Aaaaannnnddd cancelled

>Aaaaannnnddd cancelled.
>Not for being racist or being a perv.
>But for sticking up for his wife.

His wife ruined him.

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>user gets confused about whether he hates women or not in mid-post

>replacing a black actor with a light skin halfie
yeah....disney, this ain't it chief


Which franchise is the Rock stealing from him?

>replacing the whitest black guy in Hollywood with litty Samoan kino

It's better this way

>>But for sticking up for his wife
You mean assaulting someone on live tv?

He clearly overreacted, Will Smith is a beta bitch. No one told him to slap Chris Rock

When I was young I always thought The Rock was pure white. Then I learned his dad was black and though oh that's weird, then I learned his mom was Pacific Islander and I was like wtf.

TIL theyre making Alladin 2

There's a Family Guy joke about that. In fact, there's a Family Guy joke about most things

What Iconic role? Popeye?

but Yea Forums said it was staged

Oh no, a shitty actor might get replaced with a worse actor in a shitty sequal to a shitty live action remake nobody wanted in the first place, and nobody liked. Oh no, that suuuuucks.

Aladdin 2. Would anyone really miss it, if they just didn't make it?

I like the pics they chose. The Rock smug smiling at a weeping Will Smith.


thats Robin William's iconic role, Smith was just a diversity hire imitation.

I'm aware of that autist, thus the 'shitty live action remake nobody wanted". Try to keep up.

>his wife ruined him
nigga ruined himself for being so insecure that he had to try and prove himself a man like that

never want to see this shit stain again, and if i do see him in the street i'll make myself throwup on him and call it an accident

Dwayne is an honorary white, nignog.

>then I learned his mom was Pacific Islander and I was like wtf
If you are thinking "wtf" to yourself, it shows your utter lack of knowledge on pacific islander males.

>Aladin 2
I can't believe these live action adaptations actually make enough profit to justify a sequel

Whole blowback from this was because of the context. Were at a ceremony, comedian telling jokes everybody is open target. Physically assaulting someone over ehat happened and in the context is beyond inappropriate. He is going to think twice before chimping out and making all the jews scared to attend their vanity show

on the bright side for will he's still filthy rich right so he can live it up while he waits for his redemption arc to kick in

ps I really like will and hope him the best
double ps fuck his wife

There's a lot more going on than that, I suspect. I have a relative that worked on Jada's tv show, and has stories for days how difficult it was to work with both of them - Will would show up and start demanding script changes and camera shots, when he had no involvement in the show at all - he was propped up by everyone kissing his ass and $cientology protecting him.

With Hollywood and $cientology backing away from him, he has a bad time coming up. There's tons of stories about both of them, and their lifestyle, that wil come out without Hollywood and $cientology lawyers protecting them.

Tabloids will be feeding on this for a long time.

two years and all will be forgiven

His son's friend was the one sticking up for her.

>>But for sticking up for his wife.
Yeah I can't believe Chris Rock made some milquetoast joke about her hair instead of just fucking her.

It's time for halfies to shine, boyo. Smith is too black for current audiences, you might even consider The Prince of Bel Air offensive nowadays. Even Shark Tale had its moments

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The rock should have been the genie in the aladin live action. Will trying to imitate robins genie was a mistake. The genie should have been characterised differently and been a chad bully making fun of alis betaness.

Chris isn't into men.

Bonus - his ex-wife was a QT.

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would it be this bad if things were reversed (chris slapping will for joking about his wife)?

It's not his first time slapping person in public and it's not like he was stalked or followed like some famous people. At least now everyone knows what kind of hack he is.

There's tons of pacific islanders where I live. I just never really thought about the resemblance until I leaned that his mother is one of them, but I can see it now. Genetics are just a funny thing.

immagine being the rock and not being in a marvel movie even the directors of marvel films think the shlock they are pushing is so absured that they cant breath life into it disgusting

>The Rock as Genie
oh god oh no oh god

he took himself down from the friendly black fella everyone at the office can agree on to just another nigger in one flick of the wrist.

>His wife ruined him
Hollywood is a show and he knows. he took the bait and now he's gotta honk honk all the way through celebrity hell until another idiot gets under the spotlight

>my poor sweet innocent wacky goofy zaney little black boy ruined by evil mastermind black woman
The gender divide between black people is gonna be so fucking funny, man, god. They deserve it, genuine hate for niggas after last decade. Get absorbed, American niggas.

The live action versions make twice the amount the animated versions did.

>stand up for your wife
>get called a cuck
>don't stand up for your wife
>get called a cuck

There was no way to win

It's not that he stood up for his wife, it's that he stood up for his wife who openly discusses fucking her sons friends and mocked him to his face on her podcast about it.

Why does everyone have to shit on Will for making one mistake? He's already apologized and by holding grudges like this we don't allow people room to grow. Everyone makes mistakes, let's correct those mistakes and move on from them.

Cause he’s black.

>There was no way to win
He could've divorced Jada after their "open marriage" became public knowledge

he doesn't curse in his songs. no cred fr fr

>thirty years of inflation
We’re rich!

If he did nothing it would've blown over like every other roast ever told at an awards ceremony.

>uhm on second thought, black on black violence bad plus you defending your wife is a misogynist trope of the lady in distress

the original animated movies have probably made exponentially more money in home releases and march than the live actions could ever dream of, nevermind the role they play in the theme parks which essentially print money for Disney

>Becomes a cuck
>Doesn't leave wife
>Doubles down on being a cuck
>World treats him like a cuck
What was he expecting?

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That drug cartel money wont wash itself

Will needs to get himself a white Instgram model once this is all done.

>>don't stand up for your wife
>>get called a cuck
yeah no considering she fucks other men and their family friends I think not standing up for her was totally in the cards and nobody would give will shit for it.

>stand up for your wife
>get pussy whipped into a televised nigga moment by an unfaithful woman
Same thing, right?

his career has been circling the drain for ~10-15 years and his personal life has been tarnishing his legacy for the last 5. it was just the push the world needed to let go. maybe he can salvage some of his self-respect and stop living like such a retard when the spotlight isn't on him.

>Replacing mediocrity with mediocrity
How is this considered news?

Don't have a wife

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So which character with a secret past who's a recluse keeping to himself but warms up to the other major character and midway through the movie has his secret revealed, seemingly falters near the end and then returns triumphant thanks to the power of friendship, ending the movie with a setup for a sequel, is he stealing?

Men in Samoan, the alien shit

haven't seen the first one, forgot it even existed, so no. NO ONE will replace based robin