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david tennant best doctor who ever edition

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Jenna Coleman is the best companion ever

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I don't like her. She's always got that face like she's about to laugh at the size of your penis.

I think she's like that with every white "man" she meets.

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Among Us earrings

bit SUS

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Doctor Wuz

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Dr Quota

She should return for the new series.


How the mighty have fallen. David Tennant was such a good doctor, I don't care if it's a common take. I'm glad that I slowly lost interest in the series after left, I never had to watch it rot like it has with the last two doctors. Now I just get a sad feeling about what could have been.

She would make an excellent companion for the new Doctor.

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>best doctor.
But that’s not Peter Capaldi.

>first black time lord
oh no....
who's gonna tell him?

It's being written by the same dude that did Tennant's era. Boardies are never satisfied

It fucking hurts, bros...

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At the end of the day that matters little to me. If someone who used to do a good job now does a shit job, they do a shit job. Just how I would be fast to praise someone who did a shit job but now does a great one. At the end of the day, regardless of what's the cause, if it's the board, executive meddling, the writer, the actors, etc, all that matters is that the final product is shittier than what it used to be.

Clyde Langer


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Army Of Ghosts > Doomsday

If they wanted a black doctor they should have just used the dude from satelite 5 that kept complaining about the money


Edgar Wright, director of Last Night in Soho, has posted this on IG.

Liked by RTD.

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Eccleston is the best. A crime he didn't get more screentime.
Doomsday up until the last five minutes > Army of Ghosts.

He also posted this.

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“Russell showed me Ncuti Gatwa’s audition tape a while back. He is magnificent. All at once a brand new hero and the same wonderful old Doctor we know. Trust me, we are all in for a treat”

Steven Moffat on Ncuti Gatwa

He enjoys a helping of bbc action just like the rest of us

We most certainly are in for a treat

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How is it shit if we don’t even have a teaser yet?

Oh, shit. What a weird, alternate universe that would be. Do you think he would have handled things better? I doubt the couch story would have happened under him; He knows how to direct action and keep the set safe.

Fingers crossed. RTD coming back means we can actually get talent now, not some rando director who's done 1 CBBC show and 3 short films.

Remember when Peter Jackson was being teased to do an episode of Doctor Who? It feels like a long time since those days.

Was more referring to the doctor who we've gotten the past while rather than what's coming. But based on the recent track record I would bet it's shit.

Surprised this is still up

Tad!s bro's are we in for a kino?

Missed the R ruined the joke niga.............

maybe Murray Gold
Ncuti Gatwa
Millennium FX
Edgar Wright

feels good bros


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I think he'll do well with RTD's brand of campy bullshit.

Happy Wednesday fellow bbc enthusiasts! How's it shaking today?

I figure you need a straight man (pun intented) as the lead or it doesn't work. Chav companion, gay pilot, robot dog, straight white lead.

I assume most of you haven't seen it, but Tennant is excellent in Casanova. I'd recommend it.

Dr. Who Gotz Dem' Gibs

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big finish fucking stop it now

nick, stop

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i thought bowelstrek was reformed now? or is this a parody account

Damn, Elon Musk said THAT?!

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Nah join the 41% redditor, he's still cringe


that paint is clearly not wet


Nah, he just "quit" and then came back again because he gets off on the negative attention.


Matt Smith's hair in The of the Angels was great.

Is it weird I simultaneously think he'll be decent (and not just in a 'better than Jodie' way) AND completely destroy the show?

So, Tennant?

Murray is the secret ingredient of the 5. Chib era music was so bland and forgettable Hope he comes back.

jodie was great you could see at the end even she realised the scripts sucked,i prefer male leads because writers cant write strong female leads.female writers included.the writers fucked jodie thats a fact

>the writers fucked jodie thats a fact

Talent and writing is irrelevant, she was miscast as the doctor because fundamentally the doctor is a paternal, heroic male character. The end.

when i look at jodie trying to be the doctor i can almost see it like a glimpse of the moon on a clouded night,your wrong

>fundamentally the doctor is a paternal, heroic male character
what about pic rel?

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duality of NuWho. highs are really highs. lows are painfully retarded. after all those years we mainly see the lows…

Love her but there are masculine qualities about missy and her performance you can't deny.
>Like the doctor she's playing a character that has clearly mostly been male before current regeneration