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>Damn, I thought I was going to get my own Italian titcow.

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>that hair
More like
>Dayum this honey bussin fr fr, I low key finna try to hit it on god

So which lovely young and up in coming white actress will play Hazel?

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>Fugly white boy gets cute black girl

Whats the problem? Would you rather a Black guy dating a white blonde girl?

The casting and merging characters was unironically the least problem with the movies.
Movie Annabeth isn't blond, and she was okay. Grover's actor brought much-needed energy and I never had issue with his blackwashing. Movie Percy's actor was literally what I imagined the book Percy looked, minus some clothing choices.

Remind me who is Hazel? Is that the oracle?

She's a daughter of Pluto from the 2nd part of the series after The Last Olympian.
Where they introduce Roman demigods.

She ain't blonde but you don't know about the Beckendorf/Silena relationship in the books eh

Saw it last night on Twatter and made some posts that'll probably get my ass banned and free me from that hell hole until Musk becomes top feller in charge.
It is low bar pandering and I am surprised that a lot of people were shitting on it. Also the same retards defending it as usual, even Rick himself but I ain't really thought much of him in a long time. If I ever did at all.
I'll just re-read the first series and read/write some fanfiction where I'll be sure to remind the readers of how white Annabeth is.
Was just getting back into that kind of stuff after playing Hades

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What was the deal with Roman forms? Hades took "Pluto" form and fucked some woman because this "Pluto" form is different.

>I'll just re-read the first series and read/write some fanfiction where I'll be sure to remind the readers of how white Annabeth is.
Surely your fanfic includes sex-scenes? I mean what even is the point of fanfic without sex scenes?

The romans worshipped the gods in a diferent way so they eventually took a diferent form, usually they were more inclined to war than their greek forms. So yes Hades took his Pluto form and fucked a woman so she is roman.

The Greek Gods and Goddesses adopted 'Roman' versions when the Roman Empire came into power since if you don't know or remember the founders of Rome are Remus and Romulus alongside survivors from Troy which also worshiped the Greek Gods/Goddesses.

In their Roman forms they become more militaristic and some other stuff. Though some of the deities took a step back. Like Athena and Poseidon weren't as worshiped or some shit as Minerva and Neptune. Minerva kind of got replaced with Bellona in the war goddess department.

In the series IIRC Apollo can of stays the same whenever he is in his Roman form as he didn't even get a name change.

Back in the 20th century before the oath where the big three couldn't have any more demigod kids (I wonder if there was a bet on how long it took Zeus to crack and break it) Hades in his Pluto form banged a mortal chick and had Hazel. Hazel died, sacrificing herself to prevent Gaea's rise for several more decades and she came back to life after Nico helped her escape through the Doors of Death which were being held open because Thanatos's ass was in chains. Nico was trying to get Bianca but she had already went on the path of reincarnation so he nabbed a half sister instead.

Its been a while since I read the series so I may be wrong or misremembering some details.

the wiki may be of better service.

The reason it's getting more pushback than normal is because Riordan was very vocal about his dislike of the hollywood adaption, and how being shunted out meant they fucked up easily corrected details such as her hair.
The fact he's bending over for a full on race lift when he's got more control highlights the double standard.

Kek. Ao3's philosophy right there.

Oh? Interesting.
More often than not I get worried when I hear about x thing I like/liked getting an adaptation in le current year because its a wonder of "how badly will they fuck it up"
Honestly, like with the Halo show, I just hope it all goes the route Netflix's Cowboy Bebop went.

Christ Americans just all look like twinks nowadays

What are you putting in the water?


How does that make any sense?
Zeus fucked Leda as a swan, but she still gave birth a human demigods.


I expect Cerberus to rape Annabeth in your retelling of Lightning Thief

Zeus turned into a swan and had greek demigods
Jupiter turns into a swan and have roman demigods

They just change personality and might be know more for diferent things
Hades is more know as the god of the underworld/dead, pluto on the other hand is know as the god of wealth. Nico a greek demigod have more powers over the dead, Hazel a roman demigod have more powers over the wealth of the earth

Hazel can literally summon gemstones. Her mother really liked that.

So, it is like an alter-ego?

Oh and this just doesn't mean Annabeth is black. Either her dad is black or Athena is now black.

Yes. Kind of split personality, kind of not. It's weird. When the Roman and Greek demigods meet (usually ends in conflict) the Olympians start flipping back and forth between forms and apparently can cause GODLY migraines.

Annabeth step-mom is supposed to be asian and Annabeth used to believe that her step-mom hated her. That will be fun to see.

At least edge chronicles, old kingdom and keys to the kingdom will never be ruined.
My adolescence is safe.

That does sound like alter-ego, does Zeus also have Odin as alterego?

>does nothing wrong for the entire series
cast him

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This. The big issue was they paid literally no attention to the book plot at all, which was pretty much made to be a movie.

Daddario with died blonde hair is basically how Annabeth is supposed to look, even down to the grey eyes. Grover was the character that needed the most work in the books so bringing changes to him I don’t think bothered anyone that much. At the very least it didn’t feel like they were intentionally trying to blackwadh it.

If they’d literally just followed the book plot it would’ve been a decent movie. I guess Percy Jackson is just destined to never get a decent adaptation.

I saw the first Logan movie as a teen and I kinda liked it(I wasn't aware of the books). Also thought Dadarrio was hot as fuck and its hilarious that the black dude was in tropic thunder

Nah the Norse deities are their own thing in the Magnus Chase (Annabeth's cousin) books.

