Which one?

Which one?

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Imagine Halle berry in the batman return...

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pfeiffer > hathaway > newmar>= berry > kitt > kravitz
idk if kravitz is hotter outside the role but she didn't look stunning in it imo

the white ones

Left out Lee Meriwether you ass

Pfeiffer > Kravitz = Berry > Hathaway > Merriweather = Kitt

Pfieffer, no question.

Objectively Pfeiffer, though Berry was one of my first cooms, I never watched Returns as a kid but the promo pics for Berry's Catwomen made my penis the big penis when I was 12

Every black or brown cat woman was awful

pfeiffer and kravitz

Halle Berry film frustrates me to no end since she's the perfect Catwoman. The concept should have been a typical Batman film but set from the perspective of Catwoman. So she is engaging in heists, and battling another foe, but she also has Batman on her tails. She sees him the way bad guys see him.

Supposedly they got the rights to the name "Catwoman", but not anything in the DC universe so they just made up a lame The Crow rip-off with a cat instead of a crow.

Would've loved to have seen prime Pfeiffer in a more modern Catwoman costume, though

for me its Julie Newmar

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This. She was 10x better than Newmar

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Honestly this
Only actual decent attempt at the character
All the others focused on 'muh burglar mug totally a love interest of batman after fighting him for ten seconds'

At least that one had an actual character and flipped between helping the hero when it helped her.


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Rolling, a lot of them I'd be happy with, honestly



where is anne hathaway's catwoman?


Also rolling

Rolling. I want to breed Kravitz.

Rolling for a white chick


well you got your wish cunny loving freak

Rollin for Pfeiffer, Long Halloween, The Batman or Arkhamverse


The new one looks like she stink

I'm jealous of her field of view.





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Reminder that people legitimately try to claim eartha kitt was hot

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let's roll


If I roll a mulatta I’m murdering her

i see you're a man of culture as well.


God, swole Catwoman is underrated. It's just those whiskers they needed to get rid of to reach pic related

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RIP Kravitz

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Corsets gave white women that box booty back in the days

This was literally the moment my dick realized it only wanted to fuck crazy women

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That's all Julie.

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>This was literally the moment my dick realized it only wanted to fuck crazy women

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Arkham City bay-bee.

dodge this

please give me a hathaway haha this is a difficult roulette to win

Unironically Halle
>Spider-Man = powers of a spider
>this is fine
>Catwoman = powers of a cat

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I'm getting the good one

You get LEGO City and you're gonna like it

Jesus Christ, prime Pfeiffer was fucking perfect

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god please long halloween catwoman

Gimme 45-49

whiskers are kino

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ets ave ussa likkle rawl den m8