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Whats your point?
All marines wear those types of tats.

We already know he's the antagonist of Avatar 2 and 3, fella

How? He died.

Somehow, he survived.

Obviously the RDA had his brainscan and DNA on file, made an Avatar for him, and copied Eywa's method for uploading minds straight into the Avatar and used that to stick the brainscan into the blank Avatar.


Is that a scar?

He looks stupid in his Navi body.

But why?

So he can fuck some na'vi up, why else?

Cos he's gigabased

That looks like some mean bush...

>copied Eywa's method for uploading minds straight into the Avatar and used that to stick the brainscan into the blank Avatar.
And then did a copy of his tattoo because uh

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cause kino bruh

>Not grey hair
>Not proportionally muscular

Why even be Quaritch? His signature look is missing so might as well be another character.

They lab drop his DNA into an ocean sample dish and he grows, only to say "so this is The Way of The Water'

He survived worst...

Yeah, this. His blue body looks nothing like him.

No, Quaritch got some nerd with a tattoo gun to do it for him, do you think people are usually born with their tattoos?

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You mean they're not "born this way?"


This is a standard air corps symbol, its the equivalent of getting a marine corp globe, its not unique to him but if he were to be "rebooted" there would be no reason for him not to get it re done, like wise there'd be no reason someone else in the air corps, or say his son if he were a legacy type would not get the same

Quaritch duplicated himself, proving that it's not a transfer but a copy, as all information "transfer" are. This is but one of them, the scout Quaritch.

It's a movie where futuristic humans can thought-control dummy aliens from a faraway galaxy. Bringing him back probably isn't complicated

Fake headcanon.

So the movie can happen

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and then they gave the body a tattoo to match

Ayywa copied him when he hit the ground so she could use him to help her get rid of the blue monkeys on her back because she wanted to play Gameboy Advance.

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do you want to scroll up or do you want to be clowned on like the last user that voiced this stupid thought

no I won't, tell me

Do you believe people are usually born with tattoos? Or do they get a nerd with a tattoo gun to give them a tattoo?

When you've had a tattoo long enough it becomes a part of you and is part of your DNA.

based Lysenkoist

wow now I understand

Did avatar deal with brain scans of dead people being put back into new "bodies" to become alive? kind of like in that game SOMA. I don't remember the movie

No, all the movie does is transferring from one body to the other, main guy permanently leaves his cripple body and gets to inhabit the blue one for real at the end. But nerds have had a decade to theorize and speculate so this is what you get

They put his consciousness into an Avatar or some shit.

they were cloning intelligent life at the start of the movie
im sure their company wouldn't mind spending billions on their greatest asset

you can't just replicate the channels in your brain that cause your thoughts. it's a physical thing as much as it is an electrical thing.
there flat out is no way to transfer someone's mind to another body without also somehow successfully moving the whole brain itself

what capeshit is this?

>some jarhead who argued with the brass as often as he serves them
not an asset the military wants. there's a reason they're recruiting brainless soibois these days, they won't question orders from authority

it's called science fiction because you need fiction for it to work. Daniel Jackson ascended to a form of pure energy. Goku died, went to hell, and fought his way out. These things happen in fiction.

Eywa would pull an evangelion and end it all.

is the other avatar the door gunner?

Watch the film

He will never be a real woman.

The twist will be that his human body from the first movie was actually an avatar.

Remember that it was mentioned that the planet is basically a living biological network that can host DNA and memories and shit. Quartrich's body probably decomposed or his mind got "uploaded" to the planet's system somehow after death, and will be reborn into a new Naa'vi body similar to how Jake was able to transfer his consciousness permanently at the end of the first movie.

oh ive never seen avatar just seen that alien quote with that guys face
didnt know he was from avatar

He's a really cool villain, makes the movie for me

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by the laws of karma, or irony, whatever you want to call it, he was reincarnated as a na'vi as punishment

i don't make the rules, hollywood jews do

is it worth watching for how cool he is

Yeah man it's james cameron, so as usual the story is cookie cutter but it works, and if you like military science fiction there's a lot of cool tech and battles

Because it's not over as long as he's breathing

>I Hate the blue monkeys!
>*becomes a blue monkey

>This is but one of them, the scout Quaritch
For me, it's limited edition Corpocon exclusive Papa Dragon Quaritch

Airborne infantryman here
I know at least seven people with wings down their arms, not including myself

Probably the only way to make his return interesting outside of the simple fact he's back from the dead.

he got better

Seriously thougj, do you think it will all build up to something, or will every movie just be about evil humans coming back and getting btfo by the noble savages every time?

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