated on it. I visited it, ate at it. It took a long time, but my body grew into what it is today. I was so proud. I didn't tell anyone. I took a Quarter Pounder and hid behind our shack. I ate the whole thing. I'd never tasted something so sweet. It was like watermelon. At first, we ate the burgers ourselves, and then I began taking it to the village to sell. One day, much of the burgers were gone from my shop. Piece were scattered on the ground, half-eaten. I thought it was probably an American. Have you ever seen one? About the size of a large house. Opportunists. I built a snare using branches and wire. It didn't take long for the American to set it off. But the mutt thrashed so hard, it broke out of the snare... broke its leg, as well. I tried to grab it, but it slipped away. It ran inside the McDonalds. I knew it would show itself sooner or later. So I waited... for hours, into the night. When my stomach rumbled I did not listen. I didn’t eat a thing. I was so still. Finally, it came out. It knew I was there, but it was still hungry. This time, I was ready. I caught it. It fought me. But I was fatter. The merciful thing would have been to eat it. I kept it. It lived for quite some time. I believe you will eat, Hector.

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Kim is the most important character in the Breaking Badverse.

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Where does Howard's time on mars fit into the timeline?

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Grünbildschirm edition

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It's a bullet proof vest bros...
We lost

Just realized how old everyone in this show is. Nacho was the youngest relevant character until he died and he was 40.

>What if we just teleport the meth across the border?

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Fucking hell
Just went over to reddit and those trannies are creaming their striped panties over this shit. I hate them so much.

>Lalo's trip to Germany was foreshadowed by the neo nazis in Breaking Bad
Bravo Vince...

>facemerge guy returns
welcome back mi amigo

Howard beating up Jimmy to rattle him so a PI could follow him and see who he calls for help, presumably with the intention of exposing his cartel connections, was enjoyable.

Jimmy's definitely going along with Wexler's plan to placate her while wanting punished like she used to. They have switched motives.

Prediction: Lazlo will re-establish contact with Jimmy and the PI watching will serve to save him.

seems like the set-up, possibly another red herring to keep us distracted and guessing, is that he anticipates Lazlo coming there and...for some reason needs a hidden pistol?

I guess his plan will be to let Lazlo catch him, figuring L needs him alive to let the Cartel deal with it rather than let it be a war with the Salamancas in open revolt against the rest of the Cartel, and with his ankle-pistol he can give it up, to placate Lazlo by proving he's disarmed, then grab the hidden pistol to kill him.

Why he would expect/allow Lazlo to capture him instead of having his men kill him I don't know.

Hiding a pistol in the wheel well's straight outta The Wire.

Next Spin-off: Huel's Pickpocketing Adventures.
Gus en Cubano
Mike vs the Vietcong

I actually don't mind if Lalo dies but torture is too much

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None of that is true

>muh I feel bad about my granny dying at my house but I dont care about random teenager shopkeeper or the couple rescuing me in the desert

He will probably be buried alive or some stupid similiar shit

somehow Lalo being tortured for 4 years before being buried alive would feel out of place for this story

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Lalo being buried in the superlab is probably the most cringe ending they can do to the character.

Why would he be tortured? Gus doesn't hate him personally. And it's not like he betrayed the cartel or anything.

You have been playing too much Portal lalo

he looked fresh af in this scene, someone add james bond hamburger music

Here's the big reveal

As we all figured out, Howard has a PI watching Jimmy and Kim now, and we also know that there's different stories about Bob Odenkirks' incident story, Tony Dalton was the first to provide his version, and said that HE was filming a scene with Bob. Then Rhea and Patrick said they were with Bob when it happened, and if you haven't seen that pic where Howard has a red spot on his hair hugging Bob Odenkirk I think you know what I'm implying.

Lalo, Howard, Kim and Jimmy will most likely share a scene where Lalo kills Howard to scare or threaten the couple for looking into his business, OR Jimmy and Kim pin all the blame into Howard and they're responsible for his death by Lalo.

