>but with alien cat people

This is literally a one to one translation. Why do people like this dogshit movie?

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>muh special effects
That’s it. The same reason people like Michael Bay flicks.

threads like this are the main reason.

I'm a simple man. I see a giant robot fighting a giant monster and then stabbing it to death, I have a good time.

Literally watch any mech anime and you'll get that with better action and cinematography.

>but thinly veiled
That's the only thing normies can come up with to shit on Avatar

Anything that attacks industrialization, capitalism, America as an institution, etc. is fine by me. I was reading the editorial bashing this movie by some paytriot writer, Devvy Kidd, saying "this is anti-American propaganda portraying destruction of the environment and indigenous people as bad things!" Last time I checked those are bad things bitch

>story familiar therefore story bad


Movie is bad because not only is it a ripoff but what exactly is good about it? The CGI is shit and hasn't aged well at all and the story beats and execution are just bland.

People only jerk this off because it's David Hack Cameron.

Yes I also like to watch anime.

>The CGI is shit

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Where did I say anything about racism? Holy fuck, it lives in your head rent free.

I know he's a cunt, but he has nothing to do with Avatar.

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Based Cameron helped destroy movie theaters.

>Attendance is down because of a steep rise in ticket prices, heavily due to a surge in 3-D screenings, which cost a few dollars more than regular movie admissions.

finance.yahoo com/news/Summer-dollars-rise-apf-724144116.html?x=0&.v=4

>Despite the higher ticket prices, which has prompted one prominent media analyst this week to call on the movie industry to scale back on the number of 3D movies it has planned because demand for them is lessening and 3D is "not the panacea which Hollywood studios hoped it would be"

deadline com/2010/12/warner-bros-wins-2010-market-share-years-box-office-grosses-wont-set-record-should-moguls-reduce-number-of-3d-movies/

No, you specified that the similarity of this thing to another thing made it bad, and nothing else. Your calling my post a strawman is a strawman. Now you're moving the goalpost.

Congratulations for making the same comments people made 12 years ago

>people aren't coming to see our movies in theaters
>let's make it more expensive!

>The CGI is shit

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>inference without asking to elaborate is somehow goal post moving

Maybe instead of assuming things you should you know, ask people to contextualize what they mean?

No wonder Yea Forums is dead, hyper autistic people can't into subtext.

>half this thread is a single poster
Holy fuck how assmad can you even be about a movie? It's good, people like it, get over it marvelcel

>Why do people like this dogshit movie?
Because it is like Pocahontas but with alien cat people :)

It's not because they're a few dollars more expensive, it's because no one wants to watch 3D movies.

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>they think they can hurt a movie that sits at the very top of the box office.

Film shot on 3d =/= lazy post conversion jobs

Are 'they' in the room with us right now user?

LOTR cgi looks better than Ava-

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>watch any mech anime
>better action and cinematography.

lol, most anime isn't even fully animated for fuck's sake.

>he watches nu-anime


>they unironically called it unobtainium

Honestly, I think Pocahontas get's more points for that alone. Gold at least makes sense in context, what retard wrote the script for that movie?

>better action and cinematography
weebs have zero taste

>cherrypick out of context
>zero taste

See, user I can do it too. You have zero taste.

Just fess up to being a retard already. Embrace it, you'll have better interactions with people. Consider wearing a sign that lets people know they're dealing with a slow person.

Did you make up an imaginary version of Avatar in your head and that's why you hate it so much?


>no you're wrong because I saw so

Okay retard, evidentially social interactions must be too hard for you, if you go on the defensive and can't into conversations especially on an image board.

>a general catchall term is applicable to a discovered material

So is space, unexplorableium? Wow, guess it must be.

>Maybe instead of assuming things you should you know, ask people to contextualize what they mean?
I genuinely don't think I have ever read a more reddit sounding phrase on here


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It was a very immersive 3D film, impressive on the level of those Disney World 3D experiences. That's really it. The story isn't great, the characters aren't memorable but the 3D was both.

Nobody cares about Pocahontas sorry Nigel Wong

>defaults to /pol/cel arguments

Kek, guess I won.

