Do you watch children's media?

do you watch children's media?

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He's got a good point, Return of the Jedi is more mature and important to politics than anything the right wing media puts out.

George Lucas called them children's movies you nigger.

Well what was he talking about ?

Why is the up arrow in the second comment orange? Does it mean a lot of people liked it?

when biden won

No, it means the redditor that posted the pic personally upvoted it

its a kids movie

Are there Star Wars fans that are truly unaware it's for kids?

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Yes. They're the only place to find good waifu candidates these days.

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It means it was upvoted by whoever took the screenshot. Before that, it had -1 votes.

posting reddit or twitter screencaps should be bannable

They truly believe that marvel, video games and cartoons are for adults.

I am OP and I agree

It's YMS! I can't believe it's you! Standing here! Next to me! Can I have an autograph?

Half yes, half no.

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it means OP is a whiny redditor who is screenshotting their own posts after a single person downvoted them

Excuse me, those are FEMALE dogs. I may be a zoophile, but I am not gay.

No user that is not how reddit works actually! What this means is that whoever made that comment was at -1 and OP upvoted it bringing it to 0. Its okay to be stupid but try not to be so sure of yourself when doing so

>do you watch children's media?
I would unironically watch Dora the Explorer and Max & Ruby on TV before school.
I was either a Sophomore or Junior at the time when watching them.

*airplane modes behind you*

As if bans matter

whenever you post something it automatically upvotes your own post, that's why it starts at 1 instead of 0. op is just a whiny baby

Only when I’m 6 beers and 3 shots in and realized I stumbled home drunk with shitty food again and want to punish myself for being a degenerate. Then I’ll toss the food and put on a movie that used to make me smile.

so basically ukraine is harry potter and russia is voldemort

also another tell is the reply says 'now' which means the person who took the screenshot was checking replies to their own posts


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I watch this all day

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I wish this board would get some new bait. There used to be a half decent meme at least once a month, now it's the same shit day after day, for literally years at a time

When people in influential positions refuse to use their platform to speak truths to power, their silence becomes violence against marginalized groups. Therefore, anything that isn't far-left is intrinsically far-right Christofascist-adjacent media. Return of the Jedi is basically Nazi propaganda in that regard considering there isn't a single mention of how evil Drumpf is.

you can thank our moderators for that. they only keep the off topic threads they like so that they can control which shitposts stay and which don't.

You have 1 but the upvote on your own post does not show up.
or that they came across the interaction as it happened :|

They really do make the board worse, closer and closer to reddit every day

Based. Star Truck is for queers

Smeagle would hate on star wars since there is no rings in them.

>You have 1 but the upvote on your own post does not show up.
if you're going to disagree at least don't be wrong about it like some dumb fuck

My based and redpilled wife.

that's the idea. the head mod of Yea Forums works for an advertising company which aggregates trends in online communication. he sells that data to studio marketing departments.

I remember being a self-righteous teenager/young adult being sometimes mad that adults were just fucking around. I wonder when she'll realize she's basically not achieving anything, and what she'll do then. Maybe when you're such a public figure you never get there.

You suck at satire.

>actually believing that anybody in marketing cares about a dying website filled with unemployable neets and pirates
There's a reason moot sold this place for virtually nothing, and it isn't because he was sitting on a treasure trove of valuable data

I'd fucking marry her in a heartbeat. She must fuck like an absolute animal

last children's media i've consoomed was the lord of the rings.


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I think she's a sperg or turboautist or something, probably won't ever realize.

doesn't matter. if our mods had a useful or marketable career then he wouldn't waste another second policing this website. but he doesn't, he's working at a Z-list shithole datamining company. all he can do is convince other suckers that this data is valuable.

a few years ago someone from an ad agency spoke at a Burger King ad event and cited Yea Forums as a place where data needs to be tabulated. it's bullshit, everyone here knows it, but they're trying to sell it to marketing departments as gold.

>did you just call HECKIN STAR WARS for kids????

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>'It's women's turn to lead.'
>'We don't need men.'
>'Men need to step back and let women handle things'
>'No wait, stop. Stop playing video games and watching Star Wars, solve our problems.'

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wtf I love Great now

surprised there's no ToT posting around Greta on Yea Forums given that she's an adult but still looks like she's 11.

She's more of a mild sperg that's been indulged than a turbo-autist.

>>'It's women's turn to lead.'
>>'We don't need men.'
>>'Men need to step back and let women handle things
I don't think she's ever said anything of the sort. She's a single-issue activist.

Redditors are insanely ashamed of watching children's media. Go on a star wars subreddit and you'll see people saying the Clone Wars show isn't for kids.

Those ewoks are pretty cute.

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have i been trolled?

Why did you censor these faggots names?

Reminds of this time I got into a twitter argument with a Harry Potter fan when I told her to read other books not made for children lmao. They'll never grow up.

It's more of a societal voice. I think user is trying to display her selfish ignorance, not seeing this from anyone else's perspective. Blaming manchildren when they were basically told outright to shut up and stay out their entire lives.

watched a lot of Dora when babysitting gf's sister. it wasn't that bad. map was best song

doesnt she believe she can see carbon dioxide

Wtf is this shit, Vtubers or something? Zoomers are extremely mentally ill.

>did you just call Return of the Jedi "children's media"
How unaware are Søiwars fans? I got the original VHS box set trilogy for Christmas I'm 1st grade and haven't watches Star Wars since the prequel trilogy.

You can't just pick 2 different voices in a crowd and pretend they're the same just to pretend there's hipocrisy. I've never been told to stay out of environmental issues, you and user probably haven't either.

> 6 beers and 3 shots

The prequels are the only ones with actual politics and motivations.

You mean cartoon politics and motivations.

leftists are basically children so it makes sense
kek butthurt r*ddit OP BTFO

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It's a pretty entertaining show. Nicholas Hoult is funny as shit.


>teachers at Hogwarts were armed and children still died
>think about that

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