Is incest hot?

Is incest hot?

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Only if it's two sisters doing stuff with each other and an unrelated male. Also step doesn't count.

It can be, and GoT did an unusually good job normalizing it to the masses. Although you did post the one couple that should have been incestual and somehow managed to avoid it.

only when the sister is a little older and motherly / gentle femdom

I love Emilia

Idk but if that were my sis id fuck her


it's the best
>t.a single child

Only when its an underaged little sister

Incest isn’t hot. What is hot is the natural relationship an older brother typically has on his younger sister which makes incest hot, but if you stop to think about it, it’s pretty gross to think about fucking your family

Very. Who doesn't want to coat their sister's face in cum?

The one argument against it is the children argument and that completely ignores two things.
1) birth control exists
2) it takes several generations of incest to manifest
The other argument is power dynamic such as mother/child or father/child but that in itself isn't against incest, rather it's an argument about abuse of position and grooming.
Is it odd? Sure.
Do i give a fuck if someone wants to bang their sister with consent? No.

Viserys just played with her nipples a little bit, they never fucked.

Sneedcest is the hottest

I'm convinced most incest fetishists never had a sister, the westermarck effect is strong. My dick could not be more flacid at the thought, and this is from someone who spends too much time on this shithole.

You should care. It’s a sign something is wrong with someone who wants to fuck their sister. There should be a natural revulsion to the idea. You’d have to wonder why someone is okay with it. Is it harmless? Sure. But having sex with a dead body is also harmless but something you shouldn’t be okay with someone doing. Again, that’s lacking a natural revulsion even if it’s not explicitly hurting anyone

Most people get off to the fantasy, not necessarily their own family member. Also, the Westermarck effect doesn't necessarily hit everyone, look at Chris-chan. Also there are tons of situations where the effect wouldn't even happen--I have a thing for a close family member that I've spoken to but never met and didn't grow up with.

If it's harmless then it's pointless to get all riled up about it. Who cares if something is "wrong" with someone when it doesn't hurt anyone?

noone actually wants the fuck their sister in the same way nobody actually wants to fuck their mom. it's just a fantasy / a porn set-up for having forbidden fruit

I’m not saying you should get up in arms over it or try to stop them. But I thought your attitude would suggest you’re okay with someone doing it as in you wouldn’t think anything of it. If I knew someone had sex with anyone in their immediate family, or even wanted to, I would distance myself from that person, and want nothing to do with them

>You're getting your cock sucked, kid

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You really underestimate how common place incest is in nature. You only think it's wrong because you've been told to believe it is. Outside of some risks down the line it's not harmful to anyone and I literally don't care what they want to do.
You realise that humans are all related correct? Who do you think those first couple of humans banged?

If you are in any way a normal person who goes out and interact with people you will be interacting with people who do all sorts of things far more troubling and immoral than consensual, adult incest. Being such a massive moralfag over something so minor says more about you than about other people.

This, or two female cousins with unrelated male (me)

You hit the nail on the head, the idea of being a horny teen and sharing the house with another horny teen, having to sneak around or dealing with temptation when left alone is the hot part really, thats why there so much step sis porn, but you dont see porn about doing the 23 and me and finding out your gf is related to you

It’s not about the morals, it’s about the level of disgust. There’s really not a lot of people who do grosser things than lust over their own siblings. You’re treating this like it’s a matter of right or wrong. I find it just disturbing and deeply dysfunctional when I think of someone fucking their sibling. Keep that person out of my life, I like to interact with healthy normal people

>You're not allowed to find your objectively attractive sister hot b-because you're just not OK!

I just don't understand how can a person have a lust over their siblings. I think I can understand if you have a distant cousin that you never see and you never created that much bond with.

>I like to interact with healthy normal people
Get off this website then.

Yep, I want to fuck a mother or sister just not mine. Incest in shows is extremely hot though, Womb is a great movie.

Yeah all this talk about anons finding it disgusting, but lets face it the majority of them are ugly or average looking so their sisters are like a male version of them and also ugly. But what if you had like a prime lohan as sister?

My sisters was a crazy bitch and would have fucked me. It wasn’t hot she was just evil and manipulative. Ended up fucking a bunch of dudes in high school anyways, total whore. My parents did their best to raise her right and it didn’t matter.

I’ve gotten boners from seeing one of my sisters naked a couple times, but I would never want to have sex with them. I agree

if you are fapping to incest then fapping to animals is not far

Not true. I’m kinda ugly, and I don’t have a friend who doesn’t tease me about how hot my sister is. Everyone is always making jokes about my sister being hot. Maybe I’m ugly because I got too many conventional feminine genes

do tell

This is why most people like watching incest but few do it.