That's the rub ain't it? Doesn't Percy basically say in The Last Olympian that the reason so many minor deities and loads of demigods joined up with Luke is because his opinion on the Olympians wasn't really wrong.
For some it seems they stuck with the Olympians because they were the devil they knew vs Kronos being the devil they didn't.

The black dude seemed to totally vanish after doing Tropic Thunder and these movies. It's like Michael B Jordan stole his career or something.

I can't wait for the scene of Percy asking Poseidon if he did rape Medusa in Athena's temple

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Guy on the top left looks like the son of the midget from Bad Santa.

Don't worry lad. Rachel will be a black lady too. She's a red haired green eyed white girl after all.

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The girl who ends up being the oracle is Rachel. She’s a redhead so I can’t wait to see what kind of goblina they cast for her.

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That part of the series I think was really decent writing. There are no outright good guys, like Kronos is a clear cut bad guy sure but his followers had great reasons actually to follow him. And it matches the mythology too. One of my takeaways after reading The Iliad was Zeus was the most worshipped god because he was the strongest not because he was good. Hera and Poseidon were shown in better lights then Zeus who came off as an asshole who wanted to prolong the fight for arbitrary reasons. Even the gods that supported the Trojans seemed better then Zeus, even though the story has a clear Greek bent to it.

This is all completely unlike in Harry Potter where it’s very heavy handed about good guys vs bad guys.

>Whats the problem?
that problem is that she is white in the books


Oh no

the hivemind is real user :)


>child of a white God

She should at least be a little whiter skinned even if her mom is full on black

>Zeus was the most worshipped god because he was the strongest not because he was good
The ancient Greeks, especially around the time of the Illiad and the Odyssey, valued warrior strength above most everything else. It's something that persisted for centuries, in fact; for a very long time Odysseus was seen as a poor and unlikeable hero because he was more cunning than outright strong like Achilles
It's something I really appreciate about Riordan's early books in retrospect. Even though he was writing for kids and massively modernising the mythicsl stories and characters, he was always pretty faithful to the ideas and the predominant characterisation. It got me and my siblings into mythology from a young age, and I'm betting it sparked that in a lot of other kids too.


They'll probably try the "b-but they're gods and can look however they want!" schtik

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Before Jewish morality took over the West, a good person was literally defined as someone who was the most powerful and strong. Being meek and cowardly is what made you a shitty person even if you were outwardly polite and harmless. Definitely an interesting juxtaposition. It’s a similar story with Prometheus who essentially fulfills the role of the serpent in the Bible, except Prometheus is respected because he defied a greater power and told them to fuck off and gave humans power in doing so.

>It got me and my siblings into mythology from a young age, and I'm betting it sparked that in a lot of other kids too.
It got me interested in it for damn sure

I think the reason this is a slightly bigger thing than most raceswappings is because Annabeth's blondeness was something that was always brought up in descriptions of her and because it was a way of having her go against the 00s stereotype of the dumb blonde

Give it up for the guy. Thanks for the fire Prometheus.

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Kronos in general was a kino villain. Very boilerplate BBEG but still kino.
>mfw Percy and the gang are near Tartarus in the first book and can fucking feel his essence and his labored breathing
>mfw Kronos literally uses ZA WARUDO in the fifth book

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The best part is the author claims Annabeth's casting had nothing to with race swapping, they simply interviewed a thousand girls and found the actress that best characterized the character.

Which is such bullshit. In reality, if it wasn't to be this negress, it was going to some other negress, it was never going be a white girl. He didn't even have the balls to say, "Yeah, we did this because of modernization and representation". Or have to decency to shut-up about the casting.

Only people who resemble the character should be at a casting for said character.
You're right.

same user? why post same picture twice?

I agree. Of all Riordan’s series Kronos was done the best. He doesn’t shy away from going all out with the BBEG thing while also making him intelligent and giving him a legitimate narrative for why titan would be better then the gods.

Gaia’s actions were just fucking bizarre. She started off as kinda intimidating, but I think Riordan messed up by making her too powerful. She only seemed to do shut that made her look more evil but didn’t actually hurt the heroes that much.

The emperors in the Apollo series were actual dogshit that I don’t even want to get into.

Wtf happened to Riordan’s writing? He wasn’t bad in the og series and probably peaked in The Last Olympian. The first couple HOO books were ok but quickly fell off in quality. Did he just get rich and stop caring?

I posted it first. I guess the other user just had the same idea.
Its not a surprise. The user being replied too asked if Hazel was the Oracle. I remembered after reading it that Rachel is the Oracle and she's a white, red haired, green eyed girl. So by law she is demanded to be a she-boon or latinx girl in live action portrayals.

I think Rick suffers from continuing the story when it didn't need to be continued. I haven't read the Apollo series yet, I'll pirate it now though.

That's what really irks me about it. I'd honestly respect him more if he just said "yeah we wanted to cast a black girl in the role". He's not even tried to weasel out of it like Rowling did by claiming she could always be read as black
Instead he's just kind of been like
>"I want this new adaptation to be more accurate to the books and we didn't go into casting intending to choose a black girl, but at the same time we ultimately chose a black girl and if you don't like it because it's innacurate to the book then you're just racist"

Also Rick apparently didn't like the Lerman movies because it wasn't accurate. Now he has more control, supposedly, and they cast a black girl to play a gray eyed BLONDE white girl. So which is it Rick?

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