Are you excited for the Tower of Terror remake starring Scarjo Yea Forums?

Are you excited for the Tower of Terror remake starring Scarjo Yea Forums?

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more like the Wall of Terror.

if i can see her tits then yes sure

that filter is doing a lot of heavy lifting

I don't think I've ever looked this woman in the eyes

Sorry OP but we're not gonna be allowed to discuss this because tranny jannies have always hated ScarJo threads and the new jannies are even worse than before

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Sometimes she has booba and sometimes she doesn't.

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Mature MOMY!

The pushup bra giveth and the pushup bra taketh away.
based Satan

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Did a jannyfag delete my post or has this thread been posted twice in the last half hour? All I asked was if she was pregnant. Either she is it got implants.

didnt she have a breast reduction surgery?


She's aging gracefully. A rare case of doding the wall.
She'll be a beautiful old lady.

What was Tower of Terror? Never heard of such a film.

yeah she did

No, because she's ugly and I've already seen her naked, so I have absolutely no interest in her anymore.

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>thinking Disney would risk another lawsuit by hiring her again

She's just gotta ensure that her makeup stylists actually make her look good, she's had a few poor red carpet outfits in the last few years
Webm related is one of her good ones though

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She's had a kid recently, yes. Hence the booba.

She comes off as extremely fake.

Am I still banned

i wish

I thought she was done with Disney after the Black Widow debacle?

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Apparently they settled things out of court. The big question is, how did she convince them?


Not really, especially not by actresses standards.

It was always going to be settled out of court, lawsuits against megacorps almost never actually go to court because it would create precedence and that's something they want to avoid in a case law system.

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I wish

If it wasn’t for Law enforcement I would have raped her.

tower something something my dick



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The red dress is rightfully famous, but for me, it's #3
It has the feel of a milf demanding that you cum on her tits

Why did Black Widow flop?

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didn't she have a reduction fairly early on (I think because casting directors hate beautiful things)

Patrician's choice user, both for the dress and the fantasy
Covid and also being released direct to streaming
The fact that it was also actually direct to video quality didn't help much either

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>ScarJo's too old to sell a movie based on sex appeal anymore (not that you're allowed to do that in *Current Year* anyway.
>Making a standalone movie of a character that's already dead is narratively retarded, the public aren't sat there going 'Ooh, I can't wait to see what exciting adventures Natasha went on before she awkwardly threw herself off a cliff in Endgame'

the other day i was browsing one of these threads and i ended up falling asleep and having a dream about becoming an actor and meeting her. then i woke up before the sex part. sucks

I barely ever have sex dreams. I think it just gets my heart racing too quick and then I wake up before anything happens
Meanwhile I get tons of romantic dreams where I've found the love of my life or some shit and waking up after that is always a nasty shock. Why can't my brain be more degenerate instead of hopeful?

It didn't.

It was a shit movie and scarjew is walled.

It made less than $379mil. on a $200mil. budget not including marketing. Usually a film needs to double its production budget just to break even. Its also the lowest grossing MCU movie since Phase 1.

MILF Scarlett > Younger Scarlett desu

actually very true. it's more a slutty hot teacher / aunt vibe

I’ve woken up right before fucking some chick in a dream too, sucks.


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Absolutely, relentlessly based. There's just something about MILF Scarlett

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That something is the dry, leathery skin and probably the herpes inflammation, user.

Someone should crop the guy out

>slavjew ratface
No, thank you

Bit rude of you desu user
I've got this other one

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For me it's Winter Soldier Scarjo, makes me feel like I'm on a used car lot in New Jersey and she's telling me she'll suck me off if I buy an 05 Toyota Corrolla

Scarlet Johanson was one of the biggest redpills on jews I ever experienced. For years around 2010-2015 the media manipulated the west this goofy ass disgusting pancake granny tits goblinbody average gigawhore was the sexiest woman alive Just to undermine aryan beauties.. I unironically would not fuck that kike. Thanks for reminding me

Orlando theme parks have some of the shittiest and most obnoxious people I've ever seen, and I've travelled A LOT. They're fat as shit even by american standards, yell and block walkways, litter everywhere (though the staff are spectacular at cleaning it up quickly so you might not notice that one), tons of mexicans/south americans who speak literally no english, scream constantly and grope each other in public, and like 1 of every 20 people are on fucking mobility scooters for some reason, it must be super fucking easy to just make up some bullshit and have them give you one for free. The parks themselves are nice (super overpriced though) but damn the people are fucking horrible. I've spent a fair amount of time in inner city baltimore and even people there are more polite and respectful.

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My apologies user.
It's been a long day.
ScarJo didn't deserve it & she never threw us under the bus.

I hereby retract my harsh statement.

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quick, into the trannycopter

imagine just punching her in the face then raping her haha