3D movies don't add anything to the quality, in fact it often detracts from it. You might be a bit young to remember this but 3D movies were designed primarily for childrens movies. The method is completely irrelevant.

it's about a guy who has nothing to live for finding a new lease on life by reconnecting with the natural world
pocahontas has noting to do with anything like that

nigger write your posts better instead of expecting others to ask you contextu- i'm sorry i can't even type it it sounds so up its own ass

More like "Dances With Aliens", but yeah.


More like
>Dances With Wolves in Space


>make a post explaining it's similar to pocahontas
>infers something without understanding

Lmao, aren't you retards supposed to be smarter than redditors?

but 3D is a unique selling point, cinemas have nothing left to offer

the term is terra incognita

>interstellar space travel to places lightyears away would only be possible with a theoretically impossible material called unobtainium
>if people actually found it it would obviously be impossible for people to call it that!

Only redditors complain about /pol/

Ummmmmmm o-kaaaay, that is VERY cool, but have you, like, um, considered the fact that you could stop being such a fucking shitwaffle?

>philistine missed Ang Lee kino

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>implying people don't name themselves or give something names after discovering it

Did you think all those terms for discovered places or phenomenon just get magically plucked from thin air?

You make a movie and do as much as possible to destroy your suspension of disbelief with lazy hack writing.

>make a post arguing that the story sucks because it's similar to another story
>user replies that stories can be good and unoriginal
>gets mad because user should have recontextualized something something
Look nigga. If there is missing context from your OP, either think about your OP better next time, or explain the fucking context now, but for the love of god stop crying because people don't magically read your mind and guess what you meant instead of what you typed

you know why he called it unobtanium? it's pretty clear if you watch the film where all the lore is explained by Sully who's a dumbass and brushes things off with "uh the na'avi are like this for some reason, I don't know"
it's because Cameron isn't making a movie for star trek nerds, he called it unobtanium deliberately because it'd be like calling it "mcguffin", he doesn't CARE about the nitty gritty details of the literary lore because that's not what the focus is


>If I admit to being a hack then it's okay

Lmao, imagine being a fucking retard and admitting the movie is bad because the director admitted it in the movie.

This. People can buy giant, crystal clear televisions and decent sound systems for a good price and have a cinema experience for less people in their own living rooms. The movies that do well in theaters these days need to be spectacles.

he's signalling to you that it doesn't matter

Burden of proof is on you not me. I explain my point, his inference was wrong.

His argument was an incredibly reductionist view of what I said. Not my fault he didn't bother asking to explain and jumped the gun, sounds like his own fault for being presumptuous.

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I'm sorry I thought you weren't too retarded to understand a simple point. I'll try again, let me know if I should make it more simple
>Unobtainium: Name for thing that make you do impossible stuff like go to place very far away
>in movie: humans find thing that make you do impossible stuff like go to place very far away
>in movie: humans name that stuff after Name for thing that make you do impossible stuff like go to place very far away

Pocahontas is Disney and people shit themselves over damn near any Disney movie

I'm sorry I thought you weren't too retarded to understand a simple point. I'll try again, let me know if I should make it more simple.

>Make a movie
>movie is entertainment to suspend your disbelief
>remove any notion of wordbuilding or engrossment by basically saying 'we don't care'

Star Trek nerds be seething over unobtainium and ignoring the elaborate flora and fauna but are fine with their props clearly being painted vacuum cleaners n shiet. I guess that’s what you focus on when your eye doctor gave you the wrong prescription.

>Burden of proof is on you not me.
>an incredibly reductionist view of what I said.
What you said is movie bad because movie similar. Scroll up. Read your OP. If you have more to say, instead of pissing your pants because people didn't ask you to elaborate, you elaborate in the first place.
Nobody cares about your opinion. Nobody thinks highly of you. If you have something to say, say it.

Not an argument

>instead of pissing your pants because people didn't ask you to elaborate, you elaborate in the first place.

I posted first and then you post afterwards and ask. Easy right? Apparently not, remember user language is a limiting factor for conveying information.

>Nobody cares about your opinion. Nobody thinks highly of you.

I don't think highly enough of you to explain myself when you don't even do the due courtesy to not assume. Kill yourself brainlet.

>His argument was an incredibly reductionist view of what I said.
No it wasn't. I restated exactly what your OP says more efficiently and then questioned ("huh?") the obvious lack of reasoning.