Shouldn't DVD be dead by now?

Shouldn't DVD be dead by now?

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If there's an opportunity to make money they will. No matter how (little) copies sell.

DVD has very high profit margins and comsistently solid sales compared to Blu-Ray Disc, which was a mistake concerning manufacturing costs when HD-DVD did almost the same for a lot less. It will probably die after BD/4K-BD does.

The dvd is at a higher bestseller spot on Amazon here than the blurau. 4k bluray is last. I personally would pick the bluray because I didn't bother getting into the 4k meme.

I guess boomers still buy comfort movies on DVD.


for many boomers who grew up watching shitty VHS tapes on a 20 inch CRT tv, DVD's are good enough (also cheaper than bluray)

dvd is sold cheaper too. at one point I remember blurays being priced the same as dvd but now they make clear distinctions between the format prices.

my parents literally watch the standard definition netflix on a big screen tv and don't even complain... they're thinking of upgrade for a 4k tv too.

DVD is a good format that still holds up. BD is too much of hassle as you need BD drive or something. DVD will be still in use for decades. It's cheap, convenient and doesn't take as much space as VHS tapes, not to mention better quality and more durable medium.

Most movies aren't shot in such a way that benefits from being HD, plus bluray's have dumb looking packaging and more inconsistent quality than DVDs.

DVD was a huge improvement over VHS.
it was so good compared to what they had before that many people never bothered to upgrade to bluray.

DVD is still king in third world countries

It's cheap I guess? Normies, boomers and third worlders aren't very smart

>there are dvds older than zoomers posting here that still work fine

god i feel old

There are a shit ton of old movies that don't exist on BD, and it triggers my autism to have DVDs next to the BDs on the shelf but DVDs are just so ubiquitous, I don't think they're ever really gonna go away, cause literally everything plays them

My autism gets triggered because most of the DVD cases I have are taller and thicker than the BD cases.

but are you car vhs rewinder old? cause i am

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>DVD is a good format that still holds up
Maybe if you're watching shit on a laptop. Pixellated subs, poor compression and inconsistent transfer quality look like fucking ass on a decent screen, not to mention TV shows and boxsets take up so much fucking space.

SD on BD should be more of a thing, I know not everything will ever get a HD restoration but what's the point in putting shit on objectively inferior formats

Why would it be? Bluray is useless for most good movies, since most good movies were made long before high-definition anything. Only thing that extra resolution does is highlight how ugly the actors are and how fake the CGI looks.

dvds are still popular with mexicans, south americans, and grandmas who cant figure out the internet

Normal people can't tell the difference between picture quality. If they could every movie would be 4K HFR.

If only you had the faintest idea how utterly fucking retarded you are. What stone did you lick that ignorant shit off of?

Old movies look the best on Bluray because of film

Case in point; Marlon Brando's One Eyed Jacks languished in a limbo of shitty public domain DVD transfers for YEARS until Scorcese's Film Foundation restored it for Blu-Ray. It's a film from 1961, and you're telling me this doesn't look good? Educate yourself and stop parroting shit you see other retards claim on this tardhole

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My father had a red one. That we would use.

>too much hassle to buy a drive.
Nigga they have bluray players at walmart for 30 bucks.

get your cringe reddit shit outta here, this is a board for real kinography

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Tell me why they should.

I went into target yesterday and looked at the music section and it was fucking abysmal. It had like tiny little section of CDs from artists I've never even heard of. And the CD's were fucking $18. They used to be $10 max

Because we call them DVDs and not Digital Versatile Discs.

Get the fuck out of here, BLUE RAY DISCS

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LPs outsell CDs and have for the last 10 years.

Bring back VCD and DVD release, get rid of jewflix and other streaming services.

i hate physical media

Mixed up teens OUT

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it costs less than 10 cents to press a CD. it's just pure, unfiltered pigjew greed.

>zoomer hands with smell of estrogen pills typed this post

>They used to be $10 max
that must've been during a brief period. i remember cds being expensive as shit

And the price difference between DVDs and Blue Ray Discs©®™℗?

dvd sales are on par with blu-ray sales.

same, a lot of the time the people who put shit out are just lazy or don't care. many discs have serious errors, low bit rate or inferior masters. the best compromise is having autist-created remuxes for each movie you want to keep around, with optimal picture/sound

Enjoy not owning anything then troon.

