Sophie Turner claims she'll have PTSD from the "heavy" subject matter of GoT
Fucking drama queen whore.
Fuck her.

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women are so cringe

ptsd isn't real
including veterans

In other words shes saying she'll expose everyone for grooming her unless she keeps getting dem hush hush checks

>gets attention as a child star
>hits the wall
>muh mental health, muh sexualization

imagine being so fragile that exposure to fictional circumstances, in a situation where you can clearly see the lights, the cameras, the crew, etc., can literally give you PTSD while you go about your life as a rich and famous person since before you were even an adult, basically never needing to do anything of note ever again. how did white people take so much from so many when they're so pathetic?

>hit the wall
>get shit on by the internet
>i was (figuratively) raped guys...
Ah women...

what was so traumatizing?

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god i wish that was me

be nice to her, she's a well-documented smoothbrain, almost as bad as jlaw

I bet she saw a lot of dicks and tits behind þhe scenes

We can all be victims!

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Explain shell shock then

That's not how trauma works.

she was only 13? fuck thats hot

Didn't she basically admit to masturbating with the Arya girl at one point?

That's not Sophie. That's Boy George.

It didn't give her PTSD, she's speculating that one day it might, so she's playing victim in advance.

If you can flat out say that you will have PTSD from something, it probably isn't real PTSD and just a cry for attention. Especially if the source is a fucking TV show

>" the future"
I don't get it, does she need to schedule the trauma in? Is her planner full?

labyrinths are real

In Elizabethan times and honestly throughout history in different cultures actors were regarded as untrustworthy and loathsome people, pretty much lumped in with prostitutes and petty criminals. We've gone backwards in a lot of ways really when you think about it.

That's what happens when a moth gets stuck in the turtle's throat.

Didn't she say she loved getting raped by Ramsay?

And people wonder why it was so easy for jews to gain a dominant position in arts and entertainment.

This, she's saying she's gonna be traumatised in the future?? She'd already have trauma now if the were the case. She doesn't even have the bollocks to larp and say she is now. Is this all it takes for women to get attention these days?


My friend literally watched an old lady get run over at the train station when he was in middle school and said he didn’t even think about for a decade. Said it might’ve fucked him up but can’t really tell.

Anyone that says they get ptsd from fucking movies is an absolute laughing stock.

She already has ptsd retards. She’s just scared to admit it probably. You don’t get this justed for nothing. Sad

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I would've jizzed as soon as she busted my nuts

you sick fuck

Yeah, I specifically remember her father in an interview saying that she loved it.


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He’s not gonna admit it to you obviously. Men can’t show weakness and it fucks you up in less obvious ways. It’s not like breaking your ankle it’s a slow brain disease that eats away at your soul

guilt, they feel guilt for killing people

Sure, on the other hand I imagine it fucks you up something fierce to get raped by greasy industry jews from the age of 13.

Temporary psychosis caused by extreme environments


shell shock is a liberal excuse deserters used to try to avoid execution

Explain why some returning soldiers would hide under beds when reminded of a barrage?

God punishing them for being murderers

Jesus christ i didn't believe the top right was actually her. turns out the britbong wall truly is real after all.

really depends on the movie

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>"When I read that scene, I kinda loved it. I love the way Ramsay had Theon watching. It was all so messed up. It’s also so daunting for me to do it. I’ve been making [producer Bryan Cogman] feel so bad for writing that scene: “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!” But I secretly loved it."

You aint the only one who secretly loved it, Sophie.

Nah we’re best friends and basically already know everything about each other. We were just smoking weed and it came back to him lmao. Anyway we were both drunk and high and in a state where we were being completely honest talking about life and that’s what he said, I have no reason to believe he was telling me anything other then what he knew.

Apparently him and two other guys I knew from middle school saw it as well. They’d gotten back from a baseball game in the summer if I remember the story right. The old woman fell in right before a train was coming and got run over before anyone knew what happened. There was tons of gore and shit.

My friend said him and the other guy didn’t really give a shit and just wanted to go home while the one other guy seemed kinda traumatized and ended up seeing a counselor about it.

>Explain why some returning soldiers would hide under beds when reminded of a barrage?
“Trauma” as a concept is largely bunk. It doesn’t overgeneralize and change the persons personality. So people hiding under a bed because they think they are being shelled is perfectly cogent. The area of “trauma” is very specific. You get bit by a dog when you are 5. Odds are you will be less trusting of dogs, but not people.

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but money from it taste good, right bitch?

Unless I'm missing some context here she was clearly making a joke/non-serious comment.

We’ll that’s a whole other thing if that’s the reason she’s traumatized.

The context of the sentence is cut, probably to make it a serious "claim" and make OP click on it.
Fucking journos.

It affected him subconsciously, he’s a sociopath, he’s downplaying, or he’s used to seeing gore irl.
I highly doubt it had 0 impact on him. Then again maybe he was too young also idk I’m not a psychologist. I just know stuff like that can fuck people up and that’s completely normal.

lf we didn’t have ANY reaction to watching people violently die in front of us we would not be human. Think of killing an ant. Then a large fly then a bunny, cat, dog, etc. It’s exponentially harder the bigger and more emotionally attached we are to the creature

The film industry is run by sado-masochist pedophiles. Anyone making light of what she's saying here, just imagine if that was your daughter.

yes it is

> It affected him subconsciously
He admitted that’s a possibility
>he’s a sociopath
That’s a made up thing to push faggy leftist morality as “normal”
>he’s downplaying
I highly doubt it saying this as one of his closest friends
> he’s used to seeing gore irl
Not irl but we both watch liveleaks vids, though this was years after this happed

> lf we didn’t have ANY reaction to watching people violently die in front of us we would not be human.
Read Storm of Steel. This really only happens if you’re mentally weak. Not saying you can’t become traumatized but it’s much harder to do then modern faggots make it sound.

One interesting thing about his psychology is he can’t visualize things in his mind. I personally don’t believe that’s why he’s not affected by the event as he said one of the other guys didn’t seem bothered by it either, but I’ll grant it’s possible it could play a role.

Simple it’s when a dude in a Ninja Turtle costume either gets tased or tases somebody

>hits the wall
>starts complaining about something
many such cases

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That trauma can be so severe that it can consumes someones personality and obscure it.

Paging Dr Shannon Curry

Do the turtle test from Blade Runner on him


I don't know. I've seen a lot of gore shit online in middle school, and while it did shake me to some extent, I don't think it contributed to anything. People have been exposed to violence forever, and we can easily compartmentalize it and keep it out of our thoughts though obviously not everyone can. Romans literally paid to see people get ripped apart by exotic animals at one point.