Why does this show have 500 episodes per season?

Why does this show have 500 episodes per season?

It feels like drags and moves too fast at the same time

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TV capeshit is easy to churn out since it's formulaic crap but the plot can't really go anywhere since the character arcs are pre-defined and nobody can really change.

Look at Smallville. That was like a thousand episodes of him being almost but not quite Superman. Don't know how people kept watching that shit

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who's the nigger suppose to be?

The Joker

Lucius Fox

I watched the whole thing and I don't remember him

I liked the actors that played the penguin and the riddler, I thought they fit the role.
The show was pretty bad though.

The writing for this show was essentially a monkey playing darts

And that's a good thing.

The writers basically didn't know where the show was going and over time they hammer a lot of stuff out and it gets pretty good, but other things like everything dealing with Ivy just never really landed very well.

Obviously they meant for her to be THE Poison Ivy, but they got her name wrong in the first place and the child actor wasn't super great anyway, so they said fuck it and started aging her up again and again.

It has 22 episodes per season because that's what TV used to be like, before the zoomer age where TV shows only produce 8 to 12 episodes per season.

Thats morgan freeman's character from TDK trilogy

>didn't know where the show was going
It was leading up to Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. It was a big twist for the audience, but the writers knew all along.

Why does the show even exist?

Fuck, I read the spoiler and now the series is ruined for me.


That was the end point, but I mean they didn't know how to get there. Fans were hating the more they messed with Batman "canon" so it got a lot better the more they leaned into it.

This show had the best babes though. It was made by people who didn't care about muh woke feminism

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Be cause they cant make a tv show in dc about the big three ,so they cheated and made it about gotham and gordon.

If it were a CW show, every woman would be butt ugly but Gotham really had a babe for every taste

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>Burton changes the Joker so he was the one who killed the Waynes
>yaaay Burton
>Nolan changes the Joker and Bane entirely to be completely different
>yaaay Nolan does it again
>Gotham makes changes to comic villains
>noooo it has to be like my epic comics

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I've only really heard praise for the penguin in this show, it was other characters who were questionable.

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which is silly, cause if you want the comics, read the comics. Nolan made extensive changes to Ra's, Joker, Bane, Talia, even Two-Face (who basically only exists for a couple days in-universe in TDK) and people love those movies. Gotham takes creative liberties and everyone loses their minds.

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The last season is shorter

It has the best versions of Alfred, Penguin, Falcone, Riddler and Ra's (not that Neeson is much competition). And whenever Zsasz, Pyg, Harvey Bullock (if he was in Nolan / Reeves no one even fucking remembers) and Hugo Strange get more live action representation good luck topping these versions.

>which is silly
No it's not, a character can be shit regardless of how close it is to the comics.
Gotham is full of shit characters, shit plotlines, and shit writing.
The penguin was a change for good (except him being gay, I didn't understand why they did that), but seeing zsasz job to everyone every time he appeared wasn't fun at all and dindn't improve my viewing experience.
Also, about your pic.
Jared leto was not a kingpin, he was shit, end of story. There was nothing kingpin about him being shit.
Jerome and Jeremiah had some charm at least.

>It was made by people who didn't care about muh woke feminism

You didn’t watch the show

The fakeouts are what bothered me

Gotham was actually Harvey Bullock's first ever live-action depiction and agreed, he will never be topped.

>Look at Smallville don't know how people kept watching that shit
Uhh because it's kino?

>seeing zsasz job to everyone every time he appeared wasn't fun at all
The fuck are you talking about. Falcone abandoned mob life after season one so Zsasz naturally just went to work with the next top dog which was Penguin. He defected from Penguin because he thought Penguin killed Falcone who he greatly respected.

He's the one who just never really had any problems unless you dislike the fact that he's pretty much gay though the show doesn't explicitly say it. Proto-Joker and the Riddler were always pretty good too.

Other characters have phases they go though like Barbara was pretty bad at the start, but they make her a lot better.

Personally even when the characters aren't very good, the show still has a fun atmosphere or being dark and gritty, but extremely campy and silly too.

Zsasz already had another live action version in Birds of Prey, he wasn't particularly comic accurate either but he also wasn't as fun as Carrigan

Based and Donalpilled

The Joker Brothers were kino

>I didn't understand why they did that
So you didn't watch the episodes? Oswald was all alone, betrayed by everyone, lost his family etc So he thought he had a deeper connection with Ed. Turns out, he was wrong.

>Gotham takes creative liberties and everyone loses their minds.
because they were shit.

>he's pretty much gay though the show doesn't explicitly say it
>doesn't explicitly say it
did you miss his whole main plot in season 3

Does it stay good?
I got a bit bored in season 3 with Jarvis.

>Gotham full of shit
That's where youre wrong pal. Gotham is quite an enjoyable show

This show literally had Alfred slapping little Selina Kyle. It had Alfred encouraging Bruce punch his bully. It had the sexiest chicks on any TV show and wasn't afraid to show off their butts, their cleave and them kissing. It had a 10 year old Poison Ivy in the body of a 30 year old woman kissing a 17 year old Bruce Wayne. Say what you will, the show was based as fuck.

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Like most sane people, I stopped watching in season 2

Whether or not you like his joker that was the role he played you're clearly just a resentment fueled retard not worth discussing kino with

>the random fetish episodes

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>main plot
He lusted for Ed for maybe 3 or 4 episodes until he killed his cloned girlfriend, what was her name, Isabelle?

It just says that he "loves" Riddler, but it never specifies what that means exactly. Obviously it can be taken as romantic love because the actor himself is gay, but it doesn't have to mean that for the character who is a psychopath anyway.

You mean how chicks like Tabitha could fight Alfred?

We had shit like that for years.
That's not woke.

They had Alfie knock the shit out of a 13 year old girl.
They had multiple times Cat getting her ass beat. They had a fucking 13 year old actress showing her fucking ass off in a goddamn catsuit

It's far from woke. It just has the standard 'muh action hero' shit.If they weren't shown as good fighters in the comics they were shit
Like how Fish had to resort to weapons against Penguin

There’s literally a men bad subplot my man

>that incredibly on-the-nose femdom scene with Barbara

I still wonder if the one bad guy was actually fucking his sister because it seemed like they were heavily implying it. Nearly all the criminals in the show seemed to be sexual deviants in some way.

There's a whole subplot about how women and a faggot are absolutely murdering shit and want to kill Oswald. Literally the faggot offers totry to seduce him

the show is far from woke


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He jobs to every side character in the show every fucking time, I can't recall the amount of times he gets knocked out.

she wasn't cloned, she looked like the first one just because Gotham

Both Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin) and Cory Michael Smith (Riddler) are gay in real life

It's enjoyable, but there is a lot of shit there
He was a kingpin in like 1 scene, where he kills someone for not wanting to fuck Harley. How anyone follows the retard is beyond comprehension.

Oh yeah Jervis and Alice, I think he did

Riddler as a character wasn't gay and hated Penguin's fondness for him, but they eventually accept being friends. Nothing explicitly gay about that.

But we know about Indian Hill. It's not a stretch to assume the Court of Owls had her cloned to influence Nygma but for some reason they never developed that plotline. I mean she was an exact match, even dressing up precisely like Kringle in one episode.

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someone post it

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when he rejects Penguin he says something like "I could never love someone like you because you're a bad person" rather than "fuck off I'm not gay"

Good post. Exactly how I feel.

>you now remember James Remar playing Jim Gordon's uncle who happens to be a member of the Court of Owls

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