How did she like her coffee again?

How did she like her coffee again?

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Big Black and Throbbing

Even when the jokes are supposed to be reprehensible and shocking I still find them offensive. Please refrain from making this thread any more times

the joke is that being a mudshark is disgusting


>taking men
She broke bucks at such a tender age?

this, even "ironic" cuckposting destroys you spiritually

hahaha niggers

This. Filtered

I guess the streaming release is scrubbed clean of all offensive jokes.
The movie is now 2 minutes long.

black, like her men
did any of you retards watch the movie?

>when the jewish producer whips his cock out


fucking kike humor.
>YouTube Kids enabled

For me it's coffee that's a black as the night and refreshingly cold after being left out for the night. Incidentally I like my women just the same.

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this but without a hint of irony


I remember watching this years ago and being indifferent towards it. I’m still indifferent but I just know that /pol/ Jew conspiracy people had a field day with this clip.

Why don't you just ask them instead of letting them lease a room in your head at no cost?

Movie?! That's just the girl from the image macro who uses a Tripcode because she believes people care what she thinks. She's been on Yea Forums for like a decade now.

What a piece of shit jewish movie. Overwhelmingly jewish humor.

What is it with the 70s and Jewish people suddenly obsessing over nigger penises?

This movie was written by Jewish script writers btw.

Hard and niggerish, like the cocks she fucks.

Why would I care to ask them? I just saw the post and thought about how it’s kinda funny that some people would react a certain way.

I like my coffee like I like my women. Wet and unable to call the police.

>a white girl wanting BBC used to be considered edgy
now it's just reality

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I am ashamed to say I got hard when she said that

>hmmhmmmmmrrrgrrr r-rent f-f-freeeeeeee
Why is this always the de facto response from obvious /pol/ tourists?

>seethe about /pol/ for no reason
>point it out
way to out yourself, tranny

Yep. This is funny because it was entirely ridiculous in the late 70s that a white girl would want to fuck a groid.

Why would a small prepubescent child randomly bring up what kind of men she likes to have sex with? Seems like an out of left field statement. Was she a victim of rape and trafficking?

>Commander Data trying to understand humor.jpg
Somebody call Joe Piscopo.

Jewish humor. Yids rape kids

Rent Free

>Joey, have you...

>I like my coffee like I like my women. Wet and unable to call the police.
Now this is comedy.

theyre hornier than mainstream christian media and culture makes it out to be. in olden days kids weren’t even really a thing, this obsession with childhood purity is a modern american thing. it’s not uncommon for youn girls to experiment with black men

With a side of puerco pibil

Two small children having an adult conversation is, I believe the joke. Children also don't tend to wear suits and drink coffee.

>kids weren’t really a thing

You’re retarded. They started younger in the olden days but also wouldn’t have intercourse until they were generally old and mature enough to safely give birth so around 15-16. They might be wed to a man when they were younger, perhaps at 12 or 13 but this was more about the greater social implications and tying two families together.

>janny still hasnt cleaned up
Do I have to get this thread purged myself or…..

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Exactly. It's a harmless joke, but of course, 2016 ruined this site.

lot of child molestation jokes in this movie.

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It’s just quite Semitic don’t you think ?

kids say the darndest things...

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Kek, Masha takes them black too. Well, Sergei wasn't black, but the dildos were. And fucking massive too.

Uh, she's dating a white boy, chud.

Push it for long enough and it will happen. That's an important lesson the movie told us.

Classic (((Zucker))) (((Abrahams))) (((Zucker))) production.

They didn't push it at all. The idea was intended to revolt moviegoers and did. Go back to /pol/, you schizo faggot.

Nothing hotter than a girl that knows what she likes.

That's not supposed to be edgy.
Its supposed to be absurd.

You seem to know a lot of child porn user.

is there a more kino pairing then big black adult sized cock and tiny underaged white girls? I think not


vaush bros we did it

Some of us are a bit more worldly than others, user

>I'm a newfag and there's nothing you can do about it

And the long nose outs himself.


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i've never seen airplane

police squad is good, would i like airplane?

I'm having terrible nausea at the moment, is there anything I can do or take?