They'll probably stay around a while. I know some people who buy lots of stuff on Blu-ray, including stuff that they already bought on VHS and DVD. If they can't get something on Blu-ray, they'll get the DVD. They've got a whole room lined with shelves of stuff they never watch and instead sit and channel surf satellite channels that they don't watch, scroll through their DVR bursting with recordings they'll never watch. If they're desperate, they'll look at stuff on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Disney+ that they'll never watch, a lot of which they've got on physical media anyway.

>abyss bluray never ever

I bought the bluray/dvd/digital combo of Skyfall for 20 bucks when it came out. Looking back on it that type of product is retarded. I ended up buying a copy of Spectre from the 5 dollar DVD bin at walmart and will probably do the same for No Time To Die.

it'd probably be tampered with to death anyway

That was when the format was becoming obsolete and everyone was trying to sell their stock off. I bought a ton of albums that were 30 dollars at one point knocked down to 5 or 10 dollars. Music stores dying off sucks but man I got a huge collection for cheap when it happened. Now anything that still gets released can charge near old prices again because there is no other alternative if you want the album in that format.

I can't imagine using anything less than digital media. Physical media, whether it be tapes, discs, or carts, is peak fucking reddit in every way possible. Why would I bother with such cumbersome trivialities when everything online is free? You have to be a literal nigger to think peripheral media consolidated to a proprietary format as opposed to USB and/or the cloud is somehow """viable""" in our better modernized age. I'd rather fucking die than live like that. I look forward to the day when we, as a species, collectively embrace digital format as the logical evolution of media consumption without treating it like the devil.
Bullshit. Piracy exists. Fuck what the (((corpos))) say. We are in control of our own destinies, and we have the privelidge of absolute freedom under the right circumstances of the bountiful opportunities we're given in the current age of mankind. Just as our ancestors went West to "manifest destiny," we must do the same for our pop culture libraries for the sake of preservation & giving the middle finger to the tribe + poorfags. Fuck physical, go digital. If you don't like it, suck my balls.

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after a great day of sailing my movies stay safe in my treasure chest

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i dont care i dont live on a boat

based + checked

>tfw I pirate and buy physical
What you gonna do now, gay boy?

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Not when more than half of all disc sales are on DVD.

High quality HEVC 1080p is really all you need. Anything beyond that is pointless.

true, this and a fast usb stick with lots of memory to plug into my 75-inch samsung tv and just enjoy

this petty debate over physical media is so primitive
that said, dvd people below 50 truly are retarded beyond all hope

Over 50% of disc sales of movies and TV shows in NA are still DVDs. Bluray never took off because the format war at the beginning then they gouged the fuck out of the price of discs to make back up their investment after they won. The players costs too much too so normalfags jumped straight from DVD to streaming back when streaming was very cheap and netflix had practically everything all in one place.
The people that occasionally still play DVDs still have their old DVD players or a game console that they can play them on so the occasional disc they buy is still DVD. By the time Blurays got cheap enough to be impulse buy territory of $5-$8, nobody has a bluray player to play it on so they got ignored. Consolefags all have streaming apps built in so they gravitate to that.
What they should have done 10 years ago was to stop producing stand alone DVD versions and only do DVD + Bluray combo packs of literally everything. That way anyone still buying physical media would already have Blurays so they might as well update their player too. It's way too late for that and they have nobody to blame but themselves for their own greed.

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>using a snoy product
Fucking gay nigger tranny.

>The players costs too much
lol poornigger
It's not 2005 anymore. You can buy a new bluray player for around $60 - $80 these days. That's not expensive, unless you're black and/or economically illiterate.

cope and seethe I also have pic rel for anime

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The problem isn't they cost too much now since you can buy a new bluray player for like $50 at walmart. It's that they cost too much when they first came out, so when normalfags saw streaming that cost $8 a month for Netflix that had pretty much everything a decade ago they went straight from DVD to that. That happened because Bluray players cost ~$200 and the discs were all like $20-30 a decade ago.
Low prices now on players and discs is too little, too late.

>not having 700+ 4k discs with a Panasonic dp-ub9000 and Sony a90j 4k tv.

This place is 99.9% pleb.