What does he do with the souls?


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Hot glues them.


I dunno, what do you do with yours?

a fate worse than death

subjects them to perpetual agony

Souls aren't real.

I just keep them in the fridge for later.

debase it

He's got a guy.

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>he doesn’t know

Was the powered by souls of his victims before he was powered by demons?

No, the souls just amplify his power and gets him hard.

You're not real.

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Sells them to the Jews, who need the souls to animate the foreskin golems.

why does he only go for teens when he's dead? when he was alve he went after little kids

He puts them all in DEX

If he's supposed to be a kiddy diddler who died why is he killing the kids in their dreams instead of diddling them consequence free?

He still kills them off screen. You just can't show him murdering a bunch of kids in gruesome ways. They almost did it in part 2

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The fuck are you doing out here, the protocol isn't even up and running yet

Yes, they said that in third movie. Although, it doesn't sense later because he's still powerful in the 5th movie despite losing his souls in the 4th

He was sucking the power from Alice's fetus, somehow.


>let me call this guy, constantine

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Based scene

Did he fuck his daughter?

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Wouldn’t you get used to it after a while?

Freddy was so much scarier when he was a child killer preying on teens in their dreams
not the spawn of 100 maniacs raping a nun in asylum as a cop out to explain his evil actions

some men just do, and that's scarier than anything

I don't really see it as a cop out. I think they just tried to flesh out his character for better or worse. I don't think how he was conceived adds to or takes away from the actions he chooses to take.

best part of the series, genuinely terrifying

>wants to fuck teenage girls

perpetual agony isn't like a cold swimming pool




Elm Street 2 easily had the scariest Freddy.


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In the comics, yeah.

Escape his crushing loneliness

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In the first movie, it’s because he is targeting the families of the parents that killed him. In the sequels, it’s because they are copying the first movie.

One of the best dream sequences of the entire franchise desu. Everyone talks about the pizza scene but the part where she's sucked into the screen is pure kino

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I miss when films looked like this

like what?

Real, tactile, visceral, pick your adjective. Like how you'd sort of imagine shit like that to really look. Your brain recognizes that as shit that's actually happening. Movie magic used to basically be stage magic on film. CGI has never once even came close to the feel of practical effects.

I wouldn't mind watching a film about Freddy basically covering the world in mass psychosis and filling the World with living nightmares. End of the World horror is always kino.

Do you mean each individual person experiences their own nightmare or is it the same nightmare for everyone?

Not him, but I'd go with their own. Real-world Freddy would be a reality bender.

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Why didn't God save them, vros


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Yeah, YOURS isn't.

Didn't the souls get redeemed in the end anyway?

They're like Funko Pops.


The practical effects in these movies are incredible. They built a giant Freddy chest just so they could use real people as the souls trying to break free.

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