Movies in the 70s were full of this shit

movies in the 70s were full of this shit

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Them w h i t e s p a c e s though .

>baby don’t hurt me
>baby don’t hurt me

>this made nerds piss and shit their pants in the 70s

i have yet to encounter a zoomer that can type correctly. they only know how to type on their phones or they hunt and peck and have no clue what the bumps on the j and f keys are for

What kino?

>character is typing
>letters appear on screen
we'll be together
in electric dreams

I'm 26 but I hunt and peck because it's easier for me and the wpm isn't much worse. Nothing wrong with hunt and peck

Secrets (1971). Especially nice if you're a Jacqueline Bisset fan


>Nothing wrong with hunt and peck

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>character is typing a message to another person
>other person instantly replies after message is sent/reply is in real-time and you can see the message as it is being typed

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Weren't the bumps so you can align your hands when typing without having to look at the keyboard?

>t. Took Keyboarding class 1 semester in middle school.

Boomers: can't use computer
Early Gen X: can't use computer
Late Gen X: can use computer
Early Millennial: can use computer
Late Millennial: can't use computer
Zoomers: can't use computer
Gen A: can't use computer

what happened?

>quite the pecker there

I wonder if modern smartphones are easier to use or not for blind people than old nokia phones. They've got no choice but to use some text to speech thing.

i just dont get it, i have a giant 7" screen phone and my fingers are dainty and ladylike and i cannot type on it without 900 typos a minute i dont understand how zoomers do it do they all have little pencil fingertips?

Sounds like quality smut, thanks user




>t. 115 WPM average Chad

you mean asking computers stupid questions about human subroutines like love? This is still a pretty common theme in movies like Ex Machina or Her.

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Early millennials grew up on XP

My first few phones were Blackberrys, without the muscle memory from that I couldn't type on a phone.

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Truest shit. Strangest thing is that everyone up to Early Millenial at least has an idea of what a file and a folder are, after that they have no clue. They only know the photo album and can't tell you what a folder is.

>Late Gen X: can use computer
>Early Millennial: can use computer
these are our only hope
the last hope

>He never used ICQ

You could actually do that back then and tell how excited or animated they were by the speed they typed.

>try to use the swipe spelling thing
>nearly every other word it attempts is incorrect, even though it's clearly highlighting the correct letter on each swipe
I miss phones with built in keyboards.
Also anyone using speech to text in public is cringe.

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>can't remember the majority of what i did yesterday
>can for some fucken reason remember my icq number by heart though i didn't spend a great deal of time using it

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>Strangest thing is that everyone up to Early Millenial at least has an idea of what a file and a folder are, after that they have no clue.
Might be the result of limited visualization skills

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You're bragging about your secretary skills user.

Because computer directories made sense to boomers who had entirely relied on paper and folder, filing systems to organize stuff at work

What movie is that pic from

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I can effortlessly shitpost in up to twenty different threads at one time, can you say the same?

6 digit ICQ numbers represent.

>My shit posting ancestors smile upon me, outlander, can you say the same?

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Fuck she's so cute. Women today are so fucking dirty and dress like bums

weird how late boomers cant use pcs when they grew up right at the home computer revolution
really depends on the person i guess, but 89-05 maybe is when computers were mainstream enough but still hard to use so they would learn
before it was just nerds and kids playing games and after its all blackbox voodoo

Who. Is. This. Qt3,1415?

>and you can see the message as it is being typed
But that exists, though.

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Late boomers grew up in the 60s. Home computers was 70s, 80s, gen X shit

>he didn't learn how to type through years of constant shitposting
lmao boomer

am I being trolled here? everyone knows files/directories etc
maybe not people under 12 but surely you cant be serious


>weird how late boomers cant use pc when they grew up right at the home computer revolution
Home computers late 70's early 80's were pretty damn spendy. I can still remember some office positions listing type writer experience required.

no they didnt
last boomers were born in 64, making them 18 at the home computer revolution and in maybe 6th grade when computer labs were in schools

Nah, man. Zoomers don't understand files or directories.

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It's true

what use would a zoomer have for a file?

Not making it up. I've had supposed computer science graduates apply for positions and not know how to navigate the Windows Explorer to save their documents.

