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>oh no Sneed

I can't wait until this big orange clown gets locked the fuck up. Smug racist idiot and fuck his pussy coward cult supporters too. I'd love to beat the fuck out of a Trump cultist and stomp on his head until he begs me to stop

I still can't believe america elected this cheeto skinned tiny hands having ass racist retard

These unironically

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>having ass

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Does no one find it odd that Hollywood media is essentially the propaganda arm of a political party?

The poster below is a sussy baka :3


>And that's when I knew... I would never be a woman

>Hates Trump so much he's the only character that has white skin because his eyeballs Implying the orange is just a spray tan on his body
The absolute state

Holy based

We didn't.
He rigged the election.
He got so cocky he didn't rig the next election and lost.

She calls it a mayonegg

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the trump era was pretty epic in retrospect. he was like the untouchable sauron villain in his fortress surrounded by his brute goons, it seemed impossible, but putting in the work and hours for the fight, reading and finding sources, slog after slog of chud arguments, it all meant something in the end when he actually fucking lost. so many times I was tweeting at some braindead conservative shit or against trumps latest blunder wondering if it was even worth it, but it fucking was. all those angry hours of frustration and mental warfare and he fell, and his army was thrown into shambles. never, ever give in. take up your arms because with roe v wade the empire is striking back and we need you all more than ever. we can win this once and for all, you can see it on the horizon. don’t get complacent and give up the ground we’ve gained

Fight me faggot. Naked.

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No it's not odd, the ethnic group who owns Hollywood is the same ethnic group who accounts for the majority of political donors.

Yes, very much so.

Could be masterb8. My critique is the Star Wars thing. Take that out and you'll get real biters.

We need to indoctrinate our(your) children into Critical Chuck theory you chuckphobe.

leftroid raid thread?

Hey Marge! You look like you have something to say! DO you?

All the "leftists" on Yea Forums and /pol/ are just shitposters. Either rightwing/natSoc or apolitical.

trump won

I like how he says they are the democratic candidates as if there was no other way of telling who they were


I like how someone actually looked at the lineup of democratic candidates and got excited

Google 2020 election (its kinda sus)

There are leftists on Yea Forums but they only show up in the designated tranny threads.

Bang Ding Ow

>someone has a different opinion
Why are rightoids so afraid of free speech?

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if the simpsons did trump:
>they do a 'parody' trump speech about his ego or something.
>homer looks confused and says 'hey! this guy IS a clown!'
>the *new* black teacher comes out and punches him in the first
>nelson comes out and says 'what a racist! harhar!'
>bart says 'ay caramba, not a spicy nacho anymore, eh?'
>maggie comes up and sticks a democrat 'vote!' sign on trump's lifeless body


Those people tend to be very emotionally volatile and can't handle being here for more than maybe 20 minutes. Anyone claiming to be one is a right-wing or apolitical edgelord shitposter.

Those messages threatened her family

You ain't gonna stomp shit, you pinko pussy. Trump sucks, but you and your brainwashed kind are even worse, because you suck up whatever propaganda the Deep State shits out - consistently and without question.

Your timeline has flipped.
The left (again: troons fags and kikes, [niggers don’t matter]) can certainly see and feel this.
>fag education
>twitter takeover
>will smith / nigger fatigue
>media fully pozzed
>disney / groomers
>the fag kike leader in ukraine
>can’t kill viable children before they’re born any more
It’s all come crashing down and it’s just starting.

The trannies here are masochists who get off on the constant abuse.


Susan Collins is a fucking nitwit, you can't tie her to us.

People who self-identify as masochists only enjoy pain within the bounds of their personal emotional acceptability. No tranny can actually handle being told they wnbaw, even once. That's why they rely on heavy moderation on their sites.

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Keep acting cute with me boy Imma be all up in yo butt fo real

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leftists are getting naenaed hard as heck itt

The robot line. Nice.

They unironically did not and the police even labelled it a non-threat, but do please keep spreading misinformation and playing the victim card.

>this bait triggered multiple trumptards


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There are no leftists on Yea Forums or /pol/. The only exceptions are the occasional single tourist, but they don't last long.

It's not hard to trigger a group that lives off of outrage culture.

Every single thing on that shirt is factually true

Oh noes. Not a sperg with a dorky shirt.

Please circle which one is you, troon

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you're baiting but there's plenty of lefties who think like this

America is a singular outrage culture because it's politically disintegrating. Let's not pretend it's isolated to one group.

I don't feel so good...

the simpsons has always been typical gen x clinton liberal shit


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who are these ugly goblin creatures and why are they right about everything?

>all those angry hours of frustration and mental warfare
You pasta is gay and cringe, but I’m sure you’re right about this bit

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You literally get a warning if you try to derail a tranny spam thread while the thread stays up with hundreds of replies. Trannies have been slowly infesting the site and has the mods by the balls? /qa/ getting locked down by mods is proof of that.

>two election workers
Are you homosexuals even trying?

So the board is still being set up before the actual game, but as of right now, trannies aren't going to actually hang out in a place that continuously reminds them they wnbaw.


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It wasn't widespread, it was targeted

Being a rightist is simply about feeling superior to others and deserving of a higher position within the social hierarchy on the basis of nothing in particular. There is no consistency within the ideology because every argument is made in bad faith. They say they are for "religious freedom" when in reality they are for Christian exceptionalism. They say they are for "free market economics" when in reality they do not mind if the game is rigged so long as it is rigged in their favor. They claim to stand for personal liberties while simultaneously clamoring to take marriage and abortion rights away from people they deem to be lesser (but don't think for a second that someone like Trump would not finance an abortion if he knocked up some teenage prostitute).

>no replies from any troons and kikes and niggers
Uh oh radical untermensch bros, we got too cocky.

Bruh we need a new President. Somone that actually has some vigor not fucking dementia

We truly do live in a society.

No one is reading your insane screed you filthy fucking troon


Let's be honest, all the hate he received was really unjustified.
He literally did nothing worse than any previous president.

you'd be doing these lead-poisoned illiterates who are genuinely too fucking stupid to tell when someone is just goofing around on the internet a favor. we've let mass /pol/nigger immigration go unchecked for too long.