This shit worth picking up or no? Saw that the fourth season has been announced.

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season 1 is good
season 2 is less good
season 3 takes a left turn

season 1 is good
season 2 has one good episode
season 3 is a mess

s1 is great
s2 goes off the rails
s3 is like a completely different show about social media and AI

this, that one ep in S2 is great the rest is dumb, didn't even watch s3

so basically it's shit, like the 100, fringe, etc.

First season is kino and worth watching. Just don't bother with anything after that. It will try to trick you with a cliffhanger, but don't be fooled that plot goes nowhere interesting.

yo wtf fringe is great

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friendly reminder that despite the original Westworld movie also featured Roman World and Medieval World, HBO still has not incorporated Rome, Deadwood and Game of Thrones into Westworld in order to salvage their awful endings

Pretty much this, I had to force myself to watch S02 and just lost interest halfway through.

Season one is watchable. Season 2 I quit after an episode.

One is amazing.
Two is pretty good.
Three sucks bad enough it went from my favorite show to I want them to not make any more. Also take note of all the attention it was getting after S2 and, like GoT, stopped showing tits in every episode. All manner of other woke shit arrived like a tidal wave. It isn't a coincidence. But anyway, skip 3. Catch the recap at the beginning of S4 when it arrives. Or, if you like 1 and 2, you could watch it to see how they hilariously and horrendously fumble good concepts and don't even think of other obvious ones. And then there's the "power level" of the bots that fluctuates between sci-fi super soldier to weak. I've never seen a show nosedive so hard.

They should fire everyone involved with S3 and start from scratch for 4. Also, keep the "stars" out of positions of power or suggestion.

the one good episode (kiksuya) in s2 is worth watching, the rest is shit

I don't want to say it's complete shit but you can definitely tell the writers never had a real plan for the show. The writing starts getting intolerably cringeworthy and pretentious in the 2nd season. I wish someone more serious could have run the franchise. I think it's a real shame. It could have been done so much better than the half-assed way it turned out.

S2 is peak, peak Kino. Wish season 1 was as good as 2 but just isn't. The show went sharply downhill afterwards.

no it's garbage. good ideas and production design wasted on trashcan scripts. even season 1 is bad, it just isn't obvious at first because the mysterybox plot could still be conceivably building to something good - but it isn't. it's both utterly embarassingly up its own ass and self-serious while being even more silly than the silly 70s movie it's based on. it's about 10 hours of mostly padding, leading to some of the dumbest, most arbitrary plot twists that only exist as a substitute for actual substance. the philosophy behind it is the same tired 'robots are people too' bullshit that has been done to death, but it's done with so much self-satisfied pageantry that you'd think you're reading Descartes' meditations. it wastes the fun premise of a robot themepark, and it wastes the concept of a robot rampage and the allure of the uncanny valley that the original story was based on. there are endless rambling monologues that say nothing in particular because the writers feel the need to turn literally every single piece of the world into a protracted mystery. it overexplains everything except for the things that actually matter - like how the park works. it's neither a western nor is it science-fiction, it's a posturing morality tale about oppression in a retarded world where humanity has created perfect synthetic humans and is using them soley for overelaborate cheap entertainment for no adequately explained reason. the robots are so sophisticated they skip the laws of robotics entirely and have to literally be tricked into doing the park's bidding because their minds are entirely human and they need brainwashing in order to function for their purpose.
it's a fucking stupid show, and that's just season 1. you'd have to be a fucking moron to think this garbage is deep or even entertaining because nothing happens at all beyond cheap melodrama.

>season 1 was 6 years ago
shrinkray bros... it feels like yesterday.

Season 2 was so bad I stopped watching there.
Keep in mind what this means for season 3 when people ITT are saying that season 2 is better than it.

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S1 is good
S2 showed they had no idea what they were doing after S1
S3 showed that they really really shouldn't have bothered to continue after S1

For anyone thinking tl;dr

Headache to read this retarded subhuman format. To top it off, the first few sentences exposes a shit opinion fishing for comments.

It's good as a miniseries. Watch season 1 and then drop it.

Season 1 was fun, then the woke writers took over.
So watch season 1 and enjoy it. Then move on

Season 1 is great and Season 2 is pretty good. Season 3 is so bad.

>hey i wonder how that sci-fi western is doi-

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So much kino possibility, they took an extra year to make sure they got it right. A FUCKING YEAR.

Everyone that worked on S3 should be fired and replaced.


What is the significance of this?

redpill me on the shrink gun

Season 1 was good, and works as a stand alone. No subsequent seasons were necessary.

Season 1 was really good and Season 2 explores more of the world from within this inner world. Season 3 is dogshit.


That is supposed to be one of the characters on her smart-motorcycle riding through late-21st-century Los Angeles.

Was this kino?

Treat it like a mini series (which it should have been all along) and only watch season 1

what a shit sequence ffs

I stopped watching after the first half of s1. It's absolute midwit trash. I heard it got even worse.

Don't do this:
Season 2 is good. It explores the inner workings of the world and the politicking of the corporate world they live in.

hilarious how when she backs up you can tell she's never put a car in reverse the way she puts her hand on the passenger side seat kek

Season 1 is very good.
Season 2 has two good episodes and is otherwise a waste.
Season 3 is genuinely awful.

Samefag retard.

That's my first post in this thread.

Is there a point to even watch the first season and skip the rest? Ending the series on a cliffhanger seems pretty cucked to me.

The first season was very stupid, so I can't imagine how bad it must of gotten for these idiots to say season 1 was the good one.

Season 1 wasn't even that good.

The first season has some deliberate loose ends but the vast majority of it is self-contained. You do you, though.

>the fourth season has been announced.

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which episode is it. I thought the one with delos in it was good

Don't skip season 2. Skip season 3. Watch the recap of season 3 when season 4 starts.

nothing much to explain. the park is a tiny map in the middle of their control room. guests are shrunk down where they can go into it

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Season 2 is shit and you’re retarded for liking it. The whole show is an insult to Crichton’s memory but at least the first season pretended to be about entertainment.

"Kiksuya" is good. "Riddle of the Sphinx" is more interesting to me though and makes me wonder how season 3 could manage to butcher William's character so badly. But everyone in season 3 was butchered, I suppose.

its dogshit

Fuck your contrarian shit opinions.

First season is pretty good, ends with a bit of a cliffhanger but it's self-contained enough that you can watch it and leave the rest. I only saw a bit of season 2 but the group I was watching it with was just not into it, and it seemed like a mess compared to the first one.

There is nothing contrarian about thinking Wokeworld is shit.


>woke meme insult
>muh Crichton memry!
Oh ok.

Season 3 became a completely different show. The writers started pulling a lot of plot elements from their other show Person of Interest for some reason

You’re the worst sort of plebbitor. You aren’t fooling anyone.

Consider season 1 a miniseries and watch it.

Sure buddy, whatever you tell yourself to make yourself feel better. Your opinion sucks because I can differentiate between woke and good story. I MUST be the type of person you don't like.

What else could explain it?

lmao @ your COPING