A "home computer" even in the 80s cost 4,000 Reagan bucks. It was not a thing every home had.
early-mid 90s was when even the Walmart crowd started getting PCs

vic20/commodore was 81-83, and those sold millions
before that pet's in pc labs and cpm/m machines in offices
then 1.5 decades of dos in offices
(late) boomers should now pcs
Im a zoomer and my first pc was still on dos, not nt
cant imagine anyone my generation not knowing stuff like that, I myself barely use computers other than for internet/work

Early macfags learned all about it the hard way. Ive never seen an OS so user unfriendly though im sure they've streamlined it by now

So already grown up by then.
Not many over 18 people were that excited by the bleep bloop typewriters that were basically glorified calculators.

exactly this. If it isn't iOS, why would they need it?

Apple got rid of users being able to access folders for a good while since their userbase didn't use them. The bit on the Boondocks about niggatechnology is 100% accurate

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I'm 28 and I hunt and peck, and I'm also a programmer. I know it's not the best way to type, but my WPM is decent enough, and I'm too stubborn to improve my typing.

what? how do you even use a pc without that? just webapps and browser functions? I get that people dont know how to program, or maybe would struggle with dos, but thats just the most basic stuff
thats like getting a driver license without knowung how to steer

They don't use pc, user

my theory is that fast typing was baked into the generations involved in the MMO boom, when typing in real-time was necessary to actually enjoy those games. everyone was also well-practiced due to typing long-form posts on internet forums, while today's social media values brevity for writing and reading on phones.

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then why cant I buy a gpu at a reasonable price
i mean its pretty plug snd play but not that simple

People thought computers were magic

First off there was a huge stigma about them, and second they were expensive as hell. It wasn't until the C64 that computers became affordable for the average household. But even still most boomers thought anything that was fun would "rot your brain". Anything fun that also has a strange subculture around it is double bad.

Of course this was different if you had a relative who worked in the industry, but most people didn't. For most boomers a computer was something you used at work because you had to and a "real" computer is what we would call a mainframe. Only dorks bought one to use at home.

Zoomers talk into the phone line this, they're like miniboomers

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Did Putin blow up the rock you were living under, or something? Jesus christ.

The boomer certified method of typing never stuck with me. They have to treat everything like a streamlined process you must confirm to even down to the way you sit and position your feet. I just kinda went at it at age 8 and have adopted my own style. 33 now and beyond changing at this point

see All zoomers know is iphone, tiktok, be lgbtqiaa++poeid and lie frfr on god

so they're based is what you're saying

And people didn't buy the Nokia N-gage because of the mickey mouse ear thing...

Describe your style, user.

Don't forget "don't show any genuine emotion besides bitter resentment or you are cringe"

>A "home computer" even in the 80s cost 4,000 Reagan bucks.
C64 retailed for $595.

what? parts prices are pretty steep atm


I was born in 65, had a commodore vic20 and later a c64, my friend had TI/99 (? was that it?), we had computer classes at middle school with Apples and high school had classes using terminals to access the HP3000 that was shared between the votech and the city gov. This was in a medium midwest town.

Can type inna dark drunk as fuck better than I can type on these fuckin phones.

>then why cant I buy a gpu at a reasonable price
crypto mining drove up the price + chip shortage + the government doesn't want people to have powerful computers and is trying to phase them out

data goes in the camera and out to social media

ok, that supports my argument. werent there also mandatory computer literacy/typing courses?

Can confirm, my ridiculous typing speed comes from years of everquest and other mmos.
>tfw being around long enough to see the mmo genre start and what it's turned into

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Still had those in my elementary school in the 90s. Born 1990.

so now that eth shit the bed i can finally afford sone new iron, nice
man thats depressing

nope not yet. Typing class of course was always around because business, but computer class was opt in then. It was pretty geeky of course.

we never had those here, I was born too late and the GDR never really had a succesful home computer industry, so in the 80s there were no school courses on it either

WoW literally killed the genre. The last good MMO was City of Heroes and even that was pretty casualized compared to what came before

83 here, and yeah, there were courses for computer literacy and proper typing even in elementary.

ok, thanks. as seen above, I never got any info on that from my familymembers

lol files and directories are still universally used internally by computer software. Zoomers think its progress to not care or understand anything about the machines that control and monitor their lives and future.

cat zoomers > /dev/null