ITT: only the breasts of the breasts of Yea Forums

ITT: only the breasts of the breasts of Yea Forums

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Name of the left?

Betty Gilpin

Really? What movie?

Are Betty's fake, bros?
My gut sadly says yes but i've never seen her with anything smaller and she's been on tv and film for a good 12-15 years at this point


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tv show, Nurse Jackie.

I think that's from the show nurse jackie if I'm not mistaken.
are you asking who's on the right? That's Sydney Sweeney

>are you asking who's on the right? That's Sydney Sweeney
Kek no I meant right as an affirmative but thanks anyways


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Only the breast breast.

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Spat in the face of God and got a reduction.
She doesn't deserve to be itt

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Thanks senpai


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so true. guess we gotta give thanks for the time we had with them before they got mutilated.

What milk goddess is this?

>be amateur actor
>pass the audition for a new film
>"so user, your character is a young stud who gets seduced by the protagonist - no other than our main actress sydney sweeny."
>"she just arrived on set, ready yourself! She will drop her bath rub and mount you."
>Any directions sir?
>"yes on my mark start sucking her tits as hard as you can. remember it's not real sex though"

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iiiitttttsss booba time!
imma watch some glow when i get home later

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I thought she had bigger boobs

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The funniest part is that tv and film 'intimacy coordinators' literally say this shit for a living and get paid stupid money for it.

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>Literally the very first scene of the very first episode
Cruel tricks by Netflix. Fantastic tits but I don't think she ever got them out again.

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she hit wall anyways if you look up pics from the last week on her instagram

Hands down bad pussi from GoT

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>Fat jealous Asian woman in the back

Amber Turd?

With tits like this why didn’t she become bigger?

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Aimee Lou Wood

>long press
>save to photos

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too bad Diddario casted Deflaitio

Its better with audio due to her sexy bong accent

Um, is there a reason why most of those are white women?

Because white women are less likely to be overweight unlike nogs or beaners, and have bigger tits than chinks.

Black *clap clap* women *clap clap* y'all need *clap clap* to have *clap clap* better titties *clap clap*

Sort of sacrilege not to have Sophie Rundle in amongst this.
I'd get rid of either Lily James or Kate Mara personally.

Bong genes

don't have a jpg/gif on me, but nick sobotkas girl is thetv boobs GOAT

There are considerably fewer minority women in Western films historically.

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Judie foster?

shes not even old lol. shes only 27

That’s not funny though. Being able to say shit like that without making anyone uncomfortable basically requires one to be a eunuch.

...or a woman.
It's basically free money for a Hollywood-connected woman. mg0wvIt's not like you need a degree in 'Telling actors how to have sex studies'

woops, accidentally typed the captcha in the answer, meh you get the idea.

Most people would immediately marry a woman who can say shit like that matter-of-factly

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It’s a collage of attractive women, user.

I dunno that wasn't in my contract I want double the money