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He is the coati.

why not? it would hurt hectar

Perhaps the way Jimmy and Kim cover their tracks linking them to Howard's death is that they fake a story about Howard being a cocaine addict who books a flight to Belize to escape his prosecution in the US and consume lots of cocaine in Belize, and that's where the Belize line comes from

And not deserved. He doesn't torture people.

>Gus doesn't hate him personally
Uh yes he does. Not any more than Hector but he does. Lalo's been targeting him specifically for months

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Why can't the Salamancas afford the same kind of stroke rehabilitation care that Gus could?

One theory I've read is that Jimmy and Kim actually tricked Howard into hiring that PI and he's working for them. Who knows what could be the next step of their plan.

>why doesn't an infamous sicario family with criminal records afford a high class Johns Hopkins service

an excellent question.

I think the idea's just like we're told in the scene by the nurse
>this is a crucial point in his recovery
>if we don't continue treatment he may never move past this stage

by the time he was back in their custody it was already too late.

I mean they can afford to lose 7 million. They can't afford some decent doctors?

That picture is so stupid, whatever the red bit is near howards head it's part of the pole behind him

You really think they would post the picture otherwise?

Perhaps that is it.

The real question is why do the Salamanca’s entrust Hectors care with Gus?

Man, Lalo is so fucking cool looking. I feel like he hasnt done enough cool shit on screen. They need to squeeze as much out of him as they can.

>AMC executives were against including a 3 minute long explicit sex scene between Margarethe Ziegler (Andrea Sooch) and Eduardo Salamanca (Álvaro Luis Bernat Dalton). Showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould had to rewrite and reshoot a part of the episode.
>"It's a shame," said Andrea Sooch, "I was preparing for the scene for months, both physically and mentally. The shoot itself took about 6 hours, I was completely naked in front of the whole crew. I was panicking at first, but my partner, Tony (Álvaro Luis Bernat Dalton) was extremely considerate!"

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Yes they would part that picture as a tease. And it's clearly in his hair. It's not behind him.

This is so well written good bait

I believe it


He promised them a free bucket of Los Pollos Hermanos signature spicy chicken.

They do have money, blood money, in their side of the border, not legit money to the american state. I don't think there are many Hopkins doctors that would like to work for them.
Meanwhile Gustavo is a respectable businessman, taxpayer, friend of the cops and collaborator of at least one hospital.

He's in charge of all US business IIRC, Bolsa is usually in charge of drama in the cartel and he probabaly doesn't give a shit about who takes care of Hector

Also Tuco does take care of Hector in BrBa, probably after he gets out of prison and being Tuco he also doesn't give a shit about Hector's QOL either

Yes im sure the actors took it under their charge to spoil a major event with a teaser pic. You are worse then timeline posters. And to debunk your scenario Bob has headphones on so he's probably directing Patrick.

Keep making epic game theories though

i don't understand the causality here. how exactly did Saul create Heisenberg, and how did Kim create Saul? what, because she gave him fashion advice and told him to get a certain car?

I don't know what you want me to tell you. It's literally in his hair. Just look at it. I don't know where you came up with this pole idea.

Thanks for the big reveal hombre

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>tfw no long explicit sex scene with lalo

Who wins this?

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>thinking any of these clowns stand a chance against Slippin' Jimmy

skylar wins the argument by being too annoying, the others walk away in disgust. Kim could win in theory but she would be leaving with Mike

lalo would just kill them

Does Mike bring a gun?

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>they all team up against skylar while she just yell at them to shut up

How is Ozark? Isn’t it just Breaking Bad lite?

only a pimento cheese sandwich

Also keep in mind that Gus was sadistic enough to purposely halt Hectors treatment so he could be just sentient enough that Gus could still take pleasure in torturing him.

Gus torturing Lalo could definitely happen, but why would he? He wants to kill Lalo as fast as possible no? The Hector thing is just a personal revenge story. With Lalo it’s business.

Atleast he didn't say nothing happened

There are so many things wrong with this pic that I don't know where to start.

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good morning sirs

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Lalo (Negro Supremo)

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