Why is he even famous?

why is he even famous?
is it a american thing?
i remember him doing stuff with tom greene long ago, but thats basically it.
was he ever in notable movies or shows?

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he's a fag who can sometimes be funny and take a joke - this rarity alone is enough to make him famous

he's famous for Newsradio and the indirect murder of his co-star from Newsradio

NewsRadio is an underrated gem that deserves to be brought up more

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He’s infamous

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once you get to a certain level of recognizability you can coast on that for the rest of your life.

jesus fucking christ
imagine being in a photo with andy dick and looking like the gayer man

wait, is that joe rogaine in the background?

Maura Tierney was so hot

yes and he's wearing lipstick and a earring

Joe has built a whole new persona in the last 20 years to hide his gayness

the guy is funny and clearly everyone who worked with him thought so. they threw him bones for years despite knowing he was a complete fuckup.

Is he doing anything interesting with ip2?

Dude he raped JJ last night!

who the fuck is JJ?

He's not famous - just a creep people like to laugh at.

Come on now, Phil Hartman doesn't look that gay

Yes. His character in the show is eerily similar to him

A very famous streamer. Andy Dick fed him cocaines and fingered his asshole violently in an RV. It’s on all news networks, you live under rocks?

he looks like someone who's good at fucking

I read it in Norm's voice and i chuckled to myself

im a yuropoor.

Anyone remember the Andy Dick Show on Mtv

Yeah I actually liked it at the time.

yeah i thought it was p funny.

he's very funny


Yep, his Marilyn Manson impersonation is a classic

>a very famous streamer
JJ this is getting sad, don’t you have a tranny to sleep with in NYC?

this is why he's famous
and it was funny

i like his ratm

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no its was actually the ben stiller show


He will always be remembered for his immortal turn as Nuka in the Lion King 2.

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>joe rogan
>andy dick
>phil hartman
what a cursed photo

>it has Phil Hartman too

ah shit, so that's how the andy dick/phil hartman story started

The episode where Joe Rogan fights Andy Dick for charity was truly ahead of its time.

Is there anyone in his family that’s not fucking dead?

His sons

hi hi hi

Damn I'd forgotten about this

I only know him from the talk radio in GTA: San Andreas

lmao those poor kids were whored out in everything huh?

You leftist troons are trying to claim everyone is gay or "non binary" these days. Andy dick is an alpha male

Why do mods always nuke Andy threads? Do they not want to give ip2 faggots view or something? His train wreck of a life is Yea Forums so wtf?

IP2 is enraged at his accusers
This is an interesting turn

Their secret daddy Moot makes sure they all follow the precious gamergate rule of "don't you dare ever do anything in real life or in an organized fashion against anything or anyone and also ban the word SxxxxOY.

He’s the only reason anyone ever watched those pathetic failed YouTuber faggots.

wrong he literally gave them ZERO bump in their stagnant viewership

Why couldn't he just grope more teen girls instead of dudes.

i think he was molested a tons of times by some guy when he was a kid/teen.


nobody likes IP2 streamers, it's a hatewatching experience

I'm kind of surprised these guys didn't kick his ass already.

The producers cast based on height because they didn't want Dave Foley to look like a manlet. Andy Dick was probably the tallest cast member but it's impossible to get mogged by him.

Andy Dick raped at least two different men after giving them roofies in the past month

did you see him do it?

Hey he's pretty funny after all

Actually yes. There's video evidence of the first crime

i see, why did noone call the police tho?

What you call "rape" is just the natural order of things. High test men need to fuck and sometimes that means fucking a tight little boihole. Nothing gay about it, unless you're the one getting fucked.

Cause sonic is a ‘closeted’ (well not really) fag who liked it

yeah so no harm no foul then.

The police interrogation is literally happening as you post

is he in custody then?
tho going to jail could be an erotic fantasy come true for him.

Wasn't Andy Dick in a sketch comedy group with the guy that voices Spongebob

the answer after I researched is no, but he was on The Ben Stiller show with Bob Odenkirk, who was also in Mr. Show with Tom Kenny aka Spongebob. Transitive property etc etc