Heaven's Gate (1980)

>the most expensive movie of all time at the time of release
>flops in burgerland, panned by critics as the worst movie ever made
>destroys Michael Cimino's career, ends director driven Hollywood films forever
>is still hailed as a masterpiece in europe to this day
What went wrong?

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The theatrical version was panned. The director's cut is considered a masterpiece

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>The theatrical version was panned.
the 219 minute cut was screened to critics first, and they hated it. that is why they recut it and relased the shitty cut to the general audience.

it was literally sabotaged by a single subhuman "journalist" who was out for Cimino and like the subhuman herd cattle that are journalists, others latched onto it and jumped on the bandwaggon. There is even a documentary about it. It's fucking unreal.
All journalists in this world should be culled like rabid dogs. without exception.

>it was literally sabotaged by a single subhuman "journalist" who was out for Cimino
is there a (known) reason why?

yes i remember reading about this, the whole thing was basically a gigantic hit job to end the era of directors having more power in hollywood

I didn't know that, interesting

journalists and critics are the most petty and vindictive subhumans on this planet right after jews. I don't really remember because I saw that documentary like 5 years ago, but it was something mundane. the faggot was even allowed to visit the sets etc. then he decided to write a hitpiece on it and it became a snowball effect.

I'm pretty sure it was this one:


>the whole thing was basically a gigantic hit job to end the era of directors having more power in hollywood
makes sense. the media has always been in the elite's pocket.

Looks great. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

So what you're saying is: this movie sank so Titanic could swim.

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no problem. enjoy your kino!

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>panned by critics as the worst movie ever made
a little extreme
why were they triggered?

it went 5x over budget, principal photography lasted an entire year and there were reports of animal cruelty. the media basically made up its mind on the movie before it even came out.

>it went 5x over budget, principal photography lasted an entire year
Why the fuck would movie critics care about those things? Why did the not like the story?

It proves good producers are necessary. In this case they trusted Cimino too much (who lacked common sense and spent too much time and money on retakes).

because they love to stir up drama. drama sells. the hive mind does the rest.

>they spent money and time to make sure they would get it just right
>this is a bad thing
I hate the antichrist.

Watch it and remember that no one will ever make a film as good as this in your lifetime and you'll be watching shitty marvel films instead.

>"The one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail, fall, die trying. In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually, they will hate you."

>journalists and critics are the most petty and vindictive subhumans on this planet right after jews
>implying there's a difference

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>zoomer opinions

reminds me of Waterworld

LOL, I've always confused this with 'Heaven Can Wait' and wondered why it was so expensive. Guess I'll have to actually watch Heaven's Gate now.

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It just wasn't good enough to justify the hype and behind the scenes drama, I guess. Apocalypse Now would have probably suffered the same fate if it weren't as good as it was.

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I had never heard of it before today, now I am going to try to find it and see for myself.

>What went wrong?
they all killed themselves and you can't buy Nike Decades now

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make sure you watch the three and a half hour cut. preferably the criterion release. pretty good movie. incredibly authentic to the period and beautifully shot. the only thing that really drags it down is the lame love triangle.

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There's a good documentary about Heaven's Gat narrated by Willem Dafoe. The producers were rightfully pissed at Cimino but they decided to let him finish his movie hoping it woud be the next Apocalypse Now. It wasn't.

People today consider it a masterpiece too. It’s just the power-hungry press at the time eager to attack a director who was previously successful.
Also see: Peter Bogdanovich (post-Paper Moon flops), Martin Scorsese (New York New York and King of Comedy), Francis Coppola (Apocalypse Now production woes before the movie came out).

I know. one of the user's even linked it in the thread.

>During the Johnson County War in 1890 Wyoming, a sheriff born into wealth does his best to protect immigrant farmers from rich cattle interests. 6.7
Fucking YAWN. This is one of those boring westerns, like "Return to Cold Mountain" and "Blablbla Jesse James coward"

>is still hailed as a masterpiece in europe to this day
I am from Europe and I have never ever heard anyone say anything except that it was a flabby bloated mess (which is true).

It's still kind of weird how literally all the dominant directors in the 70s started to make consistent bombs right as the decade was ending. I wonder how the industry would look today if that didn't happen

that is because you're an uncultured swine.

You forgot about the animal cruelty

the climactic action scene of the movie is a mess
it's so badly made it's difficult to understand what happens

I blame star wars desu. Literally the original capeshit, why invest so much money when you can profit for less if you make superheroesque movies.

Yes, and we’re just all pretending too like it too. The real purpose of this thread is to take turns sucking your cock user.

absolute brainlet take

was going to bring up Spielberg as an exception, but forgot 1941 came out right at that time too

>muh smoke
>muh chaos
>muh confusion
that's just how a massive gunfight on a dusty field would look like, dipshit

digits of truth

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Also known as "Kevin's Gate" at the time, kek.

theres nothing kike producers hate hearing more than they need to give up more money and the shoot is being extended. they want that shit in theaters asap and under budget so they can make a good bundle of shekels.

That's cutting a lot of information out. Very few people saw the original cut, and there was a hate campaign built around the movie being an overbudget disaster, so any criticism spooked the producers, and they forced a hatchet job on the film, which hurt them even more.

There's already enough good films, I don't need any more.

>What went wrong?

Cock fighting is natural and good.

Not enough cocaine, tits, synthesizers, and steroids.

It is truly a horrendous movie. This is not the fault of some sneaky journalist. It's 100% the fault of Cimino and whoever greenlit this turd in the first place.

>t. seething journo

k im gonna watch it tonight, thanks for the rec

it's just a movie bro

how antisemitic of you.

This. The first battle of the Civil War was total chaos with both sides thinking all was lost. Whoever hadn't run away (not for a lack of trying) got to claim victory.

>castrate themselves, then kill themselves
they were ahead of the curve t b h

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kill all journos.

>flops in burgerland, panned by critics
Mark of approval

take your meds.

wow nice

>came out right in the middle of the Star Wars craze
It was doomed from the start. The 80's were officially the begining of America's cultural brain rot.

>middle of the Star Wars craze
uh yeah that can put a damper on a release
plus it didnt feel like a film that should've come in the 80s

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