Yeah of Hell, Part II Edition
Last time, on /trek/:

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I want a Star Trek anime.

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Frenship... or more?

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I just wrote fetish fanfic on my phone because I'm bored at work and don't have a laptop and now I feel gross.

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Present a new, original and novel Star Trek season arc

That’s enough. You’ve made your point.

More. Friendship plus shoulder impingement for Spock.

It's never Year of Yodel,

Post it.

This truly has been the gift that keeps on giving.
Thanks pollanon

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Bones is Kirk's best friend. This is fact. This is canon.

It's just a group of six people with different unique personalities exploring space and having adventures driven by the characters themselves and the choices they make rather than an actual overarching plot forcing them into linear and one dimensional action.

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talk to each other

You know what? I used to have so many great ideas, but looks like Kurtzman Trek is gonna invalidate them all.
Far future? Ruined.
Enterprise-F? Also ruined.
I’m out of ideas.

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No. It's for ZZ Gundam. You won't like it. I'll post it when I go home and re-write it on my laptop like a human.

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>The difference is that this Brap Queen has multiversal sensory abilities and knows that any path other than the one offered by Hotty Jurati is a death sentence for the Boog.
>all paths lead to Borg destruction
>all paths from a set of infinite paths
These writers could not be any more lazy, even if they tried.

We know it's you, MKUltra. You're not fooling anyone.

they were probably like "wow! let's reference infinite realities just like in my marvel cinematic universe(TM)!"

please stop licking the frogs

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It's same size vore btw.

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Stop being salty Lower Decks is the best trek in years mallfag

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why do the discord trannies raid this general? such an odd thing to do

God I love them.

Wait you can just use /trek/ as your personal off topic blog? Why did nobody tell me?

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lower troons

not trek

If only the show looked like this.

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You’re the most based poster in years.

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when is the new episode? I can't wait until everyone, including myself will be crushingly dissapointed.

I can't stop making trekpus

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Gul Dukat did nothing wrong.

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>Computer, recreate a 21st Century state fair, set it in the southern United States, Recreate several fried food booths including the heart attack cafe but replace all staff with one Deanna Troi, but with busy and waist sized increases 30%. Set fryers to full and disengage safety protocols. Computer lock holodeck before commencing program and limit personal comms to emergency transmissions only. Begin program

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I fucked up the title. Hopefully no one will notice.

Remember when Captain Janeway couldn't get Annika even into Starfleet but Admiral Picard could make her the fucking Captain of the nuGazer with a single order?
That was fucking amazing.

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Remember 7/9 was banned for being borg but icheb was given a posting

yeah, everyone noticed. never post hee

I think Janeway became an admiral by Nemesis.

Its cool dude. Appreciate the effort.

You're welcome. I wish you wouldn't blatantly use it to so antagonize others but I understand why you do so.

He never finished the job

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May the force live long with you

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I can accept this one. Icheb wasn't a borg for long and destroys any cube he's plugged in to. Seven on the other hand was a borg for 20 years and did and knew all kinds of shit. A Starfleet spooked by war might not want to take the risk.
Besides she implies that while they were dragging their heels if she'd stuck around and fought for it they would have let her in, but she got sick of it and went off to help people directly.

Trekpu! Where's your dress uniform!

5/10 but the wholesomeness bumps you up 2 or 3 points

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Picard got some tiddies on him

we still love you mate


The ego of trek actors is so funny to me

Like Terry farrell who thought she was some kind of superstar and has done literally fuck all ever since

Sorry it boldly goes to strange new worlds encountering new life and new civilizations and isn’t the SpaceMall or the Crying Micheal Hour.

Did she? She just wanted to work part time because she got the gig on Becker.

>Icheb wasn't a borg for long
He was with them for months if not years.

In a maturation chamber.

Still a Borg

>strange new worlds encountering new life and new civilizations
Funny then that almost everything is a reference or rehash of something we have seen before.

More like Decade and a half of Hell.

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Remember when a phaser exploded a meter away from Rios' face and he was completely unharmed and everyone shielded their faces in lockstep? That was a carefully crafted scene.

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looks like they're about to break out into dance

the 'yeah of hell' sounds better anyway

> Computer, recreate a mid 20th century all-girl middleschool, remove the adult personnel, close all the exits, stock up a large reserve of ropes and butter. Disengage satefy protocols, lock the entrance and block all communications. Start program.

the bad guys have a giant superweapon and the good guys have to blow it up

Why do trek fags ignore Roddenberry’s magnum opus

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Love this little nigga

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I know this one ! "You know I'm baaaad, I'm bad..."

4 years had passed between Icheb being taken by the Borg and him returning to his home planet. However, since he was in a maturation chamber, was a part of a defective cube, and wasn't ever connected to the hivemind (as seen by Seven needing to teach the Borg children when they should be more knowledgeable than her) then it's a different situation to Seven. Especially since he needed to rely on his Borg implant less.

Why everyone looks like they just farted ?

Earth: Final Conflict?

he was so cute. dammit. What a show. what a guy.

Meh, Farscape is one of the rare case of a show with a main character actually being the most interesting one. His descent to madness was the best thing to follow threw the seasons.

you nerds know that star trek isn't real right?

the true king of all pepes


Is pike in the menagerie? Why did he have a vision of himself potatoe'd while sitting in the chair?

I dont want to watch if it's just a hallucination provided by the zoo keepers or something

It should have been a Trek show. Imagine an alternate reality where instead of Andromeda, Captain Archer of the USS Enterprise-F gets sucked into the future and needs to reintroduce faith of the heart into the Alpha Quadrant.

Its time crystals I dont gotta explain shit.

The nigger was the worst actor I have ever seen. And not because he's an ape, plenty of spearchuckers are good like Worf and Twovok.

I tried to get into Farscape but it felt like I knew what was coming within 10 seconds of seeing each character for the first time. The plucky fish out of water, the bird warrior klingon thing with a heart of gold, the slutty bald priestess who was banished for being slutty or whatever. Did I judge too quickly? Also the spit scene in the pilot was weird and seemed like someone's fetish insert

These are all fine distinctions if you aren't a suddenly xenophobic starfleet, at which point they all fall apart.

For you

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It's not.

There they are, on the set of the worst television episode in living memory, smiling, laughing, congratulating and backpatting each other for a job well done.

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I love Farscape because it went all out and took risks. It's like trek if every episode was Masks or Move Along Home.

>Did I judge too quickly?
Yes, absolutely

>Also the spit scene in the pilot was weird and seemed like someone's fetish insert
There's a lot of that in Farscape. Not spitting, but fetish fuel.

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At stick with it long enough to meet Chiana.

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> Did I judge too quickly

Farscape is not generic. It does stuff you won't see in other shows. The main thematic is madness, how people can become delusional, fanatics or simply lose their mind. The main character starts as a reasonably sane guy but every season you feel the accumulated stress (and other events...) slowly making him mad.

All the other characters change and progress in their way. They are actually competent, considerably more than the main character, and they both love and hate eachother, the crew dynamics are actually quite good, especially after best girl joins the crew.

Vilains also become a LOT better than the initial one.

This is excessive by /trek/ standards.

I stopped watching Star Trek years ago, except for the RedLetterMedia shit about Picard, and I have to ask: Is that woman supposed to be a drug addict? She seriously looks and behaves likes she's on crack.

Kind of, yeah.

That's because she's black.

i can go bigger

damn trekpus getting an eyeful of Vulcan poon