The funny thing is I've heard from some people who really did have incest relationships say that it was the similarity that made their relative alluring. But this is normally for people who didn't grow up together. I've sometimes wondered if I could do it for real with the family members I was raised with, I like some well enough but they're just so physically revolting I don't think I could get past it.

To keep this Yea Forums related, any other good incest recommendations?

It’s against my better judgement, but since I’m a good guy I’ll briefly tell one example. I was about 11 or 12, and I was sort of trolling my sister. So I knocked on the bathroom door and then ran away, and hid sort of in my room where she couldn’t see. She walked out of the bathroom completely naked covering her front side with her arms but I saw her ass and then I got a boner

Nah I missed whatever developmental building block is supposed to make you disgusted by the thought of copulating with your sister. Obviously this is the real world and that sort of thing doesn't fly with the vast majority of people, but it is what it is.

Only if they're hot

Did you guys grow up together normally? I get the feeling this is a bit more common than most people like to hear though.

Only when it is kissing and fucking your aunt

>Only if it's two sisters doing stuff with each other and their older brother after conquering an entire continent with dragons while the local religious leaders seethe in anger as you force them to acknowledge your holy marriage


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Not him, but the main reason I’m opposed is just because of the relationship we have. It would make it so weird after that. That’s what would turn me off. I don’t really feel disgust, but I feel an unmistakable desire to not want to because it would be so awkward

Only if they're hot, around the same age and not related to me

More or less. No long periods of separation, no malicious abuse or neglect from our parents. We went from well off to very poor and had to start bathing and living in the same room together for a year, and maybe that imprinted something on me, but we were both still young enough that in theory I should have still come out "normal". Who knows.

Very based

No user, and it's not right either.

Yeah that's what I mean. I think that tends to hold a lot of people back more than the supposed inherent taboo itself.

Interesting. Like I said above this is probably a lot more normal than most people want to admit.

I have a better question. Why do they keep showing these things to us?

>Aegon I married his sisters Visenya and Rhaenys
>Aegon the Uncrowned married his lesbian sister Rhaena
>Maegor I married his lesbian half-niece Rhaena
>Jaehaerys I married his sister Alysanne
>Aemon married his half-aunt Jocelyn Baratheon
>Baelon married his sister Alyssa
>Viserys I married his cousin Aemma Arryn
>Daemon seduced, then fucked and then married his niece Rhaenyra
>Daemon supposedly fucked his bastard daughter Nettles
>Aegon IV married his sister Naerys
>Aegon IV also fucked his cousins Daena and Elaena
>Aegon IV supposedly fucked his bastard daughter and her mother in a threesome
>Alyn Velaryon fucked his "niece" Elaena
>Daeron II could have married his distant cousin Myriah Martell
>Prince Aelor married his twin sister Aelora
>Jaehaerys II married his sister Shaera
>Aerys II married his sister Rhaella
>Prince Viserys wanted to rape his sister Daenerys

why did her face look so much better in the first season

Very well could be. Although I wouldn’t use me as a perfect example. I’m not weird or anything socially. But I’ve done weird shit with my cat before, nothing directly sexual, but I used to jack off in front of it. So I could be slightly out of the ordinary lol. I don’t really know how weird this stuff is. Zoophilia like actually putting your dick into an animal, that I do find gross

Good lord, it's called a family tree, not a family skyscraper

Jews have historically been very incestuous.

Y'know, I never watched this stupid show and after hearing even just a little bit about some of the shit supposedly in it, I'm glad I didn't.

Because the audience wants it. It's the same reason junk food companies sell sugar shit to the masses.

You can watch Veronica Rodriguez and Katya Rodriguez lick each other's assholes.

Aaahhhh yeah, that’s hot. That’s hot

>not wanting a younger sister and bratty femdom

the thought of doing anything sexual with one of my family members is fucking disgusting

but watching other people do it is fucking sexy af

there's that one ancient video with no sound of two red headed identical twin sisters and a guy filming them which is probably the single hottest video ever made, despite the potato quality camera and lack of sound, because of how intimate they are and how much they're clearly into it. the hottest part of the video is just them slow dancing with each other because of how close they are, and then there's a part where they're naked in bed and one of them is rubbing her pussy on her sister's face mouth and the sister is full-on eyes closed french kissing her sister's vag and loving every second of it and nothing has ever made me nut more often

so yeah

I almoat exclusively jerk off to incest porn
I find the taboo incredibly fucking hot
I have five siblings and a loving mother
The idea of getting sexual with them is a complete turnoff
My sister accidentally sent me a picture of her with her tits out
I deleted it shortly after and never jerked off to then or the thought.
My sister is objectively attractive, but i do not like the idea of thinking of her as a sexual being.
My cousins (whom’st i rarely see) on the other hand…